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These are pre-made protein shakes that come with all the benefits of regular protein, with the added plus of being even more portable. If you're a massive nerd and are scared of pre-workout this can help you achieve a similar effect in a 'safer' way. You should gain about 5 pounds in your first week of using creatine as your muscles begin absorbing water.
I can say crap because if I said Glutemine or Citrulline Malate, you would have no idea what I was talking about.

Not to mention you can make some pretty frickin' delicious protein shakes with this stuff here. This stuff will get you super jacked and is going to be able to get you that one extra rep. Creatine works by flooding your muscles with extra water which will allow them to recover faster between workouts and push more weight during them.
If you're in this for massive gains, which we assume you are, we recommend combining the use of creatine and pre-workout.

Gatorade has a bunch of sugar and processed food dyes and corn syrup crap that your body doesn't need.

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