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L-proline, on the other hand, is the key structural amino acid playing a major role in the synthesis of protein and general metabolism, the quick healing of wounds and injuries, anti-oxidation reactions and immunologic response.
Regarding the kinetics of absorption of this product based on di- and tripeptides and to a substantial degree on free amino acids, it guarantees the rapid saturation of the sportsman’s body with the necessary amino acids and maintenance of anabolic state for over an hour from the time of consumption. It is recommended to combine this preparation during the post-training period with carbohydrate supplement CARBONOX® and magnesium creatinine chelate (CREATINE MAGNA POWER® – OLIMP), in the quantity recommended by the producer to obtain the maximum increase of high quality muscle mass. In order to maximise the reduction of fat tissue it is recommended during the pre-training period to combine ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS® with selected OLIMP thermogenic products (Thermo Speed ®, Thermo Stim, Therm Line® forte or Therm Line II®, the dose according to producer’s recommendations). The product is designed for sportsmen, who strive for development of muscular mass and require increased demand of energy.
The necessary products, specifically recommended for the supplementation, which supplement the most important nutrients needed the most to achieve the workout objective. Additional products, facilitating the development of specific efficiency attributes, supplementing the diet with the nutrition elements required by the body in higher quantities during physical exercise or demonstrating a beneficial physiological effect, strengthening the action of the necessary products. Supplementary products demonstrating an additional nutritional or physiological effect supporting improving the training condition, recommended as a dietary supplement for a specific supplementation purpose.

Ingredients: Anabolic Amino 9000 blend (whey protein hydrolyzate, chicken protein hydrolyzate), collagen protein hydrolyzate, calcium phosphate – firming agents, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide – bulking agents, magnesium stearate – anti-caking agent, aroma. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Glycine participates in the transfection of signals in the central nervous system serving as the transmitter (NMDA receptor activator), constitutes the substrate for the synthesis of components of nucleic acids (necessary for synthesis of protein) and contributes to the correct performance of hematopoietic processes (hem synthesis).
Its high content in ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS® cannot  therefore be overestimated.
The application of whey protein hydrolisate (BV=104) additionally intensifies the absorption of chicken proteins. The preparation is for anyone having an increased demand for excellent quality, quickly absorbable protein. Other supplements showing synergy of action are the preparations increasing the level of testosterone (TRIBUSTERON® 90, ACETOSTERON®).
L-alanine in addition to its building function of body structural proteins, is used in the liver for synthesis of glucose, thus protecting against muscle cannibalism (when taken before training) or contributing to rapid supplementation of energy reserves and protein synthesis (taken after training).

Both sources of protein ensure the maintenance of a positive nitrogen balance in the  body even during the most intensive training.
Especially recommended for individuals striving to obtain quick growth of lean muscle mass and strength, i.e. The two times higher content of L-arginine in ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS® compared to standard protein hydrolisate available on the market causes the increased synthesis of nitrogen oxide, positively contributing to muscle blood flow and supplying them with nutrition macroelements.
In addition the significant supply of L-arginine in ANABOLIC AMINO® 9000 MEGA TABS® has a stimulating effect on the secretion of growth hormone, which is very important during the post-exercise period. It is an excellent supplement for regenerative proteins for sportsmen of endurance and fight sports, both during the pre-competition period of reducing bodyweight and during the preparatory period. It is also important that L-arginine, belonging to the group of alkaline amino acids, plays a major role in maintaining the acidic-alkaline balance of the body, strongly distorted by intensive training.

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