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Muscle pain is not that serious, but is really uncomfortable, and needs to be treated as soon as the symptoms are noticed.
Massaging the affected area with an essential oil works as a very effective home remedy for muscle pain. In case of extreme muscle soreness, application of ice on the affected area works as a very good home remedy. It is suggested to go for regular yoga sessions to improve the flexibility of muscles, and to avoid and treat muscle cramps and pain. Yoga is beneficial for overall well being and health, and should be made a regular routine activity. Muscle relaxation is very important in order to get rid of muscle pain and muscle cramps after a workout. Doing stretching exercises after every workout is a very important activity to reduce and avoid pain in the muscles. One of the amazing home remedies for muscle pain is application of pepper powder seared in sesame oil on the affected muscle area.

Apart from the home remedies for muscle pain as discussed above, it is also suggested to include certain vitamin and mineral supplements in regular routine.
Deficiency of magnesium and calcium in the body can cause muscle pain. So, including magnesium and calcium supplements in regular diet would help in easing muscle pain and strain.
Another important supplement that should be taken along with these mineral supplements is vitamin E supplement. The cramps and pain in the muscles due to regular workout would be reduced with the help of consumption of vitamin E supplement.
There are several home remedies which can be of immense assistance in dealing with muscle cramps and muscle pain. A mixture of almond oil, ginger oil, clove oil and nutmeg oil works as a very effective home remedy for muscle pain.
This mixed oil massage also works very effectively in relieving the pain in muscles after daily workout.
The pain and soreness in the muscles would be released, and you would feel quite relaxed after implementing this home remedy. Calf muscles should be definitely relaxed after every workout to get rid of the strain and pain in them.

Garlic is enriched with anti inflammatory properties which help in getting rid of muscle pain in an amazing way. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional. Even the foot muscles need to be relaxed by holding the toes and moving the foot in a gentle manner owards knee. With drugs, you know you could get some bad stuff but who would have ever thought Yoga could lead you into a dance with the devil?
Stay far from this new age spiritual practice sold as a harmless exercise or you will get a spirit that becomes your new tagalong.

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