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When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Our Seed to Feed program is a commitment to ensuring quality nutrition.Click To TweetSo, when we talk about quality testing, what does that mean?
When we bring ingredients into the Company, we test all raw materials for identity, for purity, for certain impurities such as heavy metals, and always for microbiological activity.
This oversight of our products continues through what we call our ‘post-market surveillance program.’We believe that our post-market surveillance program is the most robust and encompassing in the industry. This program comes to life at our quality control Center of Excellence labs in Torrance, California, and in Changsha, China, where our highly skilled scientists test every lot of every product that is sold in the world, at least twice a year, for label claims and, for our high velocity, high moving product lines, four to five times a year.
Additionally, we maintain a global database of all product complaints and report all serious adverse events to the FDA here in the U.S. These are just a few examples of what it means to be operating with the highest standards and highest levels of certification. We’ve developed unique capabilities and have invested in equipment and laboratories that are specialized for research and production pilot work.

We have outfitted our R&D labs with miniature pieces of equipment that we utilize on the production floor. Our ability to use these in development work allows for better speed to market without disruption in the manufacturing process.
We’ve also invested significantly in stability programs and stability chambers that provide us with confidence in the accuracy of our label claims and product shelf life. And within our R&D function, we’ve implemented a strong sensory program to develop and improve the texture and flavor of our products. Additionally, we’ve invested in technology, an Oracle-based system known as Agile, to help us manage and monitor all elements of our global product development efforts. Lastly, we even introduced a new product development process to help streamline the decision-making and accelerate products’ time to market. Pretty amazing to think about how far we’ve come!Now that we’ve covered the “seed,” let’s move onto the “feed.” That’s getting the product to market. An important strategy for Herbalife is creating more access points and making it easier for members to run their businesses.

We continue to roll out new formats of sales centers or pick up locations around the world. Whether it is the Herbalife® trucks in Mexico, automated sales kiosks in Russia, or state-of-the-art sales centers in other countries, increasing access points is key to supporting deeper sales penetration in existing markets. We continue to partner and invest in payment methods that make it easy for members and their customers to purchase Herbalife® products. Our operations team is committed to supporting the daily consumption needs of our members and product demands of their customers.Throughout the entire Seed to Feed process and with every product we make, we’re building a foundation for sustained excellence to ensure that we are the premier nutrition company now and in the years ahead.
I am proud of this Company, and I have a tremendous sense of pride in our products and services.

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