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One of my current favorite Undressed Skeleton recipes is Taralynns Blueberry Vanilla Protein Smoothie! Ingredients: Kale, spinach, banana, nonfat greek yogurt, and chocolate carnation instant breakfast packet that you mix with milk.
Embarking on a workout without fueling your body is likely going to result in a sluggish performance. Many people may purposefully exercise on an empty stomach, as they believe that it improves fat burning.
Pre-exercise eating will fuel your muscles, delay fatigue and prevent low blood sugars that cause light-headedness, fatigue, blurred vision and indecisiveness. Make sure to allow enough time for your food to digest so you avoid exercising with food in your stomach. For early morning workouts, athletes often debate whether or not they need to get up early to fuel beforehand.

If you’re like me and cherish every minute of sleep, it’s difficult to wake up earlier in the morning just to eat before a workout. If your stomach is persnickety about food before a workout, you may want to trial some liquid foods, as they tend to digest faster and provide fluids. There are a select few athletes who may react poorly to consuming carbohydrates in the hour before exercise. This is the perfect smoothie to kick start your morning, and it’s also a really great pre-workout snack. Instead I may eat a snack before going to bed, then all I need to do is grab something light, quick and easy to digest that next morning (ex.
This could include a low-fat smoothie or shake, a sports drink or using a product created and marketed to athletes such as Gatorade Nutrition Shake 01 Prime.
If this is the case for your, it may be best to consume carbohydrates a few minutes before exercise or wait until you are exercising to fuel up.

I’m really excited to start sharing with you some of my favorite tips and tricks, recipes, and workouts.
My mission is to inspire and encourage others to live a healthier lifestyle through physical activity and a healthy diet.
This is the perfect way to get them packed with protein, vitamins and minerals without them really paying that much attention to it.

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