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Every guy is interested in building more muscle—better yet, building muscle while losing body fat.
The ingredients in this preworkout formula act synergistically to amp you up, prevent muscle breakdown, turn up your fat-burning furnace, and maximize your muscle pump. Lean Hybrid Muscle Building workouts and routines are the fastest way to rapidly burn fat and build muscle.
I created this post mainly to get some feedback from YOU.  If you have any opinions about the supplements that I am currently using or if you have suggestions as to what else I would benefit from taking… I would love to get your feedback! While I agree with whole foods such as Living Fuel (which I personally use as well) and EFA are cornerstone nutritional support, I hope you don’t mind if I give some additional feedback based on my scientific research. We have found that when evaluating core performance factors such as essential amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamin D, iron and mineral status and hormones including a few others that the most commonly deficient nutrient that may also be the most important of all is Vitamin D as it has profound effects not only on health but performance and recovery.
Essential fats are critical but new research is showing that the Vitamin A in cod liver oil inhibits the immune benefits of vitamin D!
And lastly, we have found that while protein powders make nice meal replacement options, athletes who rely on whey protein frequently are essential amino acid deficient. Living in Florida, I imagine Elliot has no need for extra vitamin D (at least not if he spends as much time outside as I think he does). This supplement is the best thing I found and that’s why over 300 professional athletes use it and not one of them are paid to. I like the idea of supergreens, to get your vitamins and minerals instead of getting them in pill form.
I also used Hypergain Creatine and -speaking only for myself- I can say that creatine is useful only if you train really hard, otherwise it only causes little levels of pump affect.
I eat veggies every morning with my eggs but one cannot get enough veggies so I am going to look in to the supergreen supplement.
Couple of months back I started bookending my workouts with 5g of both creatine and glutamine.
However, just started taking a Tribulus and ZMA combo at night-and that HAS made a difference. There are mixed opinions on Cod Liver Oil, mainly due to how it’s processed and the heat often damages the oil. I personally don’t use whey protein but have used SunWarrior protein which has gotten really good press lately, a lot of athletes have used it with great results.

Anyway, I take a good protein with at least 20 grams not more than 30 g because you are not going to metabolise it anyway before it hits the way out.
Just too add my two cents, instead of just the BCAAs that Blake mentioned, Body Tech has a great amino acid supp with 19 out of 20 of the acids some that make creatine and also some that are good for your joints. My friends and a whole bunch of people I know are using the EXACT same Whey Protein as you, Gold Standard, they say the powder is so hardcorely smashed that your body takes up a lot more protein than any other protein powder. We need to keep out bodies full of all it needs but anything above and beyond that, as in training, needs to be used for a period of time and then altered so that our bodies don’t get lazy and stop improving.
I have been cutting down on the stuff I take, daily, mostly because I’m becoming a cheapskate now that my credit cards are nearly paid off. The greens are good, you have enzymes, probiotics, and stuff in there your body really needs. I am very fond of taking Nutrlite Daily and Great Ayrvedic Product like Badam Pack and Amrit Rasayan for my Vitamines & minerals cover and fish Oil pills and Horlics Protein Powder,besides I go for some ayrvedic product like silagit ,this gives me a lot of energy in 54 yrs. Currently I am taking Muscle Milk protien shake( about 3-4 times a day), this is the best protien shake that i have tasted that mixes with water.
NEWSLETTERWhy not sign up for our monthly newsletter and be the first to find out about our special offers? Of course, some will claim that those two goals are mutually exclusive, but that’s because they haven’t yet come upon the right combination of training, nutrition, and supplements to make it happen.
They include caffeine, a proven stimulant and strength booster, and theanine, which keeps caffeine’s “buzz” controlled and enhances your mental focus.
It makes it easier to get in the necessary protein without stuffing chicken in your face all day. I have had the opportunity to consult and assess key biological factors of performance via lab testing with elite athletes all around the country. The East Germans and Russians in the 50′s, especially, the power lifters were big into sun lamps!
As far as repair, recovery, and performance, there is nothing even close when you dig deep into the science and research put forth. My strength went up the very first week, and I’m about 3 pounds heavier in just about 3 weeks of taking it -without any major change to my diet whatsoever. It’s gotten bad press lately from the lawsuit and the supposedly toxins in the top brands.

These have been my basics for years and in the last few years, I have been taking AS Research’s Hypergain. I think we all have been over supplementing so I am thinking more like a hunter and gatherer these days. If you cannot find raw milk, being illegal in the US, try KEFIR, it brings back the natural in processed pasteurized milk. Maybe you already read the TAO by Daniel Reed, if you haven’t, I highely recommend it. Nano Vapor also includes studied doses of L-citrulline malate, creatine, beta-alanine, betaine, and taurine.
Gatorade powder gives you the carbs without the high fructose syrup you get in bottled gatorade. This along with usually low fat and lots of different minerals makes it perfect for building lean mass. Money is no problem since they are free, but some of us have limitet storage space and want to know which ones to pick based on how much you deadlift since it might be inconvenient to start flipping in the tyre shop. I do a scoop of whey when I get up then a scoop of casein while im at school about 3 hrs before the gym then another whey immediatley after I finish followed by a scoop of casein before I go to bed to keep my amino acid levels high. For creatine a really good one that I noticed is I Super Gain or Super Pump or something like that it is great.
If you want more information or a summary just e-mail me and I’ll be happy to tell you. I take a Krill oil only because its seems to be stronger and you only have to take one tab. I also take a digestive enzymes to help break down the food I eat, but I dont have a gall bladder either so I am not sure if everyone would benefit from that.

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