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All fitness competitors undergo challenges that make contest preparations very trying; however, they find a way to do it.
For Nicole Ferreira this meant leaving a job that, by its very nature made the training consistency needed for competition impossible.
The 1996 Boston College graduate with a Master's in Social Work, Cum Laude, was the Clinical Director of an inner-city mental health clinic where she supervised over 20 master's level therapists and oversaw the clinical treatment of over 850 clients. Nicole's new focus on health and wellness instead of symptomatology and illness proves to be both refreshing and motivating. The 5'-2" - 30 year old, blond-haired, green-eyed athlete from Massachusetts competes at 108 pounds and has 12 years of weight training experience, a history of dance instruction since she was 6 years old, and a history of competitive cheerleading. Nicole competed and placed 8th in 2002 at the Fitness Atlantic Pageant in New Haven, Connecticut and again qualifies for the Fitness America Pageant this year held in Southern California in November.
One of the best times she has had competing was at the 2001 ESPN National Championship when she was selected to dance with 8 other fitness competitors during the "jazz" portion of the opening number. Nicole gives herself about 16 weeks to prepare for a contest, and she adjusts her training and nutritional needs as the contest date approaches. In terms of diet, she eats in a range of 1100-1800 calories per day, eating 6 small meals every 2-3 hours, and she tries not to have any carbohydrates after 4:00pm. Watch for Nicole in the upcoming Fitness America Pageant ESPN National Championship in 2003 and the 2002 Stunning Fitness Girls calendar where she was featured as "Ms October". There’s a difference between a school district where tax valuation is $25,000 per pupil and a district where it is $250,000 per pupil. That’s according to Kansas’ school finance formula, which gives extra state aid to districts with lower property wealth in an attempt to put them on more equal ground with wealthier ones. It’s one of many variables in the formula that lawmakers passed in 1992 or added over the years.
The governor unveiled a plan to dole out $3 billion in block grants next year from various state funds and property taxes. Kansas’ 286 superintendents would have to wait to find out exactly what each of their districts would receive, and whether their portions would be equivalent to ratios determined by the state’s school finance formula.
Ultimately, however, Brownback wants to scrap that formula, which he says lacks transparency and is susceptible to litigation. Asked Friday whether the formula should give more funding to poorer districts than to wealthier ones, Amanda Grosserode, chairwoman of the House’s education budget panel, indicated she isn’t opposed to equalization, but it would be good to scrutinize how it works. According to the Kansas State Department of Education, all three of those school districts receive extra aid this year to supplement their property tax base.
School districts with strong property valuation can receive equalization aid under the current system because the aid is based on how much the district can generate with 1 mill of taxes divided by the number of pupils it educates. In Shawnee County, for example, that means Topeka Unified School District 501 receives greater equalization aid than Auburn-Washburn USD 437. Peg McCarthy, vice president of the USD 501 school board, said students living in school districts with higher poverty rates or weaker local tax bases benefit from extra state support. In past years, Education Week has listed Kansas as one of half a dozen states that give more money to poorer districts than wealthier ones, as determined by property values.

Another national equity survey produced by researchers at Rutgers University and the Education Law Center in New Jersey, found Kansas was giving poorer districts more money than wealthier ones in 2009, just before K-12 funding cuts took full effect following the 2008 financial crisis, but the state hasn’t done so since then.
Bruce Baker, a Rutgers school finance professor who co-authors the report, said Kansas is, by this measure — which considers school districts based on child poverty rates, not local property values — a middle-of-the-pack state in terms of equalizing poorer districts with wealthier ones. With a new formula possibly on the way, though, no one knows how it might define or make provision for “poorer” or “needier” school districts. Asked what the overhaul might look like, Grosserode said it is too early to know, but she supports school finance reform, and so do her voters.
My children, thank you Good Luck, have all been educated in the "wealthy" districts but if they had not lived in a wealthy district they, as children in Kansas, would have deserved the same level of PUBLIC schooling. We WERE giving more money to poorer districts than wealthier districts in the past and that's good.
What we know, based on the article, is that we no longer give more to the poorer districts than we do to the wealthier districts. While I am at it, I also urge the legislators to address the mandatory legislation (such as the budget) first, and leave their pet projects until after the mandatory legislation is completed. We know that even the high performing Shawnee Mission district only spends $13,000 per student per year and that includes all state, federal, and local funding.
I would be interested in which districts spends the most local money per pupil and which districts spend the least local money per pupil.
What this all comes back to are the tax cuts that were enacted by Brownback and his legislature.
When I went to school we didn't have air conditioning, fancy buildings, or computers provided.
I know everyone wants the best for their kids, but just maybe the best for their kids doesn't mean they have to HAVE the best of everything. We have to get the spending under control BEFORE we figure out how to get the money to finance the schools. The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence. I agree with some of your basic points motormouth, though I think that having air conditioning is conducive to better learning and computers are a necessity in the classroom.
I believe the problems in the school system are the increased policies, beauracracy, certifications and special programs that have been added over the past 40 years.
Now, that teacher has a multi-volume policy manual setting down every possible facet of ther teaching and classroom. We have permitted the lawyers and our litigious society to ruin our government, this is not just in the schools. In short, for 8 years, Nicole was a clinical social worker who provided treatment for a variety of populations in a variety of settings. This was a 55-60 hour work week, with 24 hour emergency on-call duties (holidays and weekends). By combining her Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) with a personal training certification, she will make her dream come true by helping women establish and achieve realistic goals that will improve their physical health, enhance their self-esteem, and increase their overall sense of accomplishment.

Competitive fitness was just a natural progression from the types of physical activities she loves. When she finally saw herself on ESPN she felt all of her hard work had paid off, it was a great motivator to continue competing. A typical week consists of 4 weight training sessions (alternating body parts) with 30-35 minutes post workout cardio sessions; 2-3 days of practicing her fitness routine, and morning cardio sessions (30-45 minutes) on the non-weight training days.
When she received personal training from Mia Finnegan (Fitness World Champion) in 2000, Mia suggested eating and training in this manner for competitive fitness.
Topeka USD 501 qualifies for state aid to supplement property taxes based on Kansas' current school finance formula. School funding also varies, for example, based on the number of students a district buses, the number of English language learners, and year-to-year enrollment changes.
Sam Brownback’s proposal to replace part of the state’s formula with lump-sum grants to schools would affect districts with specific weightings. USD 501 has higher total property value than USD 437, but has more than twice as many students, meaning lower tax revenue per child. The schools now with all of their nice looks are not nearly as good at educating our kids today as they were 20 to 30 years ago.
Nicole loves to be creative and express herself through the dance and theatrical aspects of any presentation.
We don't know from what was said whether there was ENOUGH more given to poorer districts, but that's another part of the topic. I want to like them, I like the idea of finding something that lasts longer and isn't overworn.
With the support of her loving husband, Nicole has been able to appropriately transition herself into a new career of personal training. Her first contest was the July 2001 Fitness Massachusetts Pageant Regional which she placed 2nd, runner-up.
She does however, receive choreography instruction from both fitness choreographer Cathy Savage and dance instructor Rachel Machado for her fitness routines. This career shift will not only permit for time and consistency needed to compete on the national level, but allow Nicole to continue to help people, and best of all help herself. This contest qualified Nicole for the Fitness America Pageant National Championship in Las Vegas and in only her second competition she placed 35th out of 100 competitors! But their kids are competing with kids around the world for jobs and only a world-class education works today if we want a future for our kids.

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