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Although the concept of herbal and nutritional remedies to combat mental fatigue and a general lack of clarity dates back thousands of years, modern science has uncovered several supplements to dramatically enhance the power of your mind. The use of herbs to treat physical and emotional ailments dates as far back as recorded human history. Gotu Cola (Hydrocotyle Asiatica) – This ancient Ayurvedic herb works in two ways: stimulating your brain to strengthen nerve function and mental acuity while simultaneously supporting the natural regeneration of brain and nervous system tissue. Oats (Avena Sativa) – This unique herb decreases the oxidation process of cells, which helps support healthy and thriving brain cells. Damiana (Turnera Diffusa) – Traditionally, this herb has been used to treat poor concentration, anxiety and a wandering mind.
Carnitine – This compound is concentrated in your brain, skeletal muscles and sperm , and is responsible for supporting memory and cognitive function.
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) – Classified as an omega-3 fatty acid, DHA is essential for proper and high brain function.
Phosphatidylcholine (Lecithin) – Classified as a B vitamin, this compound is essential to support brain and nervous system tissue. 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA, Extra Strength, 180 Capsules, Clinically Proven.
LifeStyle Supplements Products 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA, Extra Strength, 180 Capsules, Clinically Proven. Questo articolo: 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia Extract with HCA, Extra Strength, 180 Capsules, Clinically Proven.

Instead of grabbing an energy drink filled with harmful chemicals, save your money and health by reaching for one of the following clinically proven herbs and supplements to maximize your brain function and mental power. While many of the more traditional herbs have been debunked through clinical trials, others have clearly showcased an ability to increase brain activity to decrease mental fatigue and increase clarity, focus and concentration.
Studies have found whole (non-rolled or processed) oats rebuilt brain and nervous system tissue for a significant increase in mental clarity and sharpness.
The compounds in Damiana regulate brain activity through two processes: calming the mind to support focus and stimulating brain activity to eliminate mental fatigue.
This compound (serine) is an essential compound in brain molecules, and as you age the production of phosphatidylserine significantly decreases, which can lead to a decrease in mental power.
While this compound is available in dietary sources, such as in cold-water fish and walnut oil. In fact, lecithin supplementation is among the most powerful natural methods of improving mental function in those with degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease.
HCA works to block the formation of new fat cells, an important factor which leads to greater weight loss results. With the inclusion of calcium, chromium and potassium that the Garcinia Cambodia fruit contains, was mentioned on Dr. One of the most common ailments affecting nearly every person in every social class is mental fatigue and an overall lack of brain power. Consume at least 200 mg of phosphatidylserine per day to increase memory recall and cognitive function.

Consume at least 100 mg of DHA supplements derived from fish oil, flax, soy or algae each day. Your brain is affected by what you eat, what you drink and the environment you live – along with literally hundreds of other internal and external elements. It’s important to note, excessive lecithin supplementation can cause digestive problems and discomfort. While it may feel you’ll never achieve full power within your mental abilities, there is a solution – herbs and nutritional supplements. Clinical guidelines on the identification, evaluation, and treatment of MangoDrin Review - Diet Reviews Products.
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