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The sport nutrition team is uniquely positioned to bring today’s best practices to the forefront.
For more information, check out the resources page for the latest on supplementation and sport-specific meal plans. There are many benefits to using specially developed sports nutrition products during training and racing, especially if you are stepping up your regime for a more demanding schedule or event. We’ve teamed up with Reflex Nutrition, market leaders in sports nutrition products, to offer Sportsister readers 30% off ALL of their products. Olympic Committee take a three-pronged approach to helping athletes achieve athletic excellence. Integrating expertise from the USOC’s sports medicine division and strength and conditioning team, sports nutrition experts utilize science as the foundation of performance enhancement.

Visit a training location and you’ll see nutritionists collaborating with food service managers to serve fresh, healthy and performance-based menus. If you are already a fan, this is a great chance to buy some products at a reduced cost, or if you are new to using sports nutrition why not take the opportunity to try some out for yourself. Endurance events in particular place huge demands on the body and it is important that you give your body the chance to repair and recover before your next session – not only will you feel better prepared, but it can also help prevent injury. Sportsister likes Reflex Instant Whey – this product is ideal for post training and we are using it after our harder training sessions for the Virgin London Marathon.
By focusing on service, education and research, the team provides top-tier nutritional support to athletes and coaches. While they utilize a food-first approach, staff also recognizes the importance of dietary supplements to help treat nutrient deficiencies.

One scoop makes a great tasting shake, our favourite is the chocolate flavour, but it is also available in banana, choc-mint, choc-orange, raspberry, strawberry and vanilla. Further, the team is diligent in keeping up to speed on supplemental safety so it can educate athletes and coaches on the risks and benefits of supplementation.

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