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You might think that men and women need completely different pre and post workout nutrition strategies.
You’re probably not surprised to hear this by now, but there’s very little difference between the optimal food protocol around workout times for men and women. Ideally you should consume a solid meal around two hours before training and another about an hour after you’ve finished. Due to stereotyping, it’s often assumed that most women train for cardiovascular purposes while men train with weights to bulk up, hence the common recommendations that a man should fuel up with a bowl upon bowl of pasta with chicken before training and sit down to a huge plate piled high with steak and potatoes after finishing. These workout meals could be perfect for either person’s goals, but chances are they’re probably not optimal.

Follow these guidelines when planning your pre and post workout meals and you won’t go wrong. Carbs – 1 gram of carbs per kilogram of body-weightProtein – 0.2 grams of protein per kilogram of body-weightFat – Serving of nut butter, olive oil or mixed nuts.
Don’t just leave the gym as soon as you finish your last set – taking time to evaluate how the workout went and making sure you’re set up for the next one is vital for natural muscle gain and fat loss.
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His female counterpart however might not eat anything before working out in the hope that training on an empty stomach will burn more fat and then have a small snack of some rice cakes, cottage cheese or a piece of fruit afterwards. The trick to creating the perfect pre-workout shake is making sure the carb count is high enough.

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