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You can put in the physical and mental training, but if you don’t train your stomach, you could end up spilling your guts instead of sprinting for glory. NIGHT BEFOREContinue to eat the same as you did when you were in the full swing of training and your body will store the glycogen you need to fuel your race. Jauquet also recommends you determine your sweat rate, so you can aim to replace the fluids you’re losing as you run.
Spend 10-15 minutes warming up with dynamic stretching to prepare your muscles and joints for movement, especially when doing speed workouts.A  I would recommend the following dynamic stretches prior to your runs. Walk with your hands outstretched in front of you, kicking your legs straight up to meet them.
Bring the instep of your foot up towards your opposite hand (held in front of you), like you are playing hacky sack as you walk.
Start in a high plank position, walk your feet toward your hands until you get a nice stretch through your calf and hamstring.
Shuffle two steps to the right, then lunge sideways to the right and hold for a second, then shift your weight to the other side to stretch the other leg.A For a better stretch, reach with your left arm to the right as you stretch to the right, and vice versa.
Lunge forward with your right leg, then rotate and reach towards your right ankle with your right arm, raising your left arm toward the sky.
On your rest days or cross training days, try to do core exercises to balance the muscles around your core and pelvis.
Lift hips off the ground into a low bridge position; keeping your pelvis elevated, march your legs.

We spoke with Denver-based Registered Dietician, Beth Jauquet, to create a nutritional guide that’ll take you the distance. Jauquet recommends that you eat balanced meals, meaning they contain about 50 to 65 percent complex carbs, like brown rice, quinoa, potatoes, corn, squash, and fruits and vegetables, and 30 percent fat. That way, if you trained with Gatorade and the aid stations have Cytomax, you won’t be thrown for a loop. Figure it out by weighing yourself naked, running for a half hour without drinking, then stepping on the scale again. Tim Noakes, a professor of exercise and sports science at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, has recommended drinking according to your thirst.
Theya€™re broken down for newbies (Level 1), those with a touch of experience at distance races (Level 2), and those who have completed several half-marathons and are looking to mix up their training (Level 3). A If you arena€™t feeling fatigued, rest days can also encompass a€?active recoverya€? activities like walking, swimming, yoga, light cycling, etc. The rest of your calories should come from lean protein, like chicken, pork tenderloin, shellfish, or tofu.
Stay away from high-fiber foods the night before, as well as dairy if you know you have a hard time digesting it. If your event provides liquids or foods you can’t stand, consider wearing your own hydration belt.
Replace protein and carbs all at once by drinking lowfat chocolate milk as soon as possible.

For others, that may be cereal with yogurt and fruit, or a bagel with peanut butter and fruit.
Figure out how many carbs you need to sustain your running during long training runs by taking in 30 grams per hour (spread throughout the hour, not all at once) then adjusting the amount by how you feel. Multiply that number by two to get your sweat rate per hour, then aim to drink that much as you run. As a working mom, I love the half marathon because it is a long enough distance that I am motivated to train, but short enough that I can still have a life outside of training.A  There are also half marathons almost every weekend all over the country, so you can pretty easily find a race that fits your schedule.
Don’t worry if that seems difficult, as most people have a hard time making up for their sweat rate during their run, Jauquet says. Single-serve cartons of Horizon chocolate milk and Silk soy milk don’t need to be refrigerated, so you can toss one into a bag to drink at the finish.
Jauquet recommends drinking 16 to 24 ounces of water two hours before the race, and an additional 8 ounces of water about 15 to 30 minutes before. Try alternating between a sports drink and water, taking in other food, like gels, blocks, or bites of banana, with the water as needed. That said, if you’re running hard and not too much longer than an hour, you might not need any calories.

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