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I think a very important, yet difficult, aspect to working out and achieving desirable results is what you consume both beforehand and afterwards. Welcome to Femme Fitale!I'm Kelly, a 30-something teacher, fitness instructor, and mother of two based in Calgary, Alberta.
More on this to come soon, but here is a simple diagram to help you remember general fueling recommendations for pre- and post-workout nutrition. If you'd like to share my recipes or photos on your blog, you must get written permission first.
Definitely read labels but you can find varieties with sweet potato only or with sweet potato or squash plus a little bit of fruit. When you say, “I always seemed to feel better for my long runs if I had a decent amount of carbs in them,” can you be more specific about the type of carbs and roughly how much?
I’m prepared to still use some gels and sports drink during my long runs, but with some natural alternatives in there too, like dates, sultanas, or homemade Lara bars. I certainly wasn’t fat adapted, as looking back I can see that I did most of my training at much too high a HR to draw on fat stores. Yeah, it sounds like your standard breakfast was relatively low in protein and possibly the banana was a bit to high GI for you? The dried fruit is okay but it contains mostly fructose which isn’t metabolized in quite the same way by the body as a starchy veg or glucose-based drink. Sounds like you’re taking the steps you need to now to make sure everything goes well on the next race day. Make Meal Planning Simple.Grab my FREE 7-day easy paleo meal plan!I protect your privacy with ninja-like precision.
Whether you are already a gym veteran or a newbie, there are a few key rules you should follow for your pre workout and post workout to keep your body feeling great and giving you the results you desire! There are a lot of different opinions as to whether or not you should eat before you exercise.
Working out on a full stomach can not only feel incredibly uncomfortable, but it can cause issues with digestion. Try to avoid foods high in fibre which may cause discomfort when training, examples include: whole wheat or oat products, beans and even some fruits and vegetables like an apples or broccoli.
If you need some help with planning out your workouts hire a trainer who can come up with a routine that is custom made for you!
By not having a plan for your workouts you are more likely to skip out on a sweat session for a dinner with friends or for running errands.
So start with a dynamic warm up by going on a piece of cardio equipment for about 5-10 minutes or doing dynamic stretches such as arm circles, knee tuck marches (draw your knee into your chest give a slight tug and step forward), hip circles, jumping jacks and leg swings amongst others.

As stated before not having the muscles warmed up can cause a decrease in flexibility and range of motion. In Part 2 tomorrow I will look at what you should do post workout to maximise your results and health benefits. Shannon is a Fitness Trainer who works with a wide variety of people helping them reach their health goals through specialized individual training. She has bachelors in Applied Nutrition from the University of Delaware, is an ACSM- CPT, a Certified Health Coach through ACE, a Level-1 TPI Golf Fitness Instructor, and is certified in Mat 1 and 2 from Power Pilates and is currently working on her ACE Functional Exercise Specialist certification. She believes that listening to your body and having a positive attitude is the key to a successful healthy life.
They’ll trigger an insulin response, carry glucose to the cells, and top up glycogen storage to give you the energy you need to push through your workout. I blog here about my experiences in fitness, health, motherhood, and everything in-between.
Sugars are a type of carb (in addition to starch) and it’s more preferable to focus post-workout carbs on starches from veggies compared to fruit. But if one were to be doing an activity that would use a LOT of glycogen would this change at all?
You have to remember that even when glycogen is fully topped off, we only have (at best) about 500 grams of it present in the body. During my 12 hour mountain bike racing days, I generally used some sort of carb drink like Vitargo. I now have switched back to meat and healthy fats as my breakfast, but I haven’t built back up to long runs yet.
At the moment I’m working on training with a much lower HR to train my body to be much more efficient and fat adapted. It’s not to say they’re bad but you may do better with something like pureed sweet potato with some apple mixed in and stuffed into a reusable gel flask? However it seems that when it comes to exercise there aren’t that many lists of what to do and not to do.
However, if you are the type of person who does like to have something in your stomach before working make sure that the food is easily digestible and contains a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates and proteins to help fuel the muscles during the workout.
Make sure that you eat your meal at least two hours ahead of training time and if you have to have a quick snack have it about an hour before your session. This includes having your gym clothes ready, your alarm set, and having an idea of the workout you will be performing that day.
If you skip out on the warm up your muscles will not have as much flexibility or range of motion during your workout. This can cause your workout to suffer.

Not only that but you are at higher risk of injury during exercise when you do not warm up. Three dirty diapers in one hour and a fourth as we were scrambling out the door for good measure.
This is likely due to the fact that I wasn’t consuming the proper foods before partaking in high intensity exercise. Pre-workout for me is usually something like leftover cooked meat or an egg and a handful of nuts.
They taste great and are pretty easy to bring with you, plus there’s enough variety that you can rotate it in with your sources. It doesn’t mean you can never have fruit but just that the starchy veggies are going to be more effective at replacing muscle glycogen.
Have you tried to cut down on how much you’re eating post-workout into a smaller quantity? When I did my first marathon earlier this year I stopped eating Paleo as I just found it too hard. For marathons and long distance endurance events (over 60 min in duration), that glycogen is going to be long gone and hopefully, if one is fat-adapted, you’ll be able to rely on your fat stores for energy through beta oxidation. I was feeling bloated and nauseous before even the halfway point- a true lesson in mental toughness!!
In terms of time frame, you don’t want to be gobbling down a bowl of oatmeal with fruit and then heading out for a run 15 minutes later. For post-workout, any of the same proteins apply (though I would keep away from egg yolk because of the fat content). For an extra challenge, try to work yourself backwards down the steps once you’ve made it to the top! If you tolerate it well, you might want to try whey protein shakes (not ideal though good for convenience sake). Sweet potato or any starchy veggie (pumpkin, hard squash, taro, yucca, etc) is great for replenishing carbs.

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