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A variation of my Quorn Bolognese and Spaghetti recipe, this dish provides a similar tasting, nutritional, low-carb, high-protein alternative.  All of which makes it a great dinner choice for those that love Bolognese, but are wanting less saturated fats and refined carbohydrates to suit a healthy diet.
By using Quorn mince and Butter beans, I’ve boosted levels of protein and lowered saturated fats. On a chopping board, prepare all of your vegetables (shallots, garlic, carrot, tomatoes, and mushroom) and put to one side. In a large wok fry your onion, garlic, and carrot in the olive oil using a medium-high heat, stirring occasionally.
Whilst that cooks for a couple of minutes, boil the kettle and melt your Kako vegetable stock in 100ml of boiling water; proceed to stir this into the wok. After 10 minutes, mix in your Butter Beans (rinsed and drained), and leave to cook for 3 – 4 minutes. Roughly chopping it up beforehand, mix in any courgette core left over from the sprializing process.
Once the courgette has softened, divide it among 4 dinner plates using tongs or a pasta server.
Quorn products are made from Mycoprotein which is basically a fungus (like mushroom) with added minerals and so on - though it tastes nothing like mushroom. The Quorn website is really interesting- as well as information about how it is made and the full range of their products, there are recipes and even a restaurant finder where you can put in your postcode and find restaurants which serve Quorn products.
I could choose whichever products I wanted with the voucher and as I've had the burgers and sausages before I wanted something different.
So I bought the Quorn lasagne - £3 for a 500g pack - and compared that to a beef lasagne I bought for my boyfriend. I like lasagnes that have a lot of cheese sauce rather than being too dry, and this one was perfect. The texture is completely different to bacon - it reminded me more of thin slices of Spam, or the turkey bacon I've eaten before.

The flavour did remind me of bacon, but it clearly wasn't bacon - so if you're vegetarian try it and see what you think - it can't replace bacon entirely but then nothing can! You can also cook with them and I decided to use the 'chicken' strips to make a variation on burritos.
Now I know that there are so many Quorn products in the range I won't just be sticking to the burgers or sausages, when I want a low fat alternative to meat. Instead of standard spaghetti, I’ve used Courgetti – a simple and creative idea I absolutely love. Here, your carrot isn’t necessarily frying but by adding it now it gives its cooking time a head start since it’s a hard root vegetable.
This added moisture from water is used to loosen up the ingredients already in the pan and will eventually provide a substantial amount of sauce for the vegetables. If you feel it needs a little more salt or pepper, add it now; but careful not to add too much of either. Rather than mixing it in, place a large lid over the Courgetti as this will encourage it to steam through nicely. I've eaten their burgers and sausages many times - I'm not vegetarian, but they are much lower in fat and calories (and Slimming World syns!) than the meat versions. It is low in saturated fat and high in fibre, and has a similar texture and appearance to meat, and the taste is not that different either - perfect for people who don't want a beanburger but something actually resembling a hamburger, for instance. I didn't even realise that any did, but there were dozens around where I live, including Wetherspoons, Beefeater, Slug & Lettice, Pizza GoGo and more. I thought a good taste test would be to compare one of their products to the meat version - since I am not a vegetarian, I choose Quorn for health reasons but it also has to taste good!
First of all it was good value for money - obviously beef is more expensive -but the nutritional information on the front was eye-opening when compared to the beef lasagne, though it did have more salt if you eat the whole pack (to be honest this would only serve two with a lot of veg or garlic bread on the side). I actually forgot I wasn't eating meat, it tasted that good, and with some veg on the side it made for a very filling meal, and is definitely something I would choose again.

I know a few vegetarians who say the thing they miss most is bacon - and I also know one vegetarian who doesn't eat meat apart from bacon! Like the turkey bacon, there is no fat in this so nothing to crisp up when you cook it, but it is incredibly low in fat and calories. I used these in a recipe for baked eggs - look out for this on the blog later - and it worked really well, but the rashers I ate on their own weren't quite as good as the texture was unfamiliar. I had some leftover rice which I put into a small pan with the chicken, some chopped red pepper, a dash of water to stop it sticking and then as an afterthought some sweet chilli sauce and heated it through. It’s fresh, raw, and green goodness.  All you need is a Spiralizer or Julienne Peeler, both of which you can find and buy online . Once they have all begun to soften, you can then stir in the bag of Quorn mince, cooking it for about 5 minutes, stirring and breaking it up with a spoon as you go. I've never been a huge fan of bacon but as it does seem to be one of the things that vegetarians miss out on, I thought I'd see what this alternative tasted like. These are already cooked (unlike the bacon) so can be eaten straight from the packet for a healthy snack. Using Courgetti leaves you feeling less bloated, and adds to the nutritional value and flavour too! I didn't realise though that Quorn had so many products in its range until I was sent a few vouchers to try them.

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