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Ingrid Rimland is an award-winning ethnic novelist, with five books and hundreds of articles and columns to her credit. This article was written more than ten years ago – before Ernst Zundel’s political kidnapping and subsequent incarcerations in six prisons in three countries on two continents for his politically incorrect ways. Those who know my husband personally know that he has many interests and talents beyond the one for which he was abducted and for which he is internationally known – the one that cannot now be mentioned on fear of life and limb in Europe!
For one, Ernst kept a vivid interest in World War II technology inside the Third Reich – including “Flying Saucers”.
The article gives one an insight into the state of the mind of at least a segment of the Russian reading public, when one sees newspaper stories of this type, which mix pure speculation, propaganda tales of World War II and weird, far-fetched occult themes with the serious side of cutting edge technology. There is also the usual misspelling of names, incomplete titles etc., and one wonders what original sources the authors consulted for this rather incredible tale. Seriously, I personally corresponded with and interviewed some of the German UFO researchers in the 1960s still alive then, including Rudolf Lusar, post-war Germany’s most famous author on German secret weapons in World War II.
I can say with certainty that advanced research, production and flight testing were definitely going on during World War II of these circular flying craft, some which could reach incredible heights very quickly and obtain high speeds in horizontal flight – well in excess of the speed of sound. Some of the sanest descriptions of German secret weapons can be found in the bestselling books of Lusar, who was an aircraft engineer and whose books went through several printings in the 1950s and 1960s.
As to German Antarctic explorations – there was at least one publicly known German Antarctic expedition undertaken by the Third Reich in 1938 before the war broke out. In the 1970s, a film documentary appeared about the German Antarctica expedition on prime time German TV, which included filmed interviews of some of the actual participants of that expedition.
This expedition claimed officially for Germany a clearly defined geographic area of the Antarctic Continent and named warm water lakes and mountain ranges they discovered you can read about and find on any map put out by the National Geographic Society, for instance. Thus, Germany is far larger than the chopped-up, politically truncated, demonically maligned little piece of real estate in the very heart of Europe the Allies left behind after their defeat of Hitler. In the 1990s I interviewed an American publisher and author from Florida who publishes a magazine, called Sharkhunters, devoted largely to WWII submarines with lots of famous U-Boat aces as contributors. One Japanese national TV program invited me to Princeton University in the middle 1990s where I was interviewed for hours and where some of my unpublished material was filmed.

They are some sight to see – what with the Swastika strikingly adorning these incredibly maneuverable, exotic flying craft wobbling out of the choppy, iceberg-strewn ocean, shaking off pieces of ice and trailing cascading water, as they elegantly zoom away at very high speed! There is immense worldwide interest in this alleged German Antarctic UFO activity, borne out by the fact that large-circulation Japanese newspapers, magazines and TV programs devote a lot of space, money and time to this story. My Jewish detractors made me change course, but I want to touch briefly on a widely misreported story of my UFO exploits. For political reasons, this airline had to fly non-stop from Europe to South Africa, not being allowed to land and refuel anywhere in Black Africa at the time, courtesy of apartheid.
The idea itself was a bit of a publicity lark – we were going to toast each other with champagne over the South Pole and drop a Hitler flag onto some glaciers from the plane to send a greeting to whoever might have been holed up down below. The subsequent, painstaking investigation came to no firm conclusions on why the plane crashed. In the summer of 2000, Ingrid Rimland, my new wife, and I visited the famous, much-visited Roswell, New Mexico UFO Museum. We toured the museum for several hours and talked with employees and tour guides there, and what do you know? On that hot summer afternoon I wondered to myself if what had really crashed in Roswell might not have been one of the German Flying Saucers, keeping an eye on what the competition was up to at Mr.
The views expressed herein are the views of the author exclusively and not necessarily the views of VT, VT authors, affiliates, advertisers, sponsors, partners, technicians, or the Veterans Today Network and its assigns. Had my enemies left me alone, who knows what flights of fancy might I have indulged in instead? Vesco lists an incredible number of sources, among them whole sets of declassified British intelligence and engineering assessments of German research projects, including weird alloys, completely new metals and Rube Goldberg-like contraptions, all tried and tested by the Germans. The documentation is replete with lots of maps, flying courses, black-and-white photographs and even a color photo section. McLaughlin, published a book after the war called German Antarctic Raiders, which is about German naval activity in the Antarctic in World War II. Germany’s Antarctic claim, never challenged, is three times the size of pre-World War II Germany.

This television program was then enhanced with computer-generated, brilliantly done Nazi flying saucers, being shielded by icebergs at first, gracefully rising out from Antarctic ocean bases and glaciers. Right after World War II, Admiral Byrd, the famous American Arctic Explorer, was sent to Antarctica by President Truman in 1947 with a military task force, equipped with the latest military hardware including air craft carriers, submarines, helicopters, even tanks.
There are all kinds of articles, serious and otherwise, suggesting that he was sent to smoke out Hitler’s last stronghold there. It had to do with my last UFO project, a planned Antarctic overflight via a leased, extra-large, fuel tank equipped, long range Boeing 747 from South African Airways. I had a lead on the plane and had tentatively found a crew of Australian and New Zealanders with 747 flying skills and training and also Antarctic overflight experience. The United Nations, in conjunction with the Big Powers – Russia, America, England etc. However, the negatives of the aerial photos taken by the expedition and some newsreel film footage survived World War II and can be seen at Hamburg’s famous Hydrographic Institute. Many of its highest, Alp-like mountains as well as lakes and glaciers are named after those wicked Nazi crew and expedition members. He claims that he had, indeed, come across maps and photographs of German Antarctic bases in World War II in the Chilean and Argentine naval archives, one based in Tierra del Fuego, accommodating approximately 8,000 men. National Geographic Magazine covered that Task Force in over 40 pages of photographs and texts in 1947. I had already close to ten media and TV programs lined up whose executives had pledged the $9,999.- fee to send their staff writers and photographers along – to see for themselves what was down there!
It left behind hundreds of Swastika flags driven into the Antarctic snow and more hundreds of flags air-dropped to lay proper explorers’ rights of possession to that terrain.
Corso, (Ret.), who worked deep within the Pentagon hierarchy on a secret UFO Project in the 1950s-60s.

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