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However eating a diet overly high in protein is a great way to limit the amount of muscle you build, especially as an ectomorph. I’ve been doing a lot of research lately into clinical studies conducted on muscle growth. It seems like once the minimum required amount of protein is met, eating more protein on top of that has very little effect beyond the extra calories that you get from it. Jose Antonio is the director in chief of the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition (JISSN)—the journal that publishes all the best muscle-building nutrition studies—believes that a very high protein diet is ideal for building muscle, and he has been doing a lot of fascinating research into very high protein diets lately. So while we do need to eat enough protein, we don’t need the bodybuilder style 1-2g protein per pound bodyweight when trying to put on muscle.
In addition to this, protein is also the most filling of all the macronutrients. Eating a lot of calories while also eating a lot of protein is miserably difficult, and us ectomorphs already have enough trouble eating enough to gain weight. As you may be noticing, us ectomorphs often stumble into doing mainstream appetite control tricks for chubby people trying to be lean and muscular.
Second, some of the carbohydrates we eat are stored in our muscles in the form of muscle glycogen, and it’s that glycogen that entirely fuels our weightlifting workouts (study, study). For most ectomorphs eating enough to gain weight, 20% of your calories coming from protein works out to a little over a gram of protein per pound bodyweight – and that’s more than enough protein while still leaving plenty of room for other nutrients.
This may sound counterintuitive, considering that muscle can only be synthesized out of protein, and that carbs are currently infamous for being the fat-causing macronutrient… but they actually have a ton of anabolic effects and really don’t have much risk of being converted into fat if you consume them intelligently. Opening the door to meals that are higher in carbs and just moderate in protein makes bulking a whole helluva lot more realistic.
Naturally chubby guys often respond better to a diet higher in protein and fats, and these guys make up the majority.
Protein is a perfectly fine macronutrient, and you can digest over 100 grams of it in a single meal without a hitch.
As you can imagine, this opens the door to eating a pretty delicious, nutritious and well balanced diet even when trying to bulk up in a hurry. If you want to master this once and for all and gain 20-30 pounds over the next couple of months check out our full step-by-step muscle-building system for naturally skinny dudes – complete with training program, nutrition program, recipe book, exercise videos, members community and individualized coaching from us. That’s a really really interesting topic and it would take me ages to dig into it with any kind of thoroughness.
There are potentially some factually false statements and misquoted pieces of information though. In addition my buddy also confirmed that he didn’t need as much protein as he thought even tho he is more endo. Eating less meat is also better for the planet I think since we wouldn’t have to farm animals so much, necessitating the need for dirty and unethical factory farms.
During the first week I was craving the meat a little but eventually substituted it for more starchy carbs but I never neglected veggies. Normally my body doesn’t react to pasta very well (bloated afterwards) but this time it was fine.
What I definately found about the vegan diet was that tissue recovery was a little slower than a diet with more protein.
Shane DuquetteMost whole food carbs are pretty good (potatoes, yams, quinoa, fruits, beans, lentils, dairy, whole gains, oats, etc). The heavily processed stuff, like stuff made out of refined flour (pasta, pastries, etc), isn’t very nutritious, since pretty much all of the vitamins and minerals are processed out of it. As for insulin, that DOES have a big effect on how much muscle you can build, and it very is something you’d want to be optimizing surrounding your workout!
Just stumbled across this site a few days ago and being a tall ecto-mesomorph (or something like that) I find the concept of your site very intriguing.
I’m a type 1 diabetic, so consuming large amounts of carbohydrates in a single sitting becomes somewhat problematic. Yes, I realize I should talk to my doctor before making changes to my diet, blah blah, but one dude to another, do you have any thoughts on my dilemma, or is this the reason I’ve never gotten truly beastly? Everyone is a little different and having a medical issue certainly warrants adjusting the diet to suit your particular needs. The good news is though that you don’t NEED to consume massive amounts of carbohydrates in a single sitting. Shane DuquetteSome think that women respond better to diets with a few fewer carbs and a higher protein intake, so perhaps, yeah.
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Let’s face it, anybody familiar with weight training, bodybuilding, resistance training, and other similar activities will already be well aware that building lean muscle is most certainly not an easy task, and it is definitely not something that happens overnight. Without question, when it comes to building muscle, protein is the most important macronutrient that is essential for the growth and repair of muscle tissue. Whilst whey protein is the number 1 best-selling sports supplement product on the market today, creatine is actually right on its heels as the second best-selling product. In pre workout supplements, there are no ingredients which directly build muscle, but what they can do, is provide us with increased energy and mental focus so we get more done in the gym. BCAA’s – There are 21 separate amino acids, within our bodies, three of which are known as Branched Chain Amino Acids, or BCAA’s for short. Best muscle building supplement - build lean mass, The muscle building supplements effective muscle building supplement combination . In all seriousness, I’m often asked how much protein is actually needed for building muscle. In the body, a protein is a special type of molecule that is comprised of substances known as amino acids.
Now, there are many types of proteins in the body, and they perform a wide variety of functions ranging from the replication and repair of DNA, to cell signaling (insulin is a protein, for instance), to the formation of tissues and other substances like hair and nails, and more.
When you eat a food that contains protein, your body breaks the protein molecules in the food down into the amino acids they’re comprised of, and then uses those amino acids to build its own proteins. If you eat too few grams of protein every day, your body can become deficient in the amino acids it needs to build and repair muscle, and thus, muscle growth becomes impaired. When you do exercise, however, the body needs even more amino acids to repair damaged muscle fibers and, depending on what you’re doing, grow them larger. Use this workout and flexible dieting program to lose up to 10 pounds of fat and build muscle in just 30 days…without starving yourself or living in the gym. Many years ago, before I knew what I was doing, I was stuck in a rut in the gym, and I thought maybe my protein intake was the problem.

I asked an ex-professional bodybuilder how much protein I should eat every day, and he said 2 grams per pound of body weight. He was adamant that 2 grams of protein per pound of body weight was absolutely necessary to break through the plateau and start building muscle again, so I went for it. If you’re having trouble building muscle, eating more protein is not necessarily the solution. According to the Institute of Medicine, 10 – 35% of our daily calories should come from protein. So let’s look at some of the clinical research available on protein needs, and specifically with athletes.
If those numbers sound really high to you, consider this research published earlier this year, and conducted by AUT University.
Different forms of protein have different amounts of the essential amino acids our bodies need. Beef protein, for example, is digested quickly and 70-80% of what’s eaten is utilized by the body (the exact number varies based on what study you read, but they all fall between 70 and 80%), and has a large amount of essential amino acids. Whey protein is also digested quickly and its “net protein utilization” (NPU) is in the low 90%s, which means that 90-something percent of it can actually be used by your body. NPU and digestion speeds are important to know because you want to rely on high-NPU proteins to meet your daily protein requirements, and research has shown that a fast-digesting protein like whey is ideal for post-workout consumption. What is true, however, is that some forms of vegetable proteins are lower in certain amino acids than others, making certain sources better than others. I recommend vegans eat plenty of grains (quinoa, and amaranth are probably the most popular high-protein choices), legumes (with all types of beans being the most popular choice here), and high-protein vegetables like peas. Supplementing with vegan protein powders, such as Sunwarrior’s brown rice protein, also makes balancing your numbers easier. The frequency of protein intake doesn’t matter, so long as you hit your daily numbers. If you like to eat 3, larger meals per day with several hours in between each, do that (don’t worry, your body can absorb a lot of protein at once). Having protein before and after working probably does matter, however–it can help you build more muscle.
Eating protein before bed is a good idea as well. Not to prevent muscle breakdown, but to aid in muscle repair. You see, depending on how you eat, train, rest, and supplement, building muscle and losing fat can be incredibly simple or seemingly impossible.
I've also learned a lot about what DOES work, and I wrote Bigger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to build the body you've always wanted. I'm Mike and I'm the creator of Muscle for Life and Legion Athletics, and I believe that EVERYONE can achieve the body of their dreams. If you like what I have to say, sign up for my free newsletter and every week I'll send you awesome, science-based health and fitness tips, delicious "diet-friendly" recipes, motivational musings, and more. Every two weeks I load up on slow digesting carbs which causes a small reduction in weight. I have been trying to bulk with 400 grams of complex carbs (bananas, oatmeal, carb powder) and 1.5 grams protein per body weight.
I thought by going mainly protein powder for meals it would preserve some muscle while letting me lose fat.
Very-high-protein diets that are also low in calories work for losing weight, but that high might put a bit of stress on your kidneys (not sure as I haven’t seen a study with intake that high). These proteins based on whey, received various awards in competitions in the field, receiving awards protein powder supplement Year and the Year of 2005 to 2008. Hi Mike neither my ipad or android smartphone support support flash player – where can i find video? Most of them are funded by supplement companies who pay their bills by selling protein powders, so these companies have a huge vested interest in proving that more protein = more muscles.
Beyond that amount it hasn’t been proven that more protein results in any more muscle growth whatsoever (study, study, study, study). If you get even just 20% of your calories from protein you’re eating 170 grams of protein.
Your body expends a certain amount of energy digesting and processing nutrients, and this is dubbed the thermic effect of food (TEF). Bulking diets become far easier when you’re getting more of your calories from carbs or fats.
If you try to bulk on high protein diet you’ll probably be eating tons of meat and tons of dairy (especially whey protein powder).
Things like muesli cereal with milk, or peanut butter and banana sandwiches—these are super cheap, super healthy, super easy to prepare, quite high in calories, and the nuts, grains and dairy will still provide the minimum amount of protein per meal that you need to spike great muscle protein synthesis (20g). It may unfairly vilify certain foods, but it’s easy to understand and works pretty well for the vast majority of people. If you were asking me how to maintain your muscle mass or lose fat my nutrition advice would be different… but we’re trying to build muscle here.
It won’t strain your kidneys, stress your liver, make you ugly, lower your sperm count, or any of the other anti-protein myths you may have heard (study). You just don’t need ludicrous amounts of it when trying to build optimal amounts of lean muscle as an ectomorph.
Everyone is a little different, which is why it can be really helpful to track your results and adjust accordingly… but likely you’ll want to be getting 50% or so of those calories from dense and healthy carbohydrates—potatoes, yams, fruits, grains, rice, dairy, legumes, etc.
Thanks for bringing it up though, and this is a great place to at least expand on it a tiny bit. Many researchers believe that the most, if not all, of the information in the book has been refuted by studies that are conducted in a manner that are far more scientifically reliable (randomized controlled trials > epidemiology and correlation). But he also trained really hard and that’s where I think training is underrated and eating right is overrated. That being said I do love my meat but maybe we all should cut back to a few times a week and preferably from free range animals. SunWarrior makes some pretty good stuff, and you can even get vegan creatine, BCAAs, b12 and DHA. All of those are packed full of vitamins and minerals and excellent at building up tons of lean muscle.
The calories can help though, and added into an already very nutritious diet it can certainly do the trick!
I have read contradicting information about the benefits of carbs in a post workout shake in these two articles.
I liked to blame my diabetes as the reason for being skinny growing up and since come to believe that wasn’t the case, but perhaps I wasn’t too far off the mark? You’re totally right, in that you should consult your doctor before making changes to your diet. I definitely wouldn’t let something like this discourage you from accomplishing your goals.
As a frame of reference, I’ve managed to gain 20# in a year (still in the same clothes size though- go muscle!) by eating and lifting like a dude but lately have kind of stalled and my lifts are starting to plateau. Pretty lucky, as they’re the cheapest macronutrient out there, pretty quick to prepare and they taste pretty great!
And about low carb athletes and their diet like developed in “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Performance from Volek?

The Paleo diet, like most other diets, also does some great things though: avoiding processed food, eating plenty of veggies, getting in lots of protein, etc.
Losing fat by entering into ketosis is EQUALLY as effective as losing fat by not entering into ketosis, so it’s really a matter of preference. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to your location. Going one step further however, building lean muscle is even more difficult than that as you will be looking to pile on as much muscle mass as you can, whilst burning body fat and staying as lean as possible.
Whey protein is absolutely ideal as it is a fast absorbing protein, which means it gets into the muscles, or rather the cells within the muscles, right away. Our bodies naturally synthesise creatine, only in too small doses to be of any real benefit. Pre workout supplements often contain natural stimulants such as caffeine and taurine, which fire us up and create spikes in energy, which allow us to power through our workouts.
Remember that every day cells are dying and being regenerated, and this requires amino acids. If it drops too low (below 1 gram per pound of body weight, in my experience), strength and muscle loss is accelerated. One day I decided that I wasn’t going to continue this way and resorted to a diet of six eggs a day with some cheese and an exercise plan that consisted of pulling a diesel tire on a log chain. You can run a large deficit, but let’s try to keep you around 1,500 calories per day. I have upped my protein to 2 to 2.5x my body weight (protein powder only) and eating 100 calorie yogurt cups a few times a day. More carbs and more calories means we’re able to build more muscle out of less protein. However, his studies still aren’t showing that much of a benefit despite the incredibly high protein intakes. For chubsters this is often the express highway to fatville, but for us ectomorphs this is an incredible tool for loving a calorie-heavy diet that will have us building loads of muscle. In fact, you can build tons of extra muscle just by having carb-filled post-workout shakes without any protein in them at all, especially if they have creatine in them (study).
In order to do this we need to intelligently stimulate our muscles and increase our calorie intake. Even beefy guys will often benefit from consuming plenty of carbs within the two hours following their workouts if they’re looking to maximize muscle gain while minimizing fat gain. And maybe 30% from nutritious fats—olive oil, butter, avocados, fish oil, nuts, coconut oil, eggs, cheese, etc. Is it possible for an animal rights activist to be unbiased when it comes to animals products and health … of course. I think it’s really noble, and all the vegans I know are really kind and incredible people. The point referring to insulin counteracting growth hormone levels is an interesting one that I thought you might be able to address, as I am quite confused about which method to go with. Nutrient timing and carb cycling are just bits of the puzzle, and not nearly as significant as the quantity and quality of what you eat overall! Women and men both respond really favourably to lifting heavy and eating a wholesome balanced diet. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. To begin with, building lean muscle is based upon a foundation combining a smart training routine, along with a healthy and balanced diet packed full of the right foods to fuel your body and stimulate muscle growth, recovery, and repair. Once absorbed, whey protein initiates protein synthesis, in which new muscle proteins are synthesised to replace broken down and damaged proteins. Creatine is used primarily for cellular modulation and energy production, helping to increase the body’s natural stores of ATP (Adenosine Tri-Phosphate) which is the muscles, or rather the cells within our muscles’ primary source of energy.
They also often contain Nitric Oxide, which acts as a vasodilator, increasing circulation by widening the blood vessels, allowing more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to be pumped around the body, to various cells and muscles.
These three are actually the very main components of protein, making up close to 30% of all skeletal muscle within the human body. Despite my low calorie and moderate protein intake my legs have grown like tree trunks but my weight loss has stalled out at 288.8 lbs. I am not sure why all of a sudden I experienced this loss, I haven’t changed anything.
That’s roughly 170 -227g for me which is a fair few added calories if I put in too much. You could drop carbs a little and up protein if you wanted but 170 should be plenty to preserve muscle. I since have shed 15 lbs, (size 38 to size 34 pants); but the weird thing is my muscle are getting bigger fast. I’m just wondering if my protein needs can get higher in the final stages of cutting. In fact it can’t build muscle, since muscle is build directly out of digested protein. That will give you more than the required amount of protein, and any extra is muscle gravy. I have one qualm with this post, however and that’s the, excess amounts of protein have no adverse affects on health. Your growth hormone levels will be stellar overall just from training heavy, eating well and getting plenty of quality rest anyway.
When we exercise, we destroy muscle, we build muscle when we rest, providing we have the right nutrients. The more ATP we can produce, the longer we can exercise, the stronger our muscles become, and the more efficient our workouts become. BCAA’s help to shuttle nutrients into the muscle tissues, helping to speed up post-workout recovery, they also help fight fatigue, and help to improve metabolic recovery as well. I agree that generally you don’t need as much protein to build muscle as what has been traditionally accepted and from what I have read about protein metabolism it may be something as simple as your blood type that determines the efficiency with which your body utilizes animal proteins.
Since overweight people living that lifestyle are so prevalent, this is great nutrition advice for the masses. If our goal is rapid muscle gain we should even be eating plenty of carbs up to 48 hours after our last workout (within reason).
We’re always on guard for things that indicate that things may or may not be good for us or our goals.
The trick is finding what works best but if you are a conscious human being you will wake up and put in the effort.
I hear some people have a strong preference for it though, as it’s good at eliminating cravings.
Only 3% of the population wants to gain weight, so, for better or worse, we are not the masses. As ectomorphs we have higher metabolisms and naturally expend a lot of energy (often as heat).

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