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I went into Good Luck Chuck with nothing more than a faint hope that I might be pleasantly surprised.
The movie begins with pre-teen Charlie’s first game of spin-the-bottle when the bottle lands on a brooding 10-year-old goth girl. At the wedding, Charlie also meets Cam (Alba) a penguin keeper that he thinks he could really fall for. As the credits start to roll and you breathe a sigh of relief that you’re finally free, the movie ends on a note even more disgusting than any of the proceeding scenes.

Sounds like the quality of movies is going down even as the ticket prices continue to go up. With a review as dismal as that, I'm wondering what it would take for you to give a movie a single star, Buzz. Check out the Hilarious Trailer for Barely Famous and Watch Jessica Alba Taking Tequila Shots!
It seems an odd choice to have the burden of physical comedy rest upon Alba, while Dane Cook takes on the role of the romantic.

Charlie grows up to become a successful dentist who is blissfully unaware of his inability to love, simply taking advantage of the beautiful women who inexplicably throw themselves at him (so, it wasn't that bad of a hex, really).
He wants to change his ways and get serious with her but his uber-creepy friend Stu (Dan Fogler) won’t hear of it.

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