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Some doctors believe that if a patient has a lower level of testosterone they may need testosterone replacement therapy, but for otherwise healthy older men it is controversial due to potentially serious side effects. The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) handles issues relating to androgen abuse in top professional sports, but the abuse has now spread to body building and also teenagers who participate in high school sports. If you suspect your loved one is abusing steroids, you should get them the necessary help they need. The one variable that comes with workout supplements are the side effects that they sometimes bring. That means there is the potential need to weigh the benefits of the supplements against the side effects that may be experienced.
The first consideration to make is that taking overdoses of a supplement won’t help your body go beyond its peak performance.
When you take too much of a supplement, any supplement, there is a strong possibility that you’ll experience a negative side effect. These side effects are most often associated with steroids and synthetic hormone boosters, but workout supplements can provide these as side effects to a lesser extent as well.
From creatine to caffeine, one of the key components of a good workout is to have the right amount of energy to complete it.
With creatine and caffeine especially, there are also side effects associated with them that are related to dehydration.
Although there can be side effects, many of them are brief, temporary, and considered by many to be worthwhile because of the benefits that they receive in a workout.
The joke conjures a chuckle, but rings true in today’s world of Botox, vitamin cocktails, and the search for the medical Fountain of Youth. Many men reaching the ages of 30 and up are finding themselves more sluggish, unable to concentrate as much and experiencing an extreme drop in sexual desire. Produced mainly in the testes, testosterone is the hormone responsible for sperm production, sex drive, muscle building and male development during puberty. A man’s testosterone levels spike when he hits puberty and then gradually decrease after the age of 30 or so, leaving a changed man, both physically and mentally in its’ wake. There are a few controversies following the “Low T” wave of thought for men and many doctors say that a low testosterone level alone doesn’t mean treatment is necessary. However, for those who are recommended for treatment, there is always a flip side, and testosterone treatment is no different. Injections and implants – possibly the most well-known treatment for low testosterone, injections and implants are placed directly into the muscles or implanted in soft tissues as pellets.
Side effects – Along with the usual side effects of the others like rash, itching, soreness or swelling, men may also experience urinary trouble. Side effects – many of the skin patch side effects mirror those of the testosterone creams and gels, however, there are other more serious ones to be aware of.
Mouth Patch – Applied to the top of the mouth, right in between the two incisors and slowly releases testosterone into the bloodstream.
Side effects – besides the similar rashes and itchiness, this patch seems to be slightly tamer on side effects. If you aren’t feeling as inclined as you were before to try medical options, there are many life choices you can make to change your testosterone levels. Sleep – As silly as it sounds, sleep is a great way to naturally boost your testosterone. Lose Weight – Another easy way, well maybe not that easy, to help boost testosterone levels is to lose weight. Reduce the Sugar – Speaking of losing weight, many studies have shown that a reduction in sugar helps boost testosterone levels as well. Exercise – Boosting energy, stimulating brain chemicals and creating those endorphins are all wonderful side effects of exercise. We know these bullet points sound easy on paper, but it is a big commitment to change your life like that overnight. Diet – There are so many things out of our control, even some food choices, but the majority of the time, we are in charge of the way we eat.
If you still aren’t interested in testosterone replacement therapy, there are more options. There are more than a few supplements to chose from out there to help boost your testosterone.

Zinc – Research has shown that adding zinc to your diet for as little as 6 weeks has been shown to improve testosterone levels.
Vitamin D – Just like zinc, studies have found that men with higher Vitamin D levels also had higher testosterone levels.
No matter what testosterone therapy you choose, whether it is medical or natural, or even a combination of the two (there’s no rule against that!), there are so many choices available to you.
Anabolic steroids can also increase hair production, increase your sex drive or libido and cause a deeper voice. The other issue to consider is that if you’re taking a supplement to create more free testosterone, your body could decide to convert this into estrogen instead, which creates a whole new set of problems. These energy creation supplements can stimulate the body to have additional energy, but some people may experience a shortness of breath, heart palpitations, tremors, and higher blood pressure. Stimulants also work to purge water from your body, so if you’re not rehydrating yourself appropriately, you can develop muscle cramps, unusual fatigue, stomach cramps, and nausea. Only you know your body and only you can determine the levels of stress that can be endured. Usually, we are bombarded by commercials and ads for women; however, the hottest new anti-aging buzz is targeted towards men. That sudden drop in a young man’s voice, the sprinkle of hair on his chest, and those new bumps of muscle on his arms are all sponsored by testosterone.
Produced in their ovaries, the hormone doesn’t have as strong as an effect as it does in males. When there are low levels of the hormone, men can begin to feel depressed, fatigued and as mentioned earlier, a loss of sex drive. There are men who have low testosterone levels but don’t experience any symptoms in which case no treatment is recommended.
Although rare, there have been cases of men experiencing tenderness, soreness and pain in their breasts. If a testosterone cream or gel is used, the applicant must take precaution to physical contact with others around him. Some of the more serious ones are, ankle or leg swelling, weight pain, yellowing of the eyes or skin and gingivitis.
The severity of the testosterone level will of course dictate the treatment and with anything you do take should be under the guidance of a doctor. Getting regular, steady sleep can help levels maintain a normal range and has been proven by studies. In a study done by The Endocrine Society, sugar decreased testosterone levels by as much as 25 percent.
Choosing the correct foods to make your body function properly is by far one of the most important ways to improve your health, your stamina and your testosterone.
In addition to changes in diet, exercise and sleeping patterns, you can also find ways to boost your testosterone in natural supplements. This doesn’t mean you can get them at regular stores or that they are harmful, necessarily.
Shakes, pills and vitamins are available at places all over the internet and drug stores like Vitamin World and CVS.
Some great places to find zinc is multi-vitamins, oysters, pumpkin seeds, spinach and mushrooms as well as meat such as lamb and beef, pork and chicken.
Some great ways to find it is eating shellfish such as oysters, crab and mussels, liver (beef), low fat dairy, eggs and cheese (especially Swiss). The best thing you can do for yourself is learn about the different options you have, gather the information and your own opinions, and take them to a doctor.
These work because they affect the adrenal glands and increase the amount of adrenaline that your body produces in a short-term period. Whenever you take a stimulant, especially in a high dose, try to drink at least 16 ounces of water with it to reduce the risks of these side effects. Take workout supplements based on their instructions, evaluate your body’s reaction to them, and if side effects become bothersome you can limit their use.
However, some men have had more serious reactions including sexual dysfunction, having the opposite effect of what testosterone therapy seeks to improve, mood swings or (if in contact with a pregnant woman) birth defects. Women and children are affected the most by testosterone and could lead to aggressive behavior in children, hair growth and acne in women and birth defects for pregnant women.

Call your doctor immediately if you experience: nausea, vomiting (that looks like coffee grounds), black tarry stools, and rashes. Generally, adults need between seven to nine hours of sleep, but everyone is different and there are many factors that can change the number. Ditch the old theory of three meals a day and switch to 5 or 6 smaller meals throughout the day, while munching on healthy snacks in between like nuts and fruits. Having regular sex helps to keep the endocrine system functioning smoothly and in turn, raises your testosterone.
Take a 20 minute walk (and, as mentioned above, exercise is a great way to improve testosterone! The joy in your life does not have to be determined by the levels of testosterone you have. Many times, the testosterone level in your body goes down due to altered testicular function, aging, and hereditary disorders. If you take these suggestions and change one thing each day that you think could be improved, you’ll be a healthier person in no time and it will only help improve your testosterone levels, as well as everything else.
Stay far far away from hydrogenated oils and even further away from sugars like, fructose corn syrup, and the original sugar.
People who starve between meals or go on diets that starve are really damaging their testosterone levels.
With these boosted levels, you will naturally crave more sex, the very thing that will help you. Usually, men under the age of 30 do not need them yet and could be harmful if taken in the wrong dosage or abused at all. Kill two birds with one stone…) You can also find it in fatty fish such as salmon, tuna (that includes canned tuna as well), and trout, and portabella mushrooms. In the event of low testosterone levels, one might experience symptoms including sleep disturbances, putting on weight, low sexual desire, depression, poor concentration, tiredness, and erectile dysfunction. Eat foods naturally rich in nutrients like leafy greens, beans, fruits and meats high in iron.
In such cases, testosterone boosters are prescribed.Natural Testosterone Supplements and Boosters- Side effectsTestosterone supplements will also be used by bodybuilders and athletes to improve muscle mass, performance, strength, and size. Eggs, avocado (which helps raise good cholesterol and lower the bad), olive oil, butter, shrimp and even bacon. Most people consider testosterone boosters to be the same as steroids, however, there’s a huge difference between the two. While the former are 100 % natural ingredients that enhance the production of this hormone, the latter are created synthetically. The next section discusses the side results of testosterone boosters.Prohormones and SteroidsSupplementing with prohormones, or even the illegal form known as anabolic steroids, can cause many serious side effects.
Prohormones are chemicals that convert to testosterone or testosterone-like analogues in the body.
Increasing testosterone levels by unnatural means can mess up the delicate hormonal balance from the body.
Side effects may include hair thinning, gynecomastia (male breast enlargement), acne, hypertension, testicular atrophy, prostate enlargement, liver damage and lack of libido. However, DHEA can be a useful hormone replacement supplement for males experiencing andropause, or age-related low testosterone levels.Strogen BlockersEstrogen blockers prevent testosterone from converting to estrogen.
Natural Testosterone SupplementsTestosterone GelTestosterone gel might seem safe because it is topical, however it can still trigger side effects.
These include enlarged breasts and breast tenderness, alterations in sex drive, and skin irritation. There may also be oral pain and skin irritation.Other Side EffectsIn addition to the side effects listed above, any testosterone supplementation can trigger pain during urination or erection, and enlargement from the prostate gland.
Allergic reactions include vomiting, hives, skin rashes, mood swings, abdominal pain, skin discoloration, loss of appetite, and darkened urine. Heightened amounts of testosterone can also trigger abnormal development of cancer cells, resulting in increased chance of prostate and liver cancer in males and ovarian cancer in women.

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