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Whole food protein is, as you guessed, protein that comes from natural food sources, such as beef, chicken, fish, etc. If you’re vegetarian, your best options are eggs, low-fat cottage cheese (Organic Valley is my favorite brand), low-fat European style (Greek) yogurt (0% Fage is my favorite), tempeh, tofu, quinoa, almonds, rice, and beans.
While we’re on the subject of vegetarianism, some people claim that you must carefully combine your proteins if you’re vegetarian or vegan to ensure your body is getting “complete” proteins (all of the amino acids needed to build tissue). This theory and the faulty research it was based on was thoroughly debunked as a myth by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, yet it still hangs around. Protein supplements are powdered or liquid foods that contain protein from various sources, such as whey (a liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained in the process of making cheese), egg, and soy (the three most common sources of supplement protein). You don’t NEED protein supplements to gain muscle, but it can be impractical to try to get all your protein from whole foods every day. But in the spirit of keeping things simple, here’s what we know: you can eat and properly use a lot of protein in each meal. That said, there aren’t any benefits of eating this way (I find gorging quite uncomfortable, actually), but it’s good to know in case you miss a meal and need to make it up by loading protein into a later meal. Another thing to know about protein is that different proteins digest at different speeds and some are better utilized by the body than others. Beef protein, for example, is digested quickly and 70-80% of what’s eaten is utilized by the body (the exact number varies based on what study you read, but they all fall between 70 and 80%). Whey protein is also digested quickly and its “net protein utilization” (NPU) is in the low 90%s, which means that 90-something percent of it can actually be used by your body. NPU and digestion speeds are important to know because you want to rely on high-NPU proteins to meet your daily protein requirement, and you want a quick-digesting protein for your post-workout meal and a slow-digesting protein for your final meal before you go to bed. I could give you charts and tables of the NPU rates of various proteins, but I’m going to just keep it simple. Want a workout program and flexible diet plan that will help you build muscle and get strong? Download my free no-BS “crash course” now and learn exactly how to build the body of your dreams. So, the best protein powder for building muscle comes down to the three I just listed: egg, whey, and casein.
Now, regarding when to eat slow- or fast-digesting proteins, I recommend eating a fast-digesting protein like whey after working out to quickly spike amino acid levels in your blood and stimulate muscle growth, and eating a slow-digesting protein like egg or casein 30 minutes before going to bed, as research has shown this helps improves recovery. You see, depending on how you eat, train, rest, and supplement, building muscle and losing fat can be incredibly simple or seemingly impossible. I've also learned a lot about what DOES work, and I wrote Bigger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger to teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to build the body you've always wanted. I'm Mike and I'm the creator of Muscle for Life and Legion Athletics, and I believe that EVERYONE can achieve the body of their dreams. If you like what I have to say, sign up for my free newsletter and every week I'll send you awesome, science-based health and fitness tips, delicious "diet-friendly" recipes, motivational musings, and more.
I was just wondering, is much of your diet and workout routines taken from a known former ifbb bodybuilder named Jeff Willet? As far as I know, Willet espouses similar training principles in terms of sets and reps, but my workouts are different than this in terms of actual routines. All of your current protein sources are good and what I recommend for vegans, but yes, you would see better results in the gym if you ate some animal protein too.
Hey Mike, I recently bought and read your book and have just started really lifting heavy weights (I was a cross country runner for years) for the first time. Hey mike I’ve just started working out, and would like to know if and which muscle tech is good for toning and building muscle. Regarding brands, I’ve tried everything and have settled on the products I recommend here on the site. I’m not surprised by this actually as brown rice protein is one of the better vegan options. Hi Mike, I’m, becoming a big fan of your books, I’ve already read 3 of them, I gave one of your books as a gift to a friend, but now he is telling me that he read somewhere that whey protein can cause loss of libido, have you come across with some information about it?

Personally I like to use whey for pre- and post-workout nutrition, and otherwise I like egg protein. Getting leaner is a matter of regulating your total daily intake of calories, not a matter of only eating certain types or foods or avoiding others.
Can anyone please advise which is the best muscle building protein shake powder to buy in terms of effectiveness and value for money? An organic nitrogenous compound, protein is part of every body cell and is the major source of building material for your muscles, blood, skin, hair, nails and body organs. Meals should be designed to feed the athlete with muscle building protein while at the same time providing the energy to push through a workout. A suspicious white powder that prompted the deployment of police explosives disposal unit to a South Windsor postal station on Wednesday morning was confirmed to be protein powder used by bodybuilders. We need to build trust before empty shelves start dictating our choices Of course, safety has to come first, for people and for the planet. Protein Sale + Free Ship Use Coupon NEWU49 to Get Free Shipping on Orders Over $49 Today!
2013's Top 5 Protein Powders - Expert Protein Powder Reviews Expert reviews on popular protein powders. If you are hitting the gym regularly to build those biceps and triceps and haven’t seen any changes in the past couple of months, then you are missing something.
If you have never bought protein powder before, it is time to get now and we share an insight on the best suited protein for you.
Common People’s Protein: One of the most common type of protein powder that you can find everywhere from retailer’s stores to grocery stores is the Whey Protein.
Another Great Supplement: Talk about a substitute for the whey protein and you have the casein protein It is easily accessible and you get the same nutrients from a cow’s milk in this protein powder. Plant Derived Protein Powder: If you are lactose intolerant, than the above mentioned protein powders may not be the best idea for you. Soy Protein Powder: Another great protein powder which helps you beyond the gym as it can help in reducing the risk of cancer.
You can get any type of protein powder online and get it delivered right at your doorstep, if the retail store is too overwhelming a place for you. The best forms of whole food proteins for building muscle are chicken, turkey, lean red meat, fish, eggs, and dairy.
While it’s true that some sources of vegetable protein are lower in certain amino acids than other forms of protein, there is no scientific evidence to prove that they lack them altogether. Studies relating to this are very contradictory and disputed, mainly because it’s a complex subject. The only issue I have with plant-based proteins is the absorption rates are pretty bad (how much protein your body can actually use). It actually takes a little bit of time to stretch your stomach out to allow for the extra food. Do you know of any protein powders that are meant to be more easily digested and which can be used post workout? If you want something to help you build muscle, just pick up creatine and ensure you eat enough every day. I am doing this to make my body leaner.I would like to take a whey powder but have no clue which to take. Lifting should be Protein shakes and powders can boost protein intake while keeping calories low.
There are different types of protein powder for men and women, so you need to ensure that you buy the one which will suit your workout and body. It is a combination of vitamins and minerals that has become a stable protein supplement for pro athletes and recreational gym-goers.

Pea protein powder is the right choice for you as it is derived from plants and it naturally fat and cholesterol free.
In case your body does not get the required levels of protein by consuming processed food, then its wise to rely on protein supplements as protein is important for muscle growth. Your genetics, metabolism, digestive tract health, lifestyle, and amount of lean mass are all important factors. I take Vega Sport, which is a blend of brown rice, pea, and hemp protein, do you think that is an effective replacement for still achieving similar gains? This supplement is good because it helps in repairing muscles post strength sessions and also increases the muscle strength and size.
So, if you are looking for a protein supplement to take before you go to bed, then this is the one for you. Also, if you are having gastric problems, then this is the best powder for you as it is gluten free too.
The marketplace is flooded with all of kinds of these supplements hence choosing the one that suits your requirement is important. I am using both casein and 100% weight Optimum Nutrition sources and I was wondering what snacks could I eat to really add healthy calories to hit my calorie target? Thanks for writing your material though it clarified a lot and set me on a path to knowing how to seperate fact from fiction if you know what I mean. It is advised to take the supplement before and after workout so that the amino acids attach to your tissues for building stronger and leaner muscles. Significance of Whey Protein SupplementsWhey is recognized as a complete protein with a high biological value which is also rich in proteins. What would you say I should stick to most for my protein and would I have to eat more than your typical meat eater to get similar results? My goal is to prove to myself (and then others) that it is possible to really get big and strong on a vegan diet. It will be has its benefits but protein supplements shouldn’t be the major source of protein even for sportsmen. The reason being you may deprive your body from the nutrients and vitamins present in a variety of foods. Protein drinks are enticing however, you should restrict it to 10gms per drink else it might get stored in your urine or fat.Protein shakes are great before bedtime as this is time when the muscle building processes occur. It is ideal to consider a drink that has casein protein (the industry slow digesting protein) and pure whey protein.Whey Protein SupplementsSports NutritionIn order to succeed sportsmen need the best nutrition available.
Your bodya€™s system must work optimally which is achieved only by using a good sports nutrition diet.Sports supplements are created by manufacturers for sportsmen to enhance their athletic performance.
Restrictions on supplements utilized by sportsmen have been implemented by a number of sports organizations. Whey protein powder can be good after evening workoutWhen people develop a workout, they often wish to supplement the fitness process when you eat and drinking the best things.
The sorts of food, drink and sports supplements individuals should consume depends upon what kind of exercise they’re doing and what time it is. Ideally, this will comprise lean protein, vegetables along with a complex carbohydrate, for example brown rice, yams or whole wheat pasta. Meanwhile, if consumers strength train in the morning, they need some thing substantial and pure whey protein powder can form thing about this, it noted.
Due to the demand among consumers for info on dietary supplements to go alongside exercise, there’s a plethora of causes of advice available on the topic, including websites and books.

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