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Over the past month I’ve been trying out PHISM, a pre-workout pill from Savin Nutrition.
DMG: An amino acid that may stimulate the immune system and possibly provide other athletic benefits.
Quercetin: A flavonoid (a kind of plant pigment) that has anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties.
N-Methyl Tyramine: A substance that stimulates the release of the above-mentioned catecholamines. My only issue with an otherwise great product is that the website has a few iffy parts that I encountered. These above issues might sound trivial, but a company's website is how they interact with their consumers, so the information should be correct.
Having grown up at the foot of a forest covered mountain in rural Vermont, Doug was active from a very young age. On the mornings I am not quite awake, I take a little pre-workout supplement called Energy and Endurance.
A: It combines natural oxide boosters, amino acids, B vitamins, electrolytes, and natural energizers to give you the added energy and focus you need to get vastly better results from your workouts. For those who like pre-workout beverages for their benefits, but who are looking for a change of pace, read on.

They may have other ingredients, but those ingredients probably don’t do much, or are just caffeine disguised by a different name, like guarana. Even more notably, however, I happened to also be writing after taking it, and noticed that Savin Nutrition’s boasts of better concentration seemed to prove true.
Namely, their site claims that PHISM has less caffeine than a small coffee, which doesn’t seem to be true.
Even worse, with other supplement companies getting into trouble all the time with labels that make false claims and harmful ingredients, poor labels make me suspicious. If you’re looking for an alternative per-workout formula, check out PHISM, and see if you like it too.
I started by only using 1 scoop at first, and then after time I was able to bump it up to two. I love to share my adventures in motherhood as well as some things I have learned along the way. Sure your pre-workout drink might have B-vitamins in it, but is getting more really going to give you more energy if the rest of your diet is already dialed in?
In other words, not only did PHISM work to give me workout energy, but I could exercise my mind better as well, over and above taking caffeine alone.
PHISM has 186mg of coffee bean extract which, according to their Amazon page, translates to 186mg of caffeine.

This culture of exercise led to dabbling in martial arts as a teen, and also getting work in a local powerlifting focused gym. I wake up every morning at 5 to get my work in, to check in with my online fitness groups, and to get my workout in.
Doug continued to pursue knowledge and training in exercise, becoming a certified personal trainer while still a teenager. It has nothing artificial, which means no aspartame or other known carcinogenic ingredient. Besides B6, B12, and caffeine, PHISM has what Savin Nutrition calls an AMRAP Matrix, which they intend to be ideally suited for CrossFit and other intense methods of exercise.
Also, on the site, the label is printed incorrectly, listing B6 twice (instead of B12, which is listed correctly on the actual bottle).

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