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The answer: caffeine affects people in different ways, so what works for one person may not work for you! Caffeine works by promoting excitability within the spinal cord, and by muscle fibre recruitment.
Caffeine causes the release of dopamine, a chemical in the brain which stimulates the areas of your gray matter which is responsible for your alertness, as well as pleasure. Consuming caffeine before a workout can improve both your speed and endurance, whilst making your workout seem easier and less strenuous! Since caffeine has an effect on your central nervous system, it could help you by increasing your heart rate and breathing rate. Caffeine, when consumed with carbohydrates, has been shown to replenish muscle glycogen stores quickly after exercise. As with most things, caffeine isn’t all good; there are some ‘side effects’, or negatives which it can present. Since caffeine is a powerful stimulant, it is fairly obvious that it could present some negative side effects when it comes to quality of sleep. Some may not be hindered by caffeine when it comes to sleeping, but for others it could be an issue.
Caffeine is a drug – withdrawal from caffeine can present side effects such as headaches, anxiety and cravings.
Caffeine is recommended for having as a pre-workout, as it can provide a brilliant energy boost to help push you through your workout. If you find that you cannot tolerate caffeine, then there are also some pre workouts out there which are caffeine free. Caffeine can be a very powerful supplement, which is fantastic for enhancing your training as well as giving you more energy throughout your everyday life. However, do consider the above side effects which you could experience if you exceed the recommended dose!
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A study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition examined ?-alanine supplementation in high-intensity interval training (HIIT). ?-alanine supplementation was proven to enhance performance and results from HIIT.
VO2 peak is the maximum amount of oxygen attainable for the amount of effort given during the test. By allowing for a greater training volume significant improvements in lean muscle mass are noticeable.
During strenuous exercise hydrogen ions build up in the muscles causing a decrease in performance.
Once exercise becomes strenuous enough where it breaches our lactic threshold exercise becomes more difficult, muscles ache, and respiratory rate quickens. As lactic acid builds up in the muscles pH levels decrease and fatigue sets in. Acidosis within the muscle has been proven to be one of the main causes of fatigue during strenuous exercise. In a study by the Department of Surgery, State University of New York, “Increasing evidence suggests that acidosis promotes muscle protein wasting by both increasing protein degradation and inhibiting protein synthesis.
Furthermore, this increase in dopamine may enhance problem solving abilities, making you feel more ‘on the ball’.

It has been shown that caffeine can help alleviate post-workout pain and muscle soreness, meaning you will be able to hit the gym just as hard each day.
This means you are able to supply your muscles with more oxygen, allowing them to aerobically respire more successfully, increasing output. Therefore, if you are consuming fairly high levels of caffeine throughout the day, it is recommended to increase your liquid intake to reduce the risk of dehydration.
You should moderate your intake if you recognise that it affects you negatively and do not drink and caffeinated drinks in the evening or before you go to bed.
This can be described as pushing past your normal limit and being able to get those extra reps.
Exercise between 1 minute and 4 minutes saw significant performance enhancement from ?-alanine.
VO2 peak varies based on the amount of effort the patient provides during the study and VO2 max is the max oxygen uptake with the max amount of effort possible. A study comparing use of creatine vs creatine combined with ?-alanine in athletes showed that ?-alanine and creatine combined significantly increase lean body mass greater than just creatine alone. Greater Carnosine levels help regulate hydrogen ion build up and ultimately increase anaerobic performance by delaying fatigue. By delaying fatigue, overall workout performance is improved allowing for a longer duration of intense exercise.
These improvements were seen in VO2 peak and the time to reach VO2 peak. There were no improvements in workouts less than 60 seconds. VO2 peak could be the VO2 max if effort level could be proven to plateau as workout load increases. This study had football collegiate athletes performing at a high volume of intense resistance training.

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