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M-Drol review : M-Drol is a clone of the original “Superdrol” by Anabolic Xtreme which can be recognized by the nomenclature 2a,17a di methyl etiocholan 3-one, 17b-ol.
While M-Drol users gain weight quickly while on cycle they also lose a good portion of this weight upon discontinuing the product. Muscle relaxants are often prescribed for managing pain caused by injuries or chronic conditions such as fibromyalgia. The muscle relaxants can be quite addictive and can also trigger negative side effects if used extensively such as physical symptoms, impaired functioning and thinking, risk for addiction and potentially dangerous interactions with other medications.
A serious risk when muscle relaxants are used is impairment of functioning and thinking due to its sedative effect. Muscle relaxants require a prescription from a doctor and considered as a controlled substance. Due to the pain relief provided by these medications, they can become addictive especially among those who are suffering from chronic pain.
Just like with other medications, there is the risk for interaction with other medications currently used. This is not a prohormone as it is commonly mistaken for but rather it is a real anabolic steroid.

M-Drol is one of if not the most liver toxic steroids on the supplement market and there are quite a few case studies citing it’s toxicity. These side effects can be quite bothersome but many people find it worth their while to endure the side effects of M-Drol in exchange for the quick muscle gains it provides. These medications do not heal the underlying problem, but simply work by acting with the central nervous system to provide momentary relief from pain in some individuals. The usual side effect if muscle relaxants are used is drowsiness and this is common in most individuals. It is common for the individual to feel drowsy after using the drug as well as unsteadiness, lightheadedness or diminished level of alertness. Individuals who have a history of alcohol or drug addiction should not use these medications and should not be mixed with alcohol.
In addition, once the body is accustomed to the daily intake of a muscle relaxant, it can lead to dependence on the medication to function and one can end up with withdrawal symptoms if the intake is stopped. If mixed with other medications, the efficacy of muscle relaxants is increased which makes it dangerous.
Remember that the specific drug interactions depend on the muscle relaxants used, thus it is vital to consult a doctor first to avoid any undesirable interactions.

M-Drol is one of the most effective over the counter products for putting on muscle fast, but it is also one of the harshest steroids on the supplement market and it is known for its many side effects.
Anyone planning a cycle of M-Drol should absolutely include some kind of liver support supplement. Other side effects related to anabolic steroids use such as hair loss and other androgenic side effects are also possible but less prevalent with M-Drol use because it is not very androgenic.
This is not to say that M-Drol does not produce great gains because it certainly does, however these gains may not be quite what they seem at first. Nevertheless, various muscle relaxants can interact with alcohol which increases their sedative effect that leads to impairment and inability to drive. M-Drol gains are mostly water and it seems to take about 1-2 weeks for this steroid to clear from your body.
It is strongly advised to avoid operating machinery or driving while using these medications.

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