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Sarah Wick, right, nutritionist for the Ohio State football team, discusses meal choices with athletes in this file photo from August 2012.
She saw them leave after practice on an empty stomach, rushing to class with no time to grab something nutritious. Until April, the NCAA had strict rules about the food that college sports programs could provide athletes. Athletic department personnel have had numerous meetings to figure out the best way to implement a program. When the restrictions were lifted, some thought that deep-pocketed programs such as Ohio State would start providing gourmet meals to its athletes. In an effort to lure recruits and keep current players happy, why wouldn’t fancy meals be the next selling point?
For now, she said, Ohio State is determined to provide what athletes need, not necessarily fulfill a wish list. Junior linebacker Joshua Perry said that Ohio State players haven’t been told what changes are coming. Football is the highest-profile sport and has the most players of any in the Ohio State athletic program, but in some ways providing for them is not as challenging.

It won’t be an issue for preseason football camp, which starts at the beginning of August.
As a doctor, former national level bodybuilder and semi-pro football player, I have researched and used several nutritional supplements over my 16 plus years in the health and fitness industry. Teams could have one training-table meal per day in season, but beyond that, they were limited in almost absurd ways. Though the change was almost universally applauded, it has created a daunting challenge: What do you do when, all of a sudden, you can provide anything you want? It seemed possible that providing food would just be the latest item in a seemingly never-ending arms race in college sports.
But it doesn’t look as if Buckeye athletes should expect regular servings of surf and turf. For one thing, they already have a nutrition station that has been providing healthy snacks to players.
Ohio State’s teams train in far-flung facilities, some of which are lacking in space to accommodate serving space or even a small kitchen. The women’s volleyball program used to have a training table only a quarter-mile from their St.

Willis said that $300,000 has been allocated from the athletics budget to get the nutrition program off the ground.
Mickey Marotti, Ohio State’s head football strength and conditioning coach, said he was at a symposium recently with his counterparts at other schools.
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