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So, of course, you should be concerned about what you’re having pre-workout, but you should also know that your goals of accruing strength, muscle mass, and losing fat do not hinge one single meal choice. Depending on what you have read or heard, you might buy into the idea of consuming a meal somewhere between 30 and 90 minutes before training for the best results (mostly meaning maximizing muscle protein synthesis, building and preserving lean mass, and building strength). While there’s nothing wrong with these guidelines, they can be useful but they’re not written in stone, and that’s primarily due to rates of digestion. A mixed meal (one containing protein, carbohydrate and fat), depending on the meal size could take anywhere from a few up to six hours to digest fully. So if you drink some juice and have a protein shake, the rate of digestion might be a bit faster if you consume very small amounts (only a few hundred calories), but nothing to be alarmed about as long as you’re getting ample nutrition throughout the day. An example where a pre-workout meal is most advantageous is for those who train early in the morning after at least 8 hours of sleep and no eating.
And since digestion can take all the way up to 6 hours for normal-sized mixed meals, your breakfast could very well serve as both a pre- and post-workout meal due to how long it’d take for you to digest the entire meal. This is the case of where a diet with a consistent meal pattern 3-5 meals spread out during the day makes a lot of sense for those wanting to maintain and build muscle as there will be overlap in the digestion rates of each meal. The longest you’ll be going without food, assuming you’re eating breakfast, and dinner a few hours before bed is the amount of time you spend sleeping. The takeaway from here is a pre-workout meal should probably be well-rounded (just like any other meal), meaning that it should contain protein, carbs and fat. Another idea is that your pre-workout meal doesn’t have to be a shake, or smoothie, or something small. From working with coaching clients, I’ve found that most tend to prefer to train 2-3 hours after having a substantial meal which gives them some time to get the digestion process started. The point here is this: just because someone advocates 40 grams of oats cooked in 2% milk and 100 grams of cooked chicken, it doesn’t mean you have to eat the same thing. There’s always another way to get an ample amount of carbohydrates and protein in a meal leading up to your training. So if you notice a certain food makes you feel a way you don’t like, and fear it might have a negative effect on your session, then opt for something that makes you feel good. If I happen to train later in the day, I’ve already had a proper lunch, which is typically a serving of meat, some rice or corn tortillas, and typically some type of dairy in the form of yogurt, or a glass of milk. When I used to train early in the morning due to harsh schedule demands, I would have a whey protein shake made with water, and a banana before heading to the gym within 30 minutes.

This was enough food to break the fast and get protein synthesis started, but not affect my training negatively or make me feel sluggish. If you’re training in the morning, try to consume something small enough so as not to interrupt your training.
Pay attention to your body: what makes someone else feel good might not do the same for you.
There are no strict rules for setting up your pre-workout meal — experiment and do what works for you. As long as you’re eating enough food throughout the day, the pre-workout meal will not make or break your results from training.
Tipton KD, Rasmussen BB, Miller SL, Wolf SE, Owens-Stovall SK, Petrini BE, Wolfe RR: Timing of amino acid-carbohydrate ingestion alters anabolic response of muscle to resistance exercise. If you are going to focus on performance and muscle gains, then your pre workout meal is just as important as your post workout meal. Like we said, you should be generally looking for foods that will sustain your energy and provide enough building blocks for your muscles. That being said, amino acids are the building blocks, essential for muscle recovery and muscle growth.
The intense workout will cause your blood to go to the muscle group you are currently training. If you are going to have a small snack then you should leave at least 1 hour between the snack and the workout.
What you eat for your pre-workout meal (and every other meal of the day) will have an impact on your performance and body composition in time.
Very good news because some people don’t particularly enjoy eating a ton before training, especially so if they’re training in the morning. The only time this varies significantly is when you consider liquid meals, which can digest more quickly if they’re small enough. Even a small meal of protein and carbs (200 calories or less) can serve as a means of elevating protein synthesis, and preventing and catabolism that may result from the period of no food leading up to training(1).
If you wanted to have a substantial meal, such as a full breakfast, or lunch (typically 500-800 calories depending on your preferences and other variables such as height, weight, goals, etc), this is fine too. I can eat almost anything without ill effect, but I know what I prefer before and after training, and what I prefer to eat at other times during the day.

You already know that digestion is a long process, it takes anywhere from a couple of hours to 7-8 hours to digest a meal, depending on the type of the meal that’s consumed. You should generally stay away from fats before your workout as they will slow down the digestion and make your stomach bloated during the workout. Just as fats, fiber will slow down the digestion and force the food to stay longer in your stomach. A good idea would be to consume whey protein about an hour before the workout, or some lean meat like chicken.
Something like potatoes, fruits, juices, white rice or dextrose would be the perfect choice for a pre workout meal.
In this case if you want to ensure muscle growth, a good idea would be to consume 15-20g of BCAA. If that muscle group is a big one like legs or back for example, this means that more blood will go to that muscle group.
If your meal before the workout is going to be a bigger one, than leaving at least 2 hours in between should be fine.
And if that’s the case, then their breakfast or lunch will serve as their pre-workout meal.
That’s why adding the right materials will ensure that the recovery will start even as you work out. These carbs are easilly broken down to glycogen which is the primary source of energy for the muscles. This process will make blood flow to divert away from your stomach, postponing the digestion process.
About 20-30g of these carbohydrates will ensure your body enough fuel for the intense workout.
This is why it’s important to leave some time between the pre-workout meal and your workout.

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