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Muscle cramps refer to moderate to severe pain and tingling sensation in the muscles after overexertion, dehydration or long periods of inactivity, which are most commonly felt in calf muscles of leg but can also be felt in any muscle or tissue like thigh muscles, ankle and upper limb muscles. Sufficient quantities of water are required for the maintenance of healthy circulation within your tissues. Muscle cramps are also caused by moderate deficiency of certain essential vitamins and minerals that play an important role in the maintenance of muscular physiology. Alterations in the overall intake or serum concentration of sodium and potassium (that are two primary and most important electrolytes) significantly alter the overall functioning of muscles.
One of the very common reasons of muscle cramps is exercising or working out at wrong time. If you are in habit of exercising without proper warm up, you are very likely to develop muscle cramps. The most important cause of muscle cramping is lactic acid buildup in the muscles as discussed in the earlier section. Here is a video that may provide you additional information and guidance to manage your symptoms. Lip twitching can be a cause of concern, especially if you're noticing consistent twitching. I feel extremely excited about this as apart from being my first collaboration for a male-related health product, I find this product highly applicable to my life situation. To put things into context, there are many who think I do blogging and modeling shoots as a full time. Furthermore, I still have to either attend social activities or complete blog posts with M almost everyday after working hours. Hence, it is just about time I look for a panacea to give me that extra booster shot I need in life.
MACA – An adaptogenic (does not contain hormone but it helps to stimulate the body to produce more) plant which is rich in zinc, calcium, iron and plant sterols.
I like the fact that the bottle is so portable thus making it extremely easy to carry around. Lastly, you must be wondering long term wise, will our body build tolerance and the effect slowly fade away? To balance both side of the story, I would think the main drawback for this drink would probably be its price tag at $86.90 per box of 20’s. It is available at Kinohimitsu Online store, selected Petrol Kiosks, leading pharmacies and major departmental stores such as OG Orchard Point, OG People’s Park, OG Albert Complex etc. Muscle cramps affect the productivity and overall compliance to perform exercise and physical activity; therefore it is very important to know the inciting cause and possible preventions to minimize the risk of muscle cramps. Human body is capable of conserving water in hot humid weather but in order to maintain body temperature, the insensible loss from skin increases significantly that is dependent on a number of factors like total body weight, environmental temperature and humidity.

Increase the intake of diets rich in quality nutrients like Vitamin A, B- complex, C and vitamin D. You can increase your intake of potassium naturally by consuming foods that supply potassium like; vegetables (avocados, soybeans, broccoli, potatoes and fruits (bananas, apricots, orange juice and raisins). Exercising vigorously after a heavy meal can induce a severe episode of cramping pain in abdominal as well as limb muscles in addition to other unpleasant symptoms like nausea, vomiting and dizziness.
Healthcare providers advice moderate stretching exercises to warm up your quiescent muscle, especially in muscles that are more prone to cramping. Exercising muscles require oxygen for the metabolism of glucose to generate energy that supply contraction of muscles. After that, I still have to clear the daily work emails & set team meeting agenda for the next day. It is specifically designed for men with powerful proprietary blend of 500mg Maca extract, clam extract, BCAA and turmeric to support men’s vitality, sexual health, stamina and endurance as well as support overall health. Even in many literatures online, MACA is well-known for its capability to help boost the production of the key male hormone, Testosterone.
For working adults like me who have erratic eating hours, this means I can take it out from my bag or even pocket to drink it whenever and wherever I deem fit.
I could feel a slight surge in energy level & libido after taking it for the first 2-3 days.
The water loss from your body increases significantly if you are exercising or working out. Obviously it is a great idea to have these nutrients factories with you whenever you are exercising your muscles vigorously. This is because soon after meals, the blood flow to your gut increases; if you try to work-out your muscles, the blood is shifted to your exercising muscles that may create unpleasant effects in gut (also affecting your digestion). You can use passive stretching to decrease the incidence of crams and severity, duration and intensity of episodes. However, if oxygen concentration in the blood decreases, our muscles metabolize energy under conditions of low oxygen (also known as anerobic environment) that leads to formation of lactic acid. Currently, I am holding a highly-demanding business managerial role for a multi-million dollar therapeutic portfolio which holds a team of highly-qualified representatives. Because of my lower energy level compounded by the week’s hardwork, I find myself not being able to keep up with the exercise for long. An increase in zinc intake can lead to a boost in the Testosterone level & thus a healthier reproductive system etc.
Main active ingredient is Curcumin which have a myriad of benefits ranging from promoting blood circulation vital for cardiovascular health to maintaining liver health by protecting the liver from toxic chemicals.
Within one box like this, it contains 20 bottles of 500ml MACA Men which should be taken once daily before meal.

Many of you readers must be thinking this could be just psychological effect or maybe a ‘Placebo’ effect. On the contrary of ‘up-ing’ my dosage, I eventually tapered down to one bottle every 2 days as a maintenance dose! So you are split between that plate of warm, mouth-watering chicken rice and a bottle of MACA Men. Likewise, fresh fruits and vegetables, poultry, thin cuts of meat and dairy also improve overall nutritional status and strengthen bones and muscles. Individuals who are prone to develop cramping muscle pain can also get benefitted by periodic intake of fresh nutrients and potassium containing foods to minimize the overall episodes and to increase the exercise endurance.
Regular passive stretching is known to lengthen the overall dimensions of muscle fibers by affecting the reflex activity of neural elements, additionally, regular massage therapy also promotes relaxation of tense and tender muscle fibers and also aids in restoring blood circulation to affected tissue in order to washout lactic acid. In order to maintain high oxygen levels in your blood, deep breathing exercises are exceptionally helpful.
For this, on top of people management, I also have to consistently do business reviews & presentations for higher management. Dehydration is also supplemented with changes in electrolyte concentration and aberrations in the serum levels of calcium (that is the leading cause of muscle twitching and cramps in hot weather).
You can also consider taking supplemental forms of vitamins and minerals (especially magnesium and zinc to optimize muscle contraction without cramping pain).
Additionally, you can always get benefitted from sports drinks that also contain reasonable quantities of sodium, potassium and other electrolytes (for best results, make sure to add a little fluid to enhance the total absorption of nutrients).
Lastly, massage also promotes flow of fresh blood that delivers oxygen to tense tissues and promotes excretion of metabolites.
The technique is simple, put your hands on your stomach and take deep breath (so that you can actually feel tension or contraction in your stomach muscles). Increase your water intake to at least 2 to 2.5 Liters per days and take frequent water breaks if you are exercising in hot humid weather. With optimal blood oxygen concentration, the episodes of hypoxia induced muscle cramps reduce significantly. Hence with the abovementioned, challenges faced in my full time job, be it internally or externally, can be constantly taxing on both my mental & physical well-being.

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