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With most people working 8-hour days (or nights, in some cases), who has the time for exercise? If you’re one of the many individuals slouched over a desk all day, you’re not doing your body any good.
Apart from taking quick walks and stretching, you can also make use of equipment to lose weight at the office.
Club New You has five exercises you can do using your very own office chair so you can lose weight even while you’re at work.

But with the right motivation, a little creativity and just five minutes of your time, you can stay fit even at the office. Hold on to the top of the chair and place one leg in front of the other, making sure to keep it in line with your ankle.
Start with an ending push up position, making sure your hands are a shoulder apart and your back forms a straight line.
To do the lunge, drop your back leg to the ground until your knee and hip form a 90-degree angle.

Do a squat until you come in contact with the chair, then resume your original standing position.

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