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So why do I now believe in this theory which goes against everything that the medical literature claims? If the readers would ever buy the book, on page 214 I quote the following sentences…. As for the irregular vertebral bones, the HGH release causes the bones to grow thicker, growing periosteally, on the anterior and lateral sides. However, the fibrocartilage next to the discs differentiates, especially at the periphery of the disc and adjacent to the bone, into hyaline cartilage! The last thing to realize is that for people who suffer from acromegaly, their mandible jaw bone over time starts to grow and become longer.
What is most surprising to me is the statement made that the fibrocartilage tissue differentiates into hyaline cartilage! And also remember, that between the fibrous and collagenous type of tissue in the discs and the vertebrate bone, there will always be a very, VERY thin layer of hyaline cartilage tissue, usually only at the thickness of say 3-5 cells across.
Now, let’s take a look at a well known case of a person who became tall due to overactive pituitary gland function.
This reveals (and validates) something which I have theorized for a long time, but may never be proven. That means that when it comes to the long bones, the effect they have didn’t do as much as to the irregular bones.
Now, compare that to a person who was not a big eater as a kid, but still ended up tall, like most NBA players. Of course, when it comes to Gigantism, I could play Devil’s Advocate and show another case, Elisany Da Silva, who would attribute her height from the lengthening of her limbs, not her torso.
If the person is young enough, a high enough HGH injection into the body would shock the body into vertical growth for the last time. The 2 very thin layers of hyaline cartilage sandwiched between the discs and the vertebrate bone will start to proliferate just a little.
The irregular shaped bones in the feet will grow periosteally, have the macroscopic effect of  pushing the overall skeletal system upwards, thus grow taller. The layer of articular cartilage in the hip joint will increase as well, as well as the articular cartilage of the tibia and femur in the knee joint. All of the following physiological processes would accumulate in millimeters until the person gets maybe an overall 1 inch of extra height.
The mandible grows by endochondral ossification at the condyle and by surface apposition in certain areas.
This would suggest that if we could get off of our feet, and into an environment of lower gravity, HGH would work in increasing the length of the much bigger long bones like the femur trough articular cartilage layer deposition.

What the above paragraph shows is that you can make a bone longer even with just a cap of articular hyaline cartilage, similarly to how the antlers of deers grow out, which I did research more than 2 years ago.
First, notice how white it is indicating very high levels of bone density.  The epiphysis is much wider than normal. The bones are again much whiter than normal indicating increased density but the increase in epiphyseal width isn’t there. You can see that not only is the growth plate region not fully developed but the articular end without the growth plate too.  It is possible that this development which could occur with physical stimulation or with elevated HGH due to acromegaly could continue into adulthood and contribute to longitudinal bone growth. The Most Important Lesson: Everyone Wants Your Mind And Heart, The Most Insightful Advice I Can Give To The Readers, A MUST READ! How To Get In Contact With UsWhile we may now not be able to (or maybe never) provide you guys that magic pill everyone wishes for to grow taller instantly, we still want to help in anyway possible.
What This Website Is AboutThis website is a research based website, and currently has nothing for sale. How Do I Increase My Height Naturally Are you looking for confirmed height increasing tips to obviously INCREASE YOUR HEIGHT?Are you aware that just by helping your kids improve their slumbering habits will naturally boostthe discharge of their human growth hormones? However, there have been an accumulation of new evidence suggesting that for some people even in their mid-20s, after full epiphyseal growth plate closure, could notice height increases, but at a smaller level. Tonight I took a really close look at what the medical authors wrote in the section on abnormal pituitary stimulation causing gigantism and acromegaly. The stuff on Gigantism wasn’t too helpful, but the stuff written about Acromegaly was. However, that doesn’t mean that there is no stimulation for the hyaline cartilage to also push against gravity in the vertical direction. That is because of the synovial joint in the area which the zygomatic cheek bone bridge meets the temporal bone with the mandible That is known as the Temporal-Mandibular Joint, or the TMJ. However, I would counter-argue that the proportionality is determined by the age at which the onset of overactive HGH started. The argument I made back then was that Tillet didn’t get any taller even though HGH was overactive in his system, to show that HGH stimulation after growth plate closure was not possible. It is possible to shake the body to made certain biochemical physiological processes to accelerate enough to cause dramatic changes in the body. The condylar growth increases the height of the ramus and the overall length of the mandible!! If we were able to lie down on a horizontal bed for 24 hours for maybe 3-4 years, or live in a spaceship with 0 G, our long bones would grow longitudinally, at least up to a noticeable amount.

Here, the bone in younger individuals is covered by a cap of hyaline cartilage, which in turn, is covered by a thick layer of fibrous tissue. The key is to not be pushing down on the cartilage cap, which is not possible since we humans must walk. Click the button below to submit any messages on how else we can improve your experiences while on the website. We started out as a website looking for a way to help people grow taller, but originally focused too much on talking about other businesses and their products. He recently did a video interview with Lewis Howes to promote his first new book in 25 years, dealing with Money, Investing, and how to take control of one’s finances. The HGH that caused his body to grow seemed to really make his head, torso, and hands, and feet bigger. If you look at an old interview with Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady together, you would notice that Yao is 1 foot taller than Tmac when sitting down.
The very fact that my own girlfriend of the last two years would say that she grew 1 cm makes me wonder whether the human body is capable of making much more dramatic changes in a short period of time. Remnants of the hyaline cartilage, which serves as a site of growth in the same way as the epiphyseal cartilage of the long bones, persist even in old individuals. If we were upside down or had our overall weight lifted from the knee cap cartilage, the tibia bone will most likely start to slowly get longer. As long as this hyaline cartilage is present, its proliferation can again be set in motion by a hyperactive pituitary gland, and it will then assume its function as a growth center of the mandible where it left off at the termination of normal growth. But even in cases in which an eosinophil adenoma or the hypophysis develops after the disappearance of the cartilaginous cap, a differentiation of hyaline cartilage from the fibrous covering of the condyle is not only possible, but also highly probably. If a new layer of hyaline cartilage has developed, endochondral growth can again set in after resorption of the terminal plate. A lot of people are not aware of that HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE also helps keep our heartshealthy and maintain a person's ideal weight.
So if you wish for to further improve your elevation be waryusing what you consume down the road. Lastly, if you Really want to assist in your child's peak naturally and safely, get them to bephysically active and still have regular workout routines.

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