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The Saint Mary’s University business student peddled products like vitamins, whey powder and weight-loss pills around campus at a low price. He soon saved up enough money to buy a small kiosk store in the Scotia Square mall in downtown Halifax and his business took off. But King, 32, said he wants his company’s growth to be strategic and has already turned down franchise requests. Supplement King recently bought Life and Sport, a competitor located in Park Lane Mall close to one of Atlantic Canada’s busiest gyms.

King said his chain of stores offers supplements and performance enhancing products at a lower price than major competitors.
He said similar stores like GNC (General Nutrition Centre) and Popeye’s Supplement Canada tend to be located in higher-cost shopping centres.
He said revenues from hot tub sales will fill the void in the summer when supplement sales tend to be weaker. THE TOP SELLING SKIN CARE PRODUCTS IN PRETORIA AND JHB +2770687366 SKIN LIGHTENING: This is a solution that is considered the number one skin lightening cream of 2014.

This is made with pure and quality ingredients that are safe and effective to boost your energy levels. This is a proven scientific formula to increase total brain health without any side effects.

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