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This is exactly why Americans want genetically engineered (GE) ingredients to be listed on the labeled as well. Have you ever grabbed a snack, looked at the list of ingredients, and thought, "Oh that's not so bad," only to later realize you actually just ate eight times the amount of sugar and calories you thought you were eating?
Packaged foods that are typically consumed in one sitting will now have to declare total calories and other nutrient data as one single serving. Larger packages that could be consumed in either one or multiple sittings will have to bear a "dual column" label, showing the nutrient information "per serving" and "per package," side-by-side.
Boosting serving sizes to more realistically reflect how much an individual typically eats.
Total fat, saturated fat, and trans fat will still be listed, but companies would no longer be required to list calories from fat. Once the rule is finalized, food manufacturers will have two years to comply with the new rules. I also want to alert you to two paragraphs snuck in on page 69 of the FDA's 109-page proposal that threatens your access to folate, a B vitamin that is critical for health.
Note that the FDA is not exactly banning the inclusion of folate and requiring the inclusion of folic acid in supplements.
Ironically, this is exactly why Americans want genetically engineered (GE) ingredients (also known as genetically modified organisms or GMO) to be listed on the label as well. Former FDA commissioner David Kessler may have hit the proverbial nail on the head when he commented on the proposed label updates with the following statement:8 "The food label is not just about giving consumers information but about creating incentives for the industry to create healthier products. Monsanto wants you to simply trust them because they're "experts" and because their short-term industry-funded studies indicate their GE foods are safe. In terms of reliability, there's a big difference between corporate science, which tends to primarily favor and support corporate interests, and independent science, performed without preconceived bias. A 2009 Brazilian study9 discovered that female rats fed GE soy for 15 months showed significant changes in their uterus and reproductive cycle, compared to rats fed organic soy or those raised without soy.
A study performed by Irina Ermakova10 with the Russian National Academy of Sciences reported that more than half the babies from mother rats fed GE soy died within three weeks, while the death rate in the non-GE soy group was only 10 percent.
An analysis11 of 19 animal studies published in 2011 revealed that nearly 10 percent of blood, urine, organ, and other parameters tested were significantly influenced by GMOs, with the livers and kidneys faring the worst. In 2012, the first-ever lifetime feeding study assessing the health risks of genetically engineered (GE) Roundup Ready corn (NK603), revealed massive tumors, organ damage, and early death. Some 30 different animal studies show that GE foods can be toxic or allergenic.12 Most studies with GE foods indicate that they may cause hepatic, pancreatic, renal, and reproductive effects, and may alter blood, biochemical, and immunologic parameters. Recent research shows that glyphosate in the diet causes nutritional deficiencies and systemic toxicity, and may be one of the most important factors in the development of chronic disease that have become prevalent in Western society. Contrary to what the chemical technology industry is telling you, genetically engineered foods have never been proven safe for human consumption over a lifetime, let alone over generations. Voted Savannah’s Best Candy Store for 12 years in a row, we use our own family recipes to make the finest and freshest handmade Southern candies around.
Since the introduction of nutrition facts labels in 1993, the only major change was when declaring trans fat content became a requirement in 2006. The FDA's rationale for this suggestion is that the type of fat you eat is more important than the amount.

Ideally, there should be a distinction between monounsaturated, saturated, and omega-6 and 3 fats.
You can submit either electronic or written comments on the proposed rules until June 2, 2014. According to the guidance, the word "folate" will be banned from the Supplement Fact labels —only the term "folic acid" will be allowed. One likely possibility is because it may be trying to reserve folate for drug industry use only.
Knowing whether a food contains GE ingredients may in fact be FAR more important a factor when it comes to making a determination about the product's wholesomeness than knowing how much vitamin D has been added. But these same experts also told you PCBs, Agent Orange, DDT, and glyphosate were safe, and we now know those claims were far from accurate. Scientists have, in fact, discovered a wide variety of health problems and long-term safety concerns related to genetically engineered foods.
Additionally, the babies in the GE group were smaller, and, worst of all, could not reproduce. GE crops are typically far more contaminated with glyphosate than conventional crops, courtesy of the fact that they're engineered to withstand extremely high levels of Roundup without perishing along with the weed. This has been verified by dozens of scientific reviews comparing funding with the findings of the study. Be sure to look for some of our favorites like our Savannah Pralines, Chocolate Bear Claws, and Glazed Pecans. To do so, see the FDA's Proposed Changes to the Nutrition Facts Label page,5 and select the appropriate Comment Now button in the blue text box.
It is simply banning supplement producers from using the word folate on their labels and conversely only allowing the word folic acid on their labels.
Not only are dietary folates essential for life, but they also have proven therapeutic benefits.
Implementation would mean that supplement producers would be forced to use synthetic folic acid only. In a telling coincidence, after Ermakova's feeding trials were completed, her laboratory started feeding all the rats in the facility commercial rat chow using GE soy. In one test, GE corn was also found to contain 13 ppm of glyphosate, compared to zero in non-GE corn.
Individual articles are based upon the opinions of the respective author, who retains copyright as marked. Our homemade Pecan Pies and Praline Pound Cakes are also delicious and our creamy Fudge was voted a Top Food Find by Southern Living. When seeking to reverse insulin resistance, a helpful strategy is to get anywhere from 50-85 percent of your daily calories in the form of healthful fats, which includes saturated fat but NOT trans fat or processed omega-6 fats.
But it would of course be fraudulent to put folic acid on your label and then use something else.
Merck already holds patents on a drug called Metafolin, which is a bioavailable form of folate. Monsanto has steadfastly claimed that Roundup is harmless to animals and humans because the mechanism of action it uses (which allows it to kill weeds), called the shikimate pathway, is absent in all animals.

The information on this website is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice. Every gift basket, tin and tower is hand packed with care and will surely please any recipient. Should this label change go through, Merck could stand to make billions of dollars in profits.
However, the shikimate pathway IS present in bacteria, and that's the key to understanding how it causes such widespread systemic harm in both humans and animals.
It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and information from the research and experience of Dr.
Our popular Grab Basket is perfect for any occasion and with 10 sizes, it is great for sharing!
Of course, other drug companies would surely follow suit with their own drug versions of patentable folate. We even have a Corporate Gift Specialist to help with all your Business Gifts and our Customer Service Live Chat is always available to help with your order.
For every cell in your body, you have 10 microbes of various kinds, and all of them have the shikimate pathway, so they will all respond to the presence of glyphosate. And the industry fights tooth and nail to eliminate such findings from the official record. The longest industry-funded animal feeding study was 90 days, which recent research has confirmed is FAR too short.
Mercola encourages you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research and in partnership with a qualified health care professional.
In the independently funded lifetime feeding study I just mentioned, massive health problems set in during and after the 13th month, including organ damage and cancer.
If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your health care professional before using products based on this content. When you consider that a rat lives for about two years, compared to the human lifespan of about 80 years, the ramifications of this negligent approach of doing safety studies too short to detect problems that might develop within the lifetime of a human consumer should be quite apparent, since most Americans now unwittingly feed their children GE foods from infancy. Is it really appropriate to deem a food safe if it might rob our children of one-quarter of their already limited lifespan?
Science and technology should help us live productive, healthy lives into our 100s, not cut it down to 50! Companies like Monsanto and Syngenta rarely if ever allow independent researchers access to their patented seeds, citing the legal protection these seeds have under patent laws. If these scientists get seeds from a farmer, they sue them into oblivion as one of their favorite tactics is to use the legal system to their advantage. Additionally, virtually all academic agricultural research is controlled by Monsanto as they are the primary supporters of these departments and none will risk losing their funding.There is no safety monitoring. Meaning, once the GE item in question has been approved, not a single country on earth is actively monitoring and tracking reports of potential health effects.

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