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Learn how to maintain your strength and energy levels in get-ripped mode, then try this program to help you stay strong and look the part! Regardless of your training style, you'll benefit from a sound, systematic approach to post-workout nutrition.
Leave your smaller, former self behind with hard training and these simple, delicious shakes!
Here's how to dial in your training, nutrition, and supplementation to show off some serious veins.
Just one bite of this moist, flavorful, and protein-packed carrot cake will leave you wanting more!
Check out these inspirational transformations that prove that patience, hard work, and a can-do attitude lead to long-lasting results.
Kiss those pink dumbbells goodbye and take your lead from these strong women who push, pull, and press their way to 'mirin-worthy status.
No worries, dude: Here are six research-backed supplements you should strongly consider on your quest to reach physical perfection.
Do you find yourself experiencing muscle soreness and fatigue, but still not seeing the fat loss results you expect? Ask any expert and they’ll tell you the importance of consuming protein before and after workouts to stimulate muscle growth.
You can definitely gain muscle mass by including the right kind of foods in your diet; however, in many cases, it might not be possible to consume the required amounts of nutrients each day, for muscle growth. Supplements are not only convenient, but provide you with the adequate amount of protein and other nutrients required for muscle growth. Branched-Chain Amino Acids, commonly known as BCAA’s, are considered an effective muscle building supplement. Nitric Oxide boosters are extremely important supplements for bodybuilders as they help in dilating the blood vessels, thereby increasing the flow of blood to the muscles.
Glutamine is an amino acid supplement that is extremely popular for its muscle building benefits. ZMA is a muscle-building supplement that contains vitamin B6, zinc and magnesium aspartate. Egg Albumen supplements provide you with high quality protein, which is essential for muscle growth. Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements recognizes that the human body’s natural ability to put muscle on is predicated not just on the hard work at the gym, but also the right combination of nutrition.
Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements haven’t rested on their laurels since becoming the world’s best selling muscle-gaining supplement. Along with the time tested and proven nutritional value provided by Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements, they also feature performance optimizers.
Commit to this one-move plan for the next 21 days to boost your squat, strength, energy, and even weight loss!

We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist, your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group. You’ve already got a healthy diet, a steady cardio routine, and some reliable weight-training workouts, so you head down to the nutrition store to pick up some new supplements—only to be stopped in your tracks by aisles and aisles of unpronounceable tubs filled with who knows what.
Unfortunately, few guys can schedule meals around workouts—and that’s where protein supplements, like powders and nutrition bars, come in handy. If so, glutamine could help reduce inflammation and the risk of infection, according to research from the University of Trieste in Italy. Presumably not—but if you could, it would probably tell you that working out takes a lot out of you, including the loss of vitamins that you need to sustain yourself. This supplement is a combination of glycine, arginine and methionine, which are amino acids. You should use a Nitric Oxide booster that contains around 3 grams of arginine, for maximum results. This supplement is considered important for promoting muscle recovery after intense workouts.
This form of protein is released slowly by the body and should be taken along with breakfast. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. It seems like every other day a new product hits the market making a promise of increased this and maximum that. This means mega-doses of essential amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Pyridoxine alpha-ketoglutarate (PAK), carnitine, lipotropics, L-arginine, alpha lipoic acid, eleuthero, and a vast arsenal of over 60 effectual ingredients are included. But if you want professional results, you have to use what the professionals use: Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements.
We provide the technology, tools, and products you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self.
Researchers at the University of Birmingham in the UK recently found that study participants who took BCAAs before and after exercise had a significant reduction in muscle soreness. A group of Canadian researchers conducted an eight-week study and found that insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-I), which is known to produce anabolic effects in adults, increased by more than 20% among participants who supplemented with creatine and performed resistance-training exercises. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) has omega fatty acids, also known as “good fat.” Researchers at the University of Wisconsin found that CLA could help you lose fat and help preserve your muscle tissue, according to a study originally published in the Journal of Nutrition.
Glutamine might also help stimulate muscle growth by regulating glycogen within your body, thereby boosting enhancing performance and muscle growth, according to research conducted at the University of Dundee in Scotland. Unfortunately, research indicates that many who train hard while desperately trying to maintain a specific body weight are often vitamin-deficient. In addition to that, this protein supplement is digested very quickly by the body and this makes it an excellent post-workout shake.
It is generally taken before bed, as it helps in preventing the body from reaching a catabolic state, which causes muscle loss.

It is recommended that you consume around 2-5 grams of this supplement each day for muscle mass.
You should take around 5-10 grams of this supplement along with breakfast and as a post-workout shake. Use this supplement as directed on the supplement label and take it along with food and 500 mg vitamin C.
This supplement helps in boosting the functioning of the immune system as well as the amount of leucine in the muscles.
For maximum muscle gain, use a supplement that contains 15 mg zinc, 225 mg magnesium and around 4 mg vitamin B6. This supplement also helps in increasing the flow of blood to the muscles, by dilating the blood vessels. You could waste your time researching each new mass building supplement and learning the intricate and often minute differences between them, or you could go with what professional weight lifters have gone with since 1983, Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements. Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements take a holistic approach to muscle building by providing your body with the complete nutrition you need. You get the right amount of nutrition and performance optimizers every time you use Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements. A Brazilian study took it a step further and revealed that BCAA supplementation helped reduce fatigue and burn more fat in glycogen-depleted participants. Forget the unhealthy, greasy fast food and grab a nutrition bar that’s high in quality protein and also provides you with essential fats and carbs.
However, consult your doctor before using this supplement, if you suffer from kidney problems. You should take 5 grams of this supplement before and after workouts, for building muscle mass. Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements have been the number one selling muscle mass building supplement in the world for the past 23 years.
No other supplement has the track record of success that Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements has in giving you the nutrition you need to put on the mass you want.
This keeps Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements on the cutting edge of dietary supplement technology. Take your body to the next level and get Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements, it’s what IFBB pros and Mr. According to the European Food Safety Authority, creatine supplementation of three grams per day is a safe amount. More competitive bodybuilders have used Universal Nutrition Animal Supplements than any other supplement in history.

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