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Pink Grapefruit is refreshing and reviving, and lifts the spirits, helping to combat depression and fatigue. Moon is a balancing, calming and warming blend to enhancing a woman's feelings of physical and emotional intimacy.
Clay Vitality Cleansing Mud is ultra-pure, green-swelling montmorillonite (calcium-bentonite) clay and deionized water, carrying negative ionic charge and ionic trace minerals.

Clay Vitality Detox Powder is ultra-pure, green-swelling montmorillonite (calcium-bentonite) clay, carrying negative ionic charge and ionic trace minerals. Bath time will be sweeter with our Honey Bath Bar, luxurious suds, gentle cleaning and a delicate fragrance. Give your skin a fresh uplifting experience that detoxifies, stimulates and refreshes while cleansing your skin of impurities.

Formulated to enhance physical and emotional intimacy for men and bring balance to male hormones.

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