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A volunteer writes: If I had a dollar for every heart drawn on Christians kennel card Id be a rich woman!!! Stitch and Lilo came to us as their owners were evictedStitch is a pretty cinnamon bun with sparkling eyes and a spongy squeezable red nose. A volunteer writes: A compact morsel of sweetness, Albany joins us in need of a little TLC. She had her wellness visit, deworming, two nail trims, and first rounds of shots (all with Banfield Pet Hospital). For example, it has been reported in three day events, racing horses, steeple-chasers, jumpers and polo ponies.

Some of our latest products include also all natural herbal and homeopathic remedies geared towards specific horse ailments. We have been breeding for a while and I must say this is one of the best breedings we've ever done. She comes from some top bloodlines and is very fit and healthy like the way a pit bull should be. These are the best quality raw materials available!Our products undergo years of extensive field testing for maximum benefit to your horse. We review our products regularly and compare ingredients and formulations with the latest research findings.

We combine these findings with customer feedback to make positive upgrades on a regular basis, continually improving all of our products year after year.Whether you're looking for performance-enhancing nutritional supplements, remedies for leg and muscle ailments or treatments for specific horse sicknesses, Equine Products Inc.

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