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Baggout is India's leading Fashion Styling Platform for the Quintessential Woman of today who wants to conquer the world. For anyone not getting enough protein in his or her diet, a great solution is ProCel protein. UpCal is a powdered calcium citrate that has 2500mg (500mg elemental) of calcium and 500 IU of Vitamin D3 in each serving. UpCal D provides the daily requirements to effectively maintain and improve bone tissue, helping in the battle against osteoporosis. Pre-digested form of collagen where molecular bonds have been broken (hydrolyzed) to speed digestibility and absorption, also known as gelatin. Really easy to mix just squeeze half or the full bottle to your preferred drink and shake or stir.
This is where the product gets a hit at around 3.99 per bottle seem a little high but if you compared to a RTD protein it goes hand to hand.
This a versatile protein drink gear more for people on the run, it reminds me a lot the Amino 2222 from ON but in a small bottle. 20 grams of hydrolyzed collagen and whey protein isolate, pretty straight forward with the collagen source supposed to help with bone, joint and cartilage health, and then WPI for an easily digestible source that ive always favored for muscle building. I read everybody else's reviews to see if I was the only one that found the taste to be really bad. With the added collagen they make the claims that this helps with several functions along with what a normal protein shake would.
Collagen is the largest protein source within our bodies, so seeing this ingredient made me think of adding support to my worn down knee joints. I'm not a big fan of things containing dyes since these are not things our bodies are intended to digest.
Dosing is 2 tablespoons, or squeeze until you see the liquid reach the squiggly line on the side of the bottle. My effectiveness rating is based off of this supplement for joint and bone health since I chose it for that reason, but I'll start off with the supplement in terms of muscle recovery, repair, and lean gains. ProCel provides additional protein to people who are unable to obtain enough protein from their normal diet. It  dissolves instantly in 4-6 oz of liquid and can be used as an accent with other liquids or foods.
UpCal D's flavorless powder allows it to be mixed with a variety of beverages and foods without altering their original flavor.

It is flavorless and considered a natural bulking agent that contains 10 grams of fiber in every oz.
I thinks is not the first attempt for liquid protein think about Amino 2222, Liquid whey vials, LiquaCel protein and others. Thought id grab it and see how it went, ill try any kind of gimmick to switch up how I get my protein so lets see how Suncoast Health stacked up to other forms. While on this I didn't notice any difference in the feeling of my joints, bones, hair and skin, or nail health.
I added it to a protein shake I made to add in the collagen based protein and it tasted terrible. The line was difficult to distinguish though, so a suggestion would be to allow more of the liquid to be seen for better dosing accuracy. My joints are pretty worn down after being in the infantry and construction while eating a poor diet and pounding monsters.
If you want something for your joints and bones then I'd recommend this or another brand carrying hydrolyzed collagen protein. You must address all coverage and reimbursement issues (including the correctness and accuracy of codes) with your individual payers. Since it is quick dissolving, there is no need to shake or stir for several minutes, and it will dissolve completely in any liquid. For the recovery dept I think this product is not gear toward recovery on the gym is more like supplement your daily needs during the day. What stands out from Procharge is the convenience, you can use only half of it and safe the rest.
Really good if you are hiking, running bike, running or doing any activity outside and needs to constantly hydrate. I will say the smell of all the flavors is quite pleasant but the flavor and texture if taken straight was very hard for me to handle. The muscle recovery aspect after workouts was there I felt like it was on par with other protein supps as far as soreness and recovery goes.
For me I had a lot of trouble with the taste more than any other aspect and felt the performance was average. First I would like to thank Suncoast Health Brands for sending the product for review, and the SR TROOPs program for making the connection possible.
Hydrolyzed collagen has been researched to help prevent bone loss due to aging, but not enough evidence is known when it comes to healthy individuals training.
Anyways, the two primary ingredients are hydrolyzed collagen and whey protein isolate; both of which are protein that do not distinguish how many grams derive from each source of protein. This is when you can tell the differences in effects from protein sources, and leads me to believe there is more collagen protein than whey isolate.

I couldn't find this anywhere else but on their website for $47.88 for a pack of 12 bottles. It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy and appropriateness of each claim you submit, in accordance with all applicable payer requirements. The convenient 10-ounce can is great for storage, as it doesn’t take up much space, but the benefits that it provides is huge. Not a bad approach and I may grab one over a RTD once in a while if they become more available. Now to me the most important aspect of proteins and what separates the good from the bad to me. Not everybody will dig the taste of a product and unfortunately for me that was the deal breaker here. For a week I used this for post recovery protein intake and I noticed significant decreases in muscle recovery and basically was a lot more sore than usual. While using this liquid protein one bottle a day I noticed my joints felt "lubricated" and didn't hurt as much doing pushing and pulling movements. You’ll never have to go without the right amount of protein in your life, if you have ProCel Protein in your kitchen cabinets.
Now I was using Super Carb intra and having protein before work out I didn't see the need for using this intra, I think the protein source is not the best for that purpose.
How my stomach handles it from a digestive stand point and from an immediate reaction standpoint.
However, I based my rating for the reason why I chose this product since it contains hydrolyzed collagen. My finger joints didn't hurt very much either and they have been annoyingly acting up like I have arthritis recently. Will not plug eternal feeding G-Tubes Economical for dietary budgets Kosher and low Lactose. Now the way I use it was with my daily water intake I fill a 64oz water container and seep trough the day. As far as digestion goes I found this to be easy enough on my insides, I never had any bad bloat or protein farts.

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