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We have been writing alot about testosterone supplements lately, because many of them are coming out with claims that they help increase the male libido. RegiMEN is one such product, and is marketed as a testosterone support therapy that should be used in conjunction with their anti-oxidant therapy. Regimen is actually broken up into category’s of ingredients that include a male performance blend, and anabolic blend, and an Anti-Estrogen blend. The dosage instructions call for 3 capsules in the evening after your last meal, and that you should use the product in combination with RegiMEN’s antioxidant to achieve maximum results. We took a look into RegiMEN anti-oxidant formula to see why it is beneficial to combine with RegiMEN and found the ingredients to be quite comprehensive.
It also is supposed to act as an anti-inflammatory, containing the primary ingredient Turmeric Root Extract. The overwhelming majority of reviews of RegiMEN are quite positive, and benefits seem to range from performance and stamina increases, to decreases in aches and pains.
See my independent Testo Fuel review, including my personal results, potential side effects, where to buy, and more.
Status Testosterone booster, which is made by a company called Blue Star Nutraceuticals, uses all natural ingredients to help boost testosterone levels in men.
Why Should You Believe Me?Because I have tested 100's of male enhancement products, ranging from pills to pumps to extenders and everything in between. Results DisclaimerThe above collection of results was obtained from various sources, including the products main website. I was really surprised when I opened the small, foil-sealed package… Did you know that ostrich penis is bright blue? Early on in my transition, I had a chat with the local Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) doctor about hormone therapy. Fast forward to this past fall when I developed a case of shingles: I went to see the TCM doc for treatment, and as I was leaving he handed me a small blue box containing one Jin Tuo Yang pill and suggested I try it out sometime, free of charge.

In TCM, Jin Tuo Yang is used to support healthy kidney Qi, treating impotence, spermatorrhea (excessive, involuntary ejaculation), and prospermia (premature ejaculation). It’s not clear to me how consuming animal penis is supposed to increase testosterone, especially in someone born female bodied, without much testosterone production to stimulate.
I felt the effects of the bright blue ostrich pill within about 2 hours—in the form of a monumental headache.
If you appreciate my efforts to provide online support and resources for transgender men, I gratefully accept tips. It’s a fact of life that as our bodies age, it seems like everything starts to fall apart, including our sex drive.
But can a product like RegiMEN really work to boost testosterone levels, or is it all a bunch of fluff? Regimen testosterone support is made up of over 12 different ingredients that are said to help increase the bodies ability to naturally produce more testosterone. There are a number of product warnings on the label, including avoiding RegiMEN if you have liver disease, as well as to discontinue use if any side effects such as muscle pain or weakness, rash, or gastrointestinal discomfort occur. One ingredient is resveratrol, which has been popularly touted to have many major health benefits by many companies, including weight loss, cancer prevention, and more. According to several sources, Termeric root is not indicated to act as an anti-inflammatory herbal remedy, however several reviews have suggested that RegiMEN anti-oxidant has worked to product healing effects. Some side effects were reported by users (on GNC’s website), and they were negative sexual performance, disorientation, and consistent anger issues.
An analysis of the reviews, a detailed look at the ingredients, and further study into this testosterone booster leads us to believe it may do many of the things they say it will. I went online and found a single brand of ostrich pills available from a website based in Singapore: Jin Tuo Yang, aka Gold Ostrich Masculine. Also known as Alpha-dihydrolipoic acid, DHLA is the reduced form of alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), a bodybuilding supplement for muscle growth.

Published studies have reported possible medicinal benefits of goji, likely due to antioxidant properties. The TCM doc and I communicate in different ways and I find it difficult to extract relevant information from him sometimes. Men will do just about anything to help combat this, and there is no shortage of companies willing to sell products marketed to help reverse this trend. While we didn’t actually try out this product, we have used all of the ingredients in several others so this review will be completely anecdotal and based on the evidence we found. Once thought to only be done through testosterone injections, researchers have been discovering that it is possible for all natural herbs and extracts to help facilitate the production of free testosterone. However, there has been no conclusive evidence in human studies that Resveratrol has ay significant health benefits. While every guy will respond differently to different types of treatment, the bottom line is most of the guys who tried this out had nothing but great things to say about it. I wasn’t about to start messing with my dose but I let the information percolate in my mind a bit.
DHLA has been found to increase the uptake of cysteine, leading to increased glutathione synthesis. I took a couple of aspirin and it faded somewhat but I could still feel a dull ache in my skull the next morning.
If it was something that could give me a T boost, wouldn’t this be the right time to try it out?
According to Paul Adcock, author of Jungle King Secrets, DHLA is the only known antioxidant supplement capable of quenching every known free radical in living cells.

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