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Be calm and relaxed and about 2 hours prior can have a banana and a granola bar depending on what one is used to eating.
The author is pulling out all stops to give himself every advantage possible heading into the Cal International Marathon on Dec.
I’ve tried various carbohydrate loading protocols over the years but have lately settled on the simplest of them, trusting the research behind it. One last measure I plan to employ before this race that is quasi-nutritional in nature is swallowing a couple of Tylenol tablets right before the race. Life can be chaotic. Juggling work, friends, kids, chores and any other number of unforeseen surprises makes sticking to a strict half-marathon training plan tough.
The “Weekly Pattern Guide” will help you adapt your training, dependent upon how many days you can commit. This box offers a suggested pattern for your week, depending on the number of days you can work out. Long Run (LR): These endurance-building miles are run at a relaxed pace, where conversation can easily ?ow and breathing is in control. Strong Finish (SF): As you near the end of your long run, finish by picking up the pace slightly for the distance indicated. Tempo (T): Tempo pace is that sweet spot where you are working but feel you could hold pace for quite a while.
Cross-training (XT): Each week includes the option to incorporate some low or non-impact exercise into the mix.
Pooja adds, “Hydration during a marathon is a delicate balance of fluid, carbohydrate, and electrolyte consumption. That’s a pretty good time for a 6’3” 200-pounder who does not consider himself a “real runner”.
I would skip most of the little things I would normally do to get 100 percent dialed in before a marathon that I was actually racing.

As we all know, caffeine enhances endurance performance by tickling a “pleasure center” in the brain and reducing perception of effort. A study performed a couple of years ago found that acetaminophen (the active ingredient in Tylenol) improved endurance performance by blocking pain signals. You'll also get access to top running content including training plans and stories on gear, nutrition and recovery.
You can create a personalized path to success by taking into account your lifestyle and running experience.
You should have a foundation of at least six months of consistent running (three or more times a week), and you should be able to comfortably complete a 6-mile run. The beginner or time-strapped runner can stick with three days a week or add a fourth easy day when workable. Once warm, launch into your first interval at a medium-to-hard effort (H), where breathing is heavy. If you are a six-day runner, make sure at least one day a week includes no strenuous activity. Athletes should ensure they have adequate fluid during training runs by weighing themselves before and after the run. When I registered for CIM back in September I was not in terrific shape but knew I had enough time to get where I needed to be. Now I have no choice but to treat the marathon as a race and do those little things, many of which are nutritional in nature. There’s no hope whatsoever of my losing 8 lbs of body fat in 11 days, and I often caution other endurance athletes against pursuing weight loss as a primary goal while simultaneously pursuing peak fitness. All you have to do is gobble 4.5 grams of carbohydrate per pound of body weight in a single day within three days of racing. Wouldn’t it be nice to find a training plan that ebbs and flows with your life, rather than forcing your life to ?t into it?

Whether you have as few as three or as many as six days per week to devote to training, this plan will get you to the finish line.
A more seasoned runner can choose to run four to six days per week and use the higher end of ranges given for miles or repeats. You can opt for an active recovery workout, like easy spinning or swimming, or use this time to work on areas that running neglects, like core and upper-body strength. Sean is making a bid to break the coveted three-hour barrier for the first time, and I will (try to) pace him through it.
He was trying to break three hours in that last marathon, and he probably would have succeeded on a better course.
So I always force myself to endure a weeklong caffeine fast before important races and then I pop two No-Doz pills 30 minutes before the race starts. That’s always a fun day of eating, and I’m looking forward to repeating it next Thursday, the day after my last workout of any substance. You can cut back during weeks when life gets in the way or you feel extra rest is called for. For every pound of weight lost, runners should take in an extra 2 to 3 cups (12 to 24 oz) of fluid gradually over the course of the day.
Sean has been carrying a monkey on his back ever since, and I’m almost as eager as he is to see that monkey removed. I will not make any special effort to eat less generally or reduce my consumption of grains, because I need to ensure that my leg muscles and liver are packed with glycogen fuel even as I strive to shed 16 to 24 crucial ounces of flab.

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