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Aptly named after the 1969 Pontiac GTO Judge, this American motorcycle delivers on its promise. The cafe-cool trend rears its head with the oval “number plate” side panels, a nice touch, and the new taillight integrates cleanly into the fender line. The sculpted seat keeps riders secure knocking through the six speed tranny and is very comfortable.
I may sound like “judge” and jury but in fact, the Judge does what it’s designed for, and very well.
The 2013 Victory Judge is available in Gloss Black, Gloss Sunset Red or Suede Nuclear Sunset with an MSRP of $13,999 – $14,399, depending on color choice. All well and good, but I am concerned about its unusual shape that locks you in one position.

The front end looks ready to drag, from the bars that team well with its beefy front five-spoke mag wheel.
I wonder if manufacturers (or Victory for that matter) will offer other options and choices.
Yes, I did burnouts and you do want to hammer the throttle of this muscle bike, but all the other Victory bikes gave me a gallon or so after the warning light came on. A fairly small front fender and single disc open the look of the front end from the left side. Based on how the stock seat hovers over the rear fender to keep the paint looking good, a solo seat is a natural accessory Victory may offer for the Judge. The tall jugs of its machined cylinder heads are nestled tightly between the frame rails and below the sculpted tank.

This big tire and 16-inch five-spoke wheel is even more pronounced because of a single front brake rotor.
Its frame, dual exhausts, engine cases, fender stays and chain guard are all done in black.
Black housing controls, bars, wiring wrapped in black and a black triple tree are non-descript.

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