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Thought I'd make this a separate thread from the prescription drug thread in the Colombia section.
Schwarzenneger did hard core steroids (oral and intra-muscular shots) pretty much every single day for what?
I am pretty sure that when I hit my 40's and once I've made already made babies I will probably just get on a reasonable dose of Test and stay on it for good. He's taking his physique in the opposite direction that Robert Deniro went in his role for Raging Bull, seen below. The vicious circle of excess of abdominal fat tissue and testosterone deficiency leads to vascular damage and insulin resistance.
If you have the money to do it right, you can gain up, cut down without huge repercussions.

As long as you don't over do it, and don't go big big, you keep track of your cholsterol and Prostate functions you can take test forever with no bad sides. Gibson is training for the role and may be using performance enhancing drugs to prepare for the role. For curiosity's sake I searched "anabolic steroids" at that site and it seems that several steroids ship direct from Poland. While Lance Armstrong and A-Rod and everybody else is scrutizined, called before courts, and stripped of achievements, Hollywood actors and musicians (50 Cent) and more (Jersey Shore) can bear topless, juiced up physiques with absolutely no criticism. This is a LONG conversation, but entertainment is obviously exempt while sports are legally liable.
Reflections on the 1st year of testosterone and becoming a man1 Year on Testosterone13-17 Months on TestosteroneCorbin after 1 year and 4 months on testosterone, May 2006Follow along with Corbin as he stepped before the judge to receive his court-ordered name change in 2006.

I started testosterone injections January 7, 2005, had chest surgery January 5, 2006, and had a full hysterectomy on December 7, 2008.
I was granted a court-ordered name and gender change and am looking forward to continuing this journal.I hope that this journal of a female to male transition will shed more light on the experiences that accompany the FTM transition.

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