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Mix 1 tsp (5g) with 6-8 fl oz of water, fruit juice or preferred beverage and consume immediately. The peptide form means that it is manufactured from whey protein isolate using a proprietary enzyme that breaks the long chains down into more readily absorbable di and tri-peptides. This peptide form allows for a faster absorption due to the high capacity intestinal transporter which can lead to a faster release into the muscle and a greater muscle protein synthesis response and reduction in muscle degradation.*BCAA Peptides are recommended for anyone taking part in intense, physical training or competition and looking to optimise muscle recovery. We advise to consume 1 serving of BCAA Peptides either before or immediately following a workout.
The potential is simply astounding.N(r) can be taken by ANY athlete participating in ANY competitive contact sport at ANY level! In one product we reviewed, one of the ingredients was an endangered plant and another ingredient was simply….an Orange Tree. When we formulated our PreWorkout supplement, we wanted not only to feel the euphoric rush of bar-bending intensity, we wanted to promote lean mass gains and burn fat. We wanted REAL INGREDIENTS based on REAL SCIENCE manufactured in a state-of-the-art, NSF GMP Certified facility with NO useless ingredients. There is NO formula like P3 because the fact is that until now, no one else has been willing to use these ingredients at a truly effective dosage. P3 was formulated based upon data gathered in over 100 clinical studies and over 20 year of experience working with REAL athletes and training fanatics. Whats the difference?Why include ingredients in amounts so trivial that they are of no benefit to performance?

We bring to market only best-in-class supplements featuring trademarked and proven ingredients with NO COMPROMISES made in terms of quality, safety, or effectiveness.
With a pedigree like that, T(5)’s biggest competition was bound to be living up to its own reputation as an HPN product. We know we had to BRING IT with T(5), so the first thing we did was evaluate the rest of the natural testosterone booster market. Many companies know what they are doing when creating products with these ingredients, but they do so anyway at the risk of causing unwanted side effects and possible long-term damage to the end users of their supplements.To make sure we had a formula that was 100% safe and could be tested free of banned substances, we consulted with the BSCG in our ingredient selection process.
T(5) is formulated with FULL DOSES of 5 All-Natural, Safe, and PROVEN nutraceutical ingredients. LJ100® has also been shown to lower cortisol levels and increase natural IGF-1 levels, two HUGE benefits for anyone who trains to the limit!As you can see, LJ100® is a POWERHOUSE ingredient, and a KEY part of the T(5) formula2) TestofenTestofen is a trademarked and clinically proven extract of Fenugreek. Does that stuff even work?” The first thing we want to do is make sure that you dont confuse Testafuranol with Tribulus Terrestris, which lacks good human data and has been played out ad-nauseum in the supplement industry.
The Terrestris plant lacks the active compounds to make a significant impact on your testosterone levels, much less your muscle growth and strength.Will the real Tribulus please stand up?Testafuranol™ contains a high concentration of the active component Beta-Sitosterol as well as furastonolic saponins. Testafuranol supports increases in luteinizing hormone (LH) and thus testosterone production.
Beta-Sitosterol supports a decrease in the conversion of free (ACTIVE) testosterone to 5-hydroxytestosterone (INACTIVE).

In a human study, subjects were given Testafuranol for eight weeks and researchers observed a 52% increase in testosterone. Testafuranol not only increases LH and total Testosterone, but may also significantly elevate free (or active) testosterone, thereby helping to support enhanced protein anabolism. Testafuranol is also thought to increase androgen receptor sensitivity so it is an all around great natural anabolic that actually works!4) Opti-ZincZinc is known to be a crucial part of the testosterone production process in the male body.
BioPerine increases nutrient bioavailability by increasing the blood supply to the GI tract and increasing active nutrient transport. With so many amazing ingredients in T(5), we HAD to include BioPerine to MAKE SURE that you absorb EVERY milligram!But those 5 ingredients aren’t all there is in T(5), we wanted to make sure we covered all of your bases, so we also added what could be a fully dosed Men’s health product!
Furthermore, with our comprehensive banned substance testing by the BSCG, you can be certain that T(5) is among the safest products as well.HPN makes NO COMPROMISES with our products, and T(5) is NO EXCEPTION!
All Rights Reserved*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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