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Pre-Workout supplements are a great way to increase your energy levels before going to the gym.
These supplements have some incredible benefits but they also come with a list of potential side effects. Almost every single one of the mainstream Pre-Workouts contain a supplement called Beta Alanine.
This is that little tiny feeling of prickles on your skin about 20 minutes after you consume a Pre-Workout.
Your body may crash when the stimulants leave your body and it can leave you feeling like a zombie for the rest of the day. A few people have complained of stomach cramping and intestinal issues from various Pre-Workouts.
The general population will not have stomach issues when taking a Pre-Workout, and it may just take your body a few times to adjust to the energy profile and ingredients. Most serious fitness enthusiasts will supplement with a good Pre-Workout powder before an intense weight training session. Although they are considered generally safe – many people have experienced adverse side effects.
Beta Alanine will help increase your energy levels and strength before a workout but it also can cause increased blood flow and a tingling of the skin on the surface.
Most powders will not cause you to crash hard – but a few of the stimulant based ones may have this effect.

If you consume a stimulant based product your body will be operating on a false energy source for a few hours and put through vigorous exercise. This is really bad for those people who still have things to do after the gym or who train early in the morning. Pre-Workout powders are notorious for stimulants and a few people have reported stomach issues with stimulant based Pre-Workout powders. Try it out and take it slow and you will find a Pre-Workout powder that does not cause any stomach distress. You should never exceed the recommended dosage and if one Pre-Workout powder gives you a negative side effect you should immediately figure out what ingredient is giving you problems and find another supplement that doesn’t contain it.
Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Natural and Artificial Orange Flavor, Malic Acid, Lecithin, Acesulfame Potassium Sucralose, FD&C Yellow No.
This allows the athlete to increase strength, training intensity and help with additional fat burning. Although Pre-Workout side effects are typically pretty rare – it is important that you understand what side effects could potentially occur and what specific ingredients these originate from. You are putting your body through intense physical trauma and bursting through it with maximum intensity. The crash usually isn’t this dramatic however – and it all depends on how many stimulants are in your Pre-Workout, genetics, and the intensity of your workout.
Another thing to consider is that caffeine can act as a diuretic, and has the reputation to cause many people stomach issues.

There are some really good Pre-Workout powders available for everyone –so it’s all a matter of personal preference. Since 1982, Ultimate Orange has unleashed explosive energy to thousands of "in the know" athletes. Most of the Pre-Workout powders contain Beta Alanine, and tingling of the skin is probably the most common Pre-Workout side effect. For best results drink Ultimate Orange 30-45 minutes before your workout.*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This is not dangerous at all – and should actually make you feel good knowing that your Pre-Workout has kicked in and you can “feel” the energy.
Each retro branded 16oz Ultimate Orange container delivers the intense power you crave in the Original Orange flavor you love!
Just one serving of Ultimate Orange combines the explosive formula of QuadraCarb, Taurine and Caffeine! PLUS - we stacked in Focus-In with L-Tyrosine to provide the mental focus needed to blast through sticking points and workout barriers. Even more - we've built in 13g of America’s #1 selling protein - Xpress Whey ensuring immediate and effective muscle recovery.

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