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Guys, you knew your man parts were sensitive, but who knew they were this vulnerable to injury at every turn!
Melissa Lind holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas College of Pharmacy. Though rarely used in men, female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone can be taken by males for medical conditions such as testicular cancer, prostate enlargement and aromatase deficiency. Because testosterone is responsible for the development and maintenance of the male sex characteristics, when testosterone levels are opposed by higher levels of female hormones, testosterone will become less effective.
Testosterone is primarily responsible for the development of muscle mass and bone tissue in men.
As testosterone is a male hormone, thought to play a factor in assertiveness and aggression, men who take female hormones may become less assertive.
As breast tissue is developed, there may be a corresponding increase in the risk of breast cancer.
Dennis 49 Comments 65 Flares 65 Flares × Of the over 1,000 comments this blog has, the #1 one I get is, “How do I fix a patchy beard”? She has over 20 years experience as a health-care professional, including pharmacy practice as a registered pharmacist, and experience in clinical research management and community college instruction in pharmacology and health topics. Female hormone treatment in men carries a number of risks, because it suppresses the production of testosterone. Men who take female hormones may be subject to a number of changes affecting the physical state and functioning of the sex organs. With female hormone usage, large muscle groups such as the chest, legs and arms may begin to shrink and bones may become more porous and brittle, thereby contributing to weakness and bone fracture. There is also an increased risk of stroke due to the development of clots related to female hormone usage, particularly among smokers, but a decreased chance of heart attack is probable.
Needless to say, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this one and have come up with a pretty good solution. These risks may include decreased testes size, lowered sperm count and erectile dysfunction along with loss of libido.
In addition, fat storage in men who take hormones may be increased, leading to a feminization of body shape.
These changes may reverse themselves once the female hormones are discontinued, but some men may develop depression from both the use of hormones and from self esteem issues that may arise from physical changes.
An increased chance of the development of liver and gall bladder disease may be seen; however a decreased risk in the development and growth of prostate enlargement and prostate cancer is possible. In addition, men taking female hormones may develop gynecomastia, or the growth of breast tissue in men, along with darkening and enlargement of the nipples. Facial and body hair may begin to grow more slowly; however male pattern baldness may improve as it is primarily caused by a metabolite of testosterone.
Some men may experience hot flashes, similar to those seen during menopause as well as other problems such as insomnia and forgetfulness.
Embrace your beard and let it grow free and strong with support by these beard growth pills, a new vitamin supplement that will make your beard grow longer, faster, better.
Filled with all sorts of microscopic bits that help men function, this beard formula works as handy men’s multivitamin too.
You never see photos of Native Americans from the 1800s with beards, for the same reasons you rarely see ancient Chinese or Japanese art depicting men with full beards.

For insight into why some races of men evolved beards, and others did not, see my article on why men have beards to begin with.So, if you come from a lineage that does not grow thick beards, you will likely have a hard time growing them too. You will never grow new beard follicles, as we learned in my recent interview with beard transplant specialist Dr.
Remind the world of your resplendent manliness with a new, long beard that waves in the breeze. The only way to get new hair to grow in them would be to get a beard transplant.Finally, your follicles may have failed to sprout, even if you have beard-friendly genes and an even follicle distribution. If you are within that age range and you have a thin beard, or it is patchy, you may just need to grow into your beard.You could be unhealthy. If you are a vegan, vegetarian, or you eat poorly, then you may be short on protein.Your body may have damaged beard follicles, due to excess styling, weather damage, or low testosterone. You should use these in addition to the beard growth pills to improve the health of existing strands, and to decrease beard hair thinning.#1) ViviscalViviscal is a supplement that increases the health of existing beard hair, and keeps beard hair from thinning. If you think this is the case, consider taking a good testosterone booster supplement, or adopting a testosterone-friendly health regimen. A doctor can tell you if you have low testosterone (which is normal with age).The VitaminsIf your beard doesn’t grow because you’re unhealthy, try taking beard growth vitamins. Alan Bauman, a beard hair transplant and regrowth specialist, in an interview I held with him recently. It takes between 6-8 weeks to see results using this supplement, and you will see major beard hair thickening after 6 months. One reason men go bald as they age is that their good testosterone decreases and estrogen increases.
Like beard oil, beard balm heals irritated follicles, but it also gives slight form to your beard after it re-solidifies. The steam from the shower opens your pores and gaps in your strands, allowing for quick absorption.
You can then wash away the excess, and apply a beard oil or beard balm to seal it in for the rest of the day.
If this describes you, then your only option (aside from a beard transplant) is to use a minoxidil cream to force your follicles to start growing. If your follicles are dormant, but otherwise healthy, then it will cause them to burst forth with glorious new strands!The only drawback of taking minoxidil is that you have to use it forever. The Lipogaine will stimulate the burnt follicles, and the pills will give them the raw nutrients they need to produce new hairs. Beard growth shampoo thickens an existing beard by making beard hair healthier, thicker, and longer. Reply Dodo says: October 19, 2014 at 5:02 AMHey, I got a problem of growing beard, beard is not growing, I have used some spray but not really much result, so what I can use from these tablets to get a full beard ??
It prevents existing hair from falling out prematurely, and helps hair grow faster and thicker by dissolving and sweeping away caked-up sebum from around the follicle.Niacin is one of the main ingredients in beard growth shampoo. It works by dilating the capillaries around hair follicles, allowing them to absorb more nutrients from the blood. Keep using the spray, but start taking the Vitabeard beard vitamins, along with a beard growth serum.
It works by taking a healthy follicle, say, from your back or head, and moving it to your chin via surgery.

The operation leaves no scars and has a quick recovery time, but at $10 per follicle transplant, it can get expensive. This is a good solution for men who have only small patches to fill, or men who are super rich. You should always talk to your doctor first before embarking on any treatment or taking any supplement.That said, Vitabeard will help by giving you the nutrients your body needs to grow a beard. You should use the treatments as often as the product labels suggest for at least 6 months before you will see new consistent growth. Dennis, I’ve found your site very informative and helpful while growing my first beard. That being said, and with all due respect, I have to disagree with your frequent advice about protein consumption.Most people with the time to access beard information via a computer have 1st world problems and incomes.
I always suggest people go to their doctor before taking any vitamin or medication, including over-the-counter stuff, and that includes protein supplements. If a man has enough protein, then there is no need to eat any more.That said, I actually disagree with your assumption that first-world inhabitants have plenty of protein.
I know friends who have diets low in protein, and whose doctors told them to take protein supplements.
Men who live of fast food, doughnuts, and gas station snacks tend to eat lots of sugar, salt, and carbohydrate, but little protein. Granted, if you eat a lot of hamburgers and hotdogs, or if you have a healthy steak or chicken breast for dinner every night, then you’re all set on protein. I do take in enough to keep my body up but not enough to do anything requiring extra protein. So there for trying to promote extra hair or muscle growth an increase in protein is necessary along with other foods and supplements that help your body brake it down and use it toward growth instead of passing through your body as waist. At first glance, one might read your comment and conclude that you’re inferring that his death was somehow related to his advocacy of protein-rich diets. The protein supplement I recommend here, beef gelatin capsules, only contains 550 milligrams or protein (which is .55 grams). While I agree with you that most first-world inhabitants eat enough protein, there are many people who don’t, for any number of reasons, and these people may want to grow beards too. The simple truth is that protein aids in beard hair growth, and so making sure you hit your daily recommended dose is important for growing beards.As I always say here, I suggest readers ask their doctors or nutritionists before they start taking any kind of supplements. That said, the likelihood of harming your body by taking the recommended dose of protein supplements is next to none.
It’s thin in some spots but not patchy, my family has a history of baldness but it seems the more hair I loose on my head the more I grow on my face?.
Every man’s beard hair grows at different speeds, and every follicle on your chin will also grow at different rates. If you want to make sure lack of testosterone is not the culprit, consider using a testosterone booster, or begin a testosterone-boosting health regimen.Keep at it mate!

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