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I love the idea of taking a pill to fix a problem as much as anyone, but this is not a problem that a PILL will solve. The pills themselves don’t even promise much to lose, as one earlier this month suggested that combined with healthy diet and exercise one could expect to lose up to 3% (or a measly 6lbs. The pharmaceutical companies are BANKING on the fact that people are lazy and they want an easy option. Girl, I too lived on Hydroxycut 10 years ago…lost no weight but triggered a thyroid problem and spent years trying to recover from it. I am actually visiting family in California right now and I can’t even believe how many ads there is for weight loss clinics and weight loss drugs there is that I have never seen before (we do have clinics in Canada, just not on every corner). Interesting perspective you have… I noticed in S.California there was a BILLBOARD for weight-loss surgery at EVERY mile!
I read a story about this a few weeks back and there are 3 pills from different manufacturers coming out this year. As an obese adult myself who has been up and down the scale, I agree there are too many side effects of this drug to warrent losing an extra few pounds.

Exercising regularly is part of it and learning about yourself, triggers and HORMONES (which play sooooo much a part) keep up the good fight sister! Obesity is as much psychological as it is physical and even that doesn’t address the hormonal issues that cause someone who is overweight to stay overweight and continue to gain. Never took the bait on the thyroid BS either, got my act together with clean eating and exercise. I’m so sick of hearing the infomercials and crazy people around me talk about the next great thing for EASY weight loss! I find it shocking and surprising that people look for a secondary solution to their weight rather than dealing with it head on and changing the bahaviours that made them that way (be it binge eating, night eating, hating exercise). It is scary that people are so obsessed with their weight and losing weight that it is everywhere and I got the sense that there is people that are really desperate to do anything to do anything to get skinny, even risk their health. Each of them have several side affects but whats worse is that all three were denied approval at least once before.
Finding the right therapist and trainer is going to be an investment that will help you lose weight and maintain your weight for life, not just for a wedding.

Yes people are desperate and these companies are risking WORSE complications and preying on the desperation, if not also creating and contributing to the desperation! You could pay a good personal trainer $300 for 5-6 sessions that would teach lessons that could be used the rest of your life that would help you lose BEYOND 6 lbs. You’ve got to figure out what got you in such bad shape to begin with then work on fixing it physically and mentally. See our top recommendations for both women D4 Thermal Shock - Super Concentrated Weight Loss Pill The recent FDA approval of a new medication to treat obesity may make it seem like a cure is at hand.
Lorcaserin (Belviq) was the first new weight-loss drug to Diet Pill Reviews Weight Loss Tips For Women The U.S.

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