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Did you know cyclists have some of the lowest testosterone levels out of runners, swimmers, and weight lifters?
Proper cycling nutrition, sleep, and decompression time away from stress, all combine to provide the best chance at keeping testosterone levels as high as possible.  Resistance training helps that cause, as well as giving you more leg strength for the climbs.
If you’re feeling more run down than usual after your workouts and can’t seem to recover from consecutive training days, consider getting a blood panel done with a local Naturopathic Doctor (ND).  I’m a BIG fan of Dr.

That edge, many times, can be acheived by sound cycling nutrition, legal supplementation, and resistance training. Well, I hate to admit it but she was on to something.  Testosterone production is affected by sleep, as well. In fact, some studies indicate up to 15%!  More and more studies show that getting between 7-8 hours of sleep per night does wonderful things for our bodies.

The key is to keep the intensity levels reasonable, while you’re in the middle of battle to prevent further breakdown.

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