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Want the secret on how to increase calf size?This is one of those awesome truths that I often use to explain what it is hard to understand or see in the actual body. My nephew Quinn and I just spent an incredible week in LA.
Discover your innate potential to heal your body, mind and spirit in this inspirational account of how Deanna Hansen founded Fluid Isometrics. Included with this incredible e-book is a free subscription to our regular email tips on owning your personal healing potential.
I started taking Block Therapy because I had a lot of pain in my left leg, down my T Band and some back issues, and my upper chest area.
If you work at a desk all day, if you have problems with frozen shoulder, or stiff neck from being at a computer all day - this is the work that you need to be doing. The block works wonders, I have had a headache in the lower part of my head for 16 hours, one session with the block and its almost gone. I enjoy using the Block Buddy at home in my own time, maintaining what the massage therapy has done for me. I had a lot of trouble with my left knee, I've had 20 years that I couldn't go up and down stairs, after 3 months on the Block I can go up, down, sideways, whatever. But there is a debate to be had over using the correct technique and, which method, bar, dumbbells, wide grip, for example, one should or shouldn’t use.
There are many different courses and types of injuries, far too many to give them any justice hear, so I will attempt to give you an overview, in the hope you will take this information aboard and decrease any possibility of you becoming injured yourself.
This over-development, can course an imbalance, which becomes more acute the longer you train without correcting the problem.
It’s further compounded when people insist on either lifting to heavier a weight, or become frustrated with their lack of progress and start to train their chest more than once a week. I’ve seen this happening a thousand times in the gym, I have even had training partners that go way  beyond encouragement, almost demanding you do more weight than you can handle. If you continue to incur micro-tears, they will become chronic in time, stopping your training for weeks, months, or may be for good. After damaging my tendon doing bench press, not even pressing my maximum weight on the bar, I realized that there was the potential for others to do the same, In fact, over the 50-years I’ve been involved with bodybuilding, running my own gym, I have seen many injuries that could have been prevented, Just by having a little more understanding of the mechanism involved when bench pressing. I hope that the above information presented here today, will help to prompt you into thinking about the potential injury you could sustain when bench pressing. Remember that an injury may prevent you from training for months, even forcing you to give-up? Strength and development comes through practicing good form over a consistent length of time. Unfortunately, as we get older, you need to also increase your exercise routines more than ever.
It’s important for you to keep your body physically fitter, for overall health and wellness.
Everyone, as different fitness levels, but with the right physical therapist or exercise routines, there’s no reason ‘Why’ you can’t stay ahead of the game and remain active throughout your later years. As your physical body changes slowly over the advancing years, there comes a time when you suddenly realize that things aren’t what they were, understandably, many find this hard to acknowledge.
There’s nothing you can do to stop the aging process, but many unhealthy symptoms are very often self induced, which are reversible, and inevitable. Apart from developing wrinkles and silver hair, you may develop bad posture, instability or coordination with standing or walking, inflexibility, decreased strength, endurance, and weight gain. These physical disabilities may creep up on you as you grow older, making you feel awful and looking a lot older.
Age is no barrier to remaining active, whether through exercise, hiking, cycling, swimming, or running, for example. We can’t stop the process of becoming older, but we can do something about the physical health problems that creep up as time goes by.
Not everyone benefits equally from exercise, but exercise will help to boost your immune system and prevent disease, such as heart disease, cardiovascular disease, type II diabetes, and obesity.
Exercise will also help to relieve stress levels, in-turn helping to prevent depression, and improve mental health generally, improving and even boosting your self-esteem. Activity also keeps insomnia at bay, research suggests that exercise may help to improve sleep patterns for most people.
All these conditions can age you very quickly, exercising and running a active lifestyle, definitely helps to hold back the aging process. If on the other hand you are thinking of starting out for the first time, then caution must be your watch word.
Start off very slowly, and include some of the activity’s mentioned above, or some very easy stretching and strengthening exercises. You don’t need much in the way of equipment either; you can use ‘Thera-bands’ to start with.
It is very enlightening to know that with a lifetime of dedication to a good physical fitness program that your life will invariably be lengthened, and definitely more enjoyable. With a healthy mind and body you can enjoy more of life, you can pluck and smell many more of the roses. Hitting the gym twice a week is fine if you want to maintain the muscle you already have, but if you are shooting to add some size you should consider increasing your training frequency to 4-5 times per week.
In my experience most, if not all, bodybuilders tend to focus far too much on the amount of protein they have in their daily diet, believing, because that’s what they are told, that protein is the most singular important muscle building foods, and ignore ‘Carbohydrates’ at their own peril. What most people tend to be afraid of is weight gain, but carbohydrates are very important when training hard and for ‘Protein’ synthesis, more on this subject later. I know it’s true that if you need to control your weight, then you may need to control your carbohydrate intake, but if you want to gain muscle mass, then it’s important to ensure that you’re consuming enough of the right carbohydrate within your diet and at the right times.
First, it’s important to know that carbohydrate is stored within your body’s muscles, called glycogen, and when you train hard this stored carbohydrate get’s used by the muscle as energy. As you continual to train hard, the glycogen stores in your muscles becomes depleted, this is because your muscles can only store a limited amount of glycogen. This is the reason ‘Why’ we loss energy if we haven’t eaten at least one hour before we train. Don’t worry about storing this carbohydrate as fat, because your body will use the carbohydrate in the drink burning it off as you train. Ok I here you saying, so ‘How’ can that be a bad think, one of the things I do, as a bodybuilder, is brake down muscle tissues during training so that when they are fully repaired they grow.
Some Japanese researcher as shown that when your blood sugar levels drop during exercise, cortisol levels go UP also! Some interesting research published in the ‘International Journal of Sports Medicine’, indicated that drinking carbohydrates when exercising dramatically strengthened the immune system. So next time you train, make sure that you keep up your carbohydrate levels and the more muscle you will build! The answer to this question is an easy one to answer…no…’Not’ if you take it during you training session! Normally, when you eat food that is high in carbohydrates this prompts your body to store any surplus carbohydrates in the fat cells, but when you exercise this activity prevents any release of the fat-storing hormones. Therefore, it’s very unlikely that drinking carbohydrates during your training session will lead to any form of fat gain.
In fact, take another look at the above 3 main points again, which  clearly show that drinking carbohydrates as tons of advantages, more energy, more power to lift more weight for more reps, or maintain far higher levels of intensity during aerobic exercise, such as running or cycling, especially toward the end of your session, for example.
Remember that protein can’t work without carbohydrates; therefore, you shouldn’t shy away from a-least giving it a go. If you intend to train to purely build muscle mass without gaining any body fat, then you need to pay close attention to the timing of your meals. In one study scientists supplied bodybuilders with either a protein or carbohydrate drink either right after their training session or up to three hours later.
This they believe is due to the increased blood flow during your exercise session, compared to the lower volumes during rest, transporting more blood faster to the muscles during training, helping to start the repair process quicker. What you really have to bear in mind is this; by combining pre-exercise protein with post-exercise protein and carbohydrate, you are infect delivering a very powerful anabolic boost, virtually guaranteeing you much quicker muscle growth. Why do some people respond to an aerobic workout routine by becoming incredibly fit, whereas others who exercise just as hard for months end up no fitter than when they began?
Please Note: This artical as nothing to do with losing body fat, but everything to do with fitness levels. Everyone who has a problem with shedding weight thinks they are the only ones in the world with this issue, but the truth is that even the big, rich, famous calibrates have a hard time with is endemic condition. A short bar known as a EZ bar, which as ‘bends’ in it where you grip it, is mostly favoured by those who train there ‘biceps’, history and now new research, as shown that when using a ‘straight’ bar compared to a EZ bar, it stimulates greater muscle activity in the biceps. The bicep as two functions, one, and its main role, is to flex the elbow joint, but it also rotates the palm too and this is very important for the bodybuilder to understand.
On the other hand, when you use a straight bar…the palm is already facing straight up.
The researchers have shown this to be one of the main reasons why the EZ bar curl reduces bicep activity compared to using a straight bar.
Like I have already mentioned the EZ bar does work other muscles, such as the forearms and side of the upper arm. My favourite is doing Dumbbell curls with the palms facing up for the whole movement, which have now been shown to be highly effective for this purpose. I’ve very often seen people in the gym training their biceps for 45 minutes or more, it’s no wonder they don’t seem to add even a quarter of an inch to their arms in a year! If you’ll looking for a basic biceps routine that you can use to blast your arms to more mass quickly and effectively, then try out the following routine. This biceps program calls for performing just 3 sets of three exercises, that’s just 9 sets in all.
Then concentrate on using a slow controlled movement throughout the range of bicep motion, now be sure to squeeze the bar as hard as possible at the top of the movement, this is important.
Exercise 2: Incline Dumbbell Curls – Take a hard look at your training to see if you are introducing any cheating movements to your bicep motion. A great technique is to use a slight incline to fully emphasize the biceps, and be sure to squeeze the biceps hard at the top of the movement. Exercise 3: Cable Hammer Curls with Rope – Start by attaching a rope attachment to the low cable of a pulley machine. Execute two heavy sets of 6 reps only; making sure that the 6th rep is an all out fight to the very end. If you’re looking to add more mass to your biceps quickly, then give this simple, but very effective program a try. If at the end of your workout your biceps aren’t fatigued then you simple haven’t worked them hard enough, you can’t move a car by simply putting your finger on its boot, the same goes for your bicep…”They must be forced to grow”.
We’ve have it drilled into our minds loudly and clear everyday of our lives that ‘Cholesterol’ this true culprit behind ‘Cardiovascular Disease’ or is it? We as bodybuilders need to know the truth behind these clams, because to build muscle or any real mass, then we need to understand ‘how’ we interact with things like food, diet, calories, fat, and exercise and ‘Cardiovascular disease’ as a direct influence on the state of our fitness and ability to remain fit.

The fact still remains that under half of those who have heart attacks have abnormal cholesterol (blood lipid) levels. Have we been sidetracked into believing that cholesterol is the main contributor to ‘Cardiovascular Disease’, if that was so a fact then ask yourself ‘Why’ is the evidence pointing in a different direction?
Scientists have long suspected that cholesterol may not be the Holy Grail to understanding the reasons behind heart disease, and now studies at two major medical institutions, confirm that elevated C-reactive protein (CRP), a marker of inflammation, is also a key risk factor.
Inflammation plays a major role in the development and progression of artery-clogging atherosclerosis, the chief underlying cause of heart attacks and strokes. It would seem that separate of any other risk factors, the higher your CRP levels remain, the higher your risk of developing cardiovascular catastrophe. In a issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, January 6, 2005, two different research groups came to almost the same conclusions about CRP.
Those who managed to lower their LDL target, the risk of recurring heart attacks, or dying from a heart attack or stroke, were reduced by another 50% when the CRP level was lowered to 2 mg.
According to cardiologist Steven Nissen, MD, author of the Cleveland Clinic study, these two trials strongly suggest that we should focus on statin therapy to help reduce CRP, not just cholesterol.
It’s an unfortunate fact that most doctors do not monitor CRP as closely as cholesterol, even though it only takes a simple, inexpensive blood test to measure CRP. In another research they discovered that elevated CRP levels may be an early indication of type 2 diabetes. As bodybuilders we should take more notice of our diets, not only to help increase muscle size, and reduce body fat, but because there is a link with CRP, and a well-planned and well-balanced diet is necessary to getting your weight under control. There is another drug waiting in the background for anti-obesity, anti-smoking…rimonabant (Acomplia), which shows some promise in lowering CRP. There are also a number of non-prescription options for reducing CRP, including antioxidant, omega-3, and vitamin B-12 therapies to name, but a few. A note to all you young ones out there, don’t think that this article as nothing to do with you, because CRP build-up starts when you are…young!! Scientists still have a lot to learn about cardiovascular disease, and there are many risk factors out there that are yet to be uncovered.
The calf is capable of getting you through a marathon, or climbing Mount Everest… can you see your bicep doing that? You need to understand these differences and train the individual muscles accordingly or you run the risk of under or over training and jeopardizing your gains. A Bodybuilders paradox – gaining muscle, losing fat…a very important article for all Bodybuilders!
For a country that’s obsessed with dieting and weight loss, we seem to have a disproportionately large number of overweight people.
It’s been shown that Insulin resistance can impair our ability to process glucose and fat stores. Now what bodybuilders want to know are two things 1) ‘How’ do I know I have it & 2) ‘What’ can I do about it. It’s been understood now for some time that Insulin resistance increases with age, but the trick here is to get on top of insulin resistance as soon as possible, because the longer you leave it the less likelihood you have of reversing it, and avoiding diabetes or high blood pressure.
But as you develop insulin resistance, this mechanism goes awry and the body’s muscles begin to resist the delivery of glucose.
Insulin can’t remain in the body and insulin can’t get rid of its glucose by flushing it out of the body.
And as we now know, the bigger the fat cells become, the more glucose they demand and losing weight becomes harder regardless of ‘how’ hard they try. Suffering from insulin resistance pushes you into an endless cycle where your body holds on to fat like a sponge holds on to water.
Unfortunately, as insulin resistance starts to slowly take hold, so the diet begins to include far too many fast foods, chips, cookies, doughnuts, bread and soft drinks, for example, becoming carbohydrate rich and making addicts of its victim. In turn this leads to an abrupt crash in blood sugars, a drop in energy, which leaves you craving for more carb’s, so this vicious cycle continues, more carb’s, followed by more blood sugar, more insulin. Over time you begin to pill on the fat and your six pack begins to disappear, you put on weight making the body’s cells more resistant to insulin. For the bodybuilder this situation is disastrous, because he needs to eat more carb’s to fuel him through his workout and build muscle. This can also include obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, cardiovascular disease, gout, and atherosclerosis. This should be below 50 for women, and 40 for men…this can also be tied in with increasing triglyceride levels (fats in the blood). Insulin resistance doesn’t develop overnight it’s the result of years and years of poor daily food and activity choices, the great news you’ll be glad to hear is that you can break this vicious cycle of carbohydrate addiction and insulin abuse.
As bodybuilders, we tend to cram in as much of the wrong types of food, so the first thing you need to develop, follow, and adopt is a healthier lifestyle. Include natural cholesterol-lowering medications, like Gugulipid and Niacin, to help lower triglycerides, fats in the blood. Include almonds into your diet, because studies have shown they have the properties to curb the surge and dive of glucose after people eating meals of refined carb’s.
Also use natural ingredients like cinnamon and fish oil, omega 3 or flux seed oil and a hand full of nuts. Avoid refined and starchy carbohydrates like bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, noodles, cereals, cakes, pastries, cookies and sugary desserts, as all the above gets converted into sugar by the guts.
Also drink less or cut out sweetened sodas as they are full of sugars, as are energy drinks that disguise ingredients with wonderful names like ‘Electra-lights’, which are also sugars. Avoid processed foods that are marked as low fat meals, they may well have had most of the fat removed, but it only gets replaced by, you guessed…Sugar!
Bitter orange, or citrus uranium, has been used by the Chinese for many years to help stimulate digestion, treat constipation, boost energy and loosen thick, yellow phlegm. Since I have been doing Block Therapy, especially the Core poses, it's helped me relax and just feel more that I can take on life’s struggles. As a bodybuilder you shouldn’t get involved in this debate, because we are trying to build muscle mass and NOT strength. Types of injuries can range from, shoulder, small bicep tendon tears, to upper and lower Pectoral muscle separation.
To most this would seem to be a no-brainier, but you would be surprised just how many people don’t, and go straight into their bench press routine.
Technique not only helps to prevent injuries, but it helps to increase strength and muscle mass. Something in-between a standard and close grip, this stops the chest from opening so wide, preventing possible damage, but still activating the muscle enough to trigger development. Most people will lower the bar down to their Solar-plexus before returning it back to the top of the movement. A good question, people really don’t know ‘How’ to work out their heaviest weight to press.
I sincerely hope it will compel you to taking some action to help prevent any possible injuries to yourself. It’s not a time to ditch the health program or cut out any of your fitness routines either. This will enable you to combat certain health problems better, which older people tend to suffer from as they grow older.
Joints and muscles, which may have been injured through micro tears, or direct injury, throughout your life, usually start to become chronic, even turning into arthritis.
But with the right attitude, understanding, and willingness, the older individual is beginning to understand the gravity of their situation, and most importantly, beginning to realize that they can overcome their aches and pains, stiffness of their joints or muscles, and looking older.
There are no pills, potions, or creams to keep old age a bay, the secret to remaining young is to remain as ‘Active’ as possible, for as long as possible. Activity and exercise will help to improve your balance, posture, flexibility, strength, endurance, and help to reduce your overall fat levels. Insomnia is a devastating condition to suffer from, it’s slowly robs you of your health, because insomnia courses fatigue, which can be very debilitating. If you have spent most of your life looking after yourself, well done, then it’s just a question of keeping on doing with what ever you are doing, and never allow yourself the luxury of slowing down or ever giving up. Thera-bands are flexible latex bands used to create resistance in physical therapy and light strength training.
But don’t sit around thinking about starting tomorrow, instead decide to start your training program today, and don’t miss the chance to stay fit in your golden years.
Even though these sessions may need to be a bit shorter to allow for recovery, the increased exposure to a training stimulus can be helpful in packing on mass. Diets like the ‘The Atkins Diet’, has left lots of people very bewildered over whether or not to eat carbohydrate, which must be bad for you.
As the glycogen starts to run out, your body starts to consume protein, and fats, for energy, which is also stored in your muscles too! If it’s normal for your energy levels to drop during your workouts or if you are left feeling a bit lethargic towards the end of the week, then try this little trick, which will help to keep your energy levels up for your next workout. The important thing here is to stop your body’s carbohydrate levels from crashing, leaving you feeling lethargic when you train next time around. The problem starts when your body over produces this hormone and at a consist level, because when there is no damaged cells to consume they start consuming muscle fibres…therefore, a lot of cortisol will stop any muscle growth! This helps to keep infections or illnesses at bay, as these slow down your training periods and healing times. If you are wondering why despite all your efforts you can’t seem to make progress in your fitness routine, then stop beating yourself up, the important thing is you are executing a fitness routine and although the benefits will be slow in coming, nevertheless, with hard work you will make progress and a positive difference to your lifestyle.
So if by holding your palm facing downwards and then twist it so that it faces up, the biceps is doing only part of the work, not good news when trying to build maximum muscle mass. The other problem with the EZ bar is the palms of your hands are angled in slightly, facing each other. However, creating maximum growth of the biceps requires the biceps to be loaded to the max.
People have a big problem when it comes to this training principle, because lock in their minds is this ‘need to do more’ syndrome.
Don’t underrate the massive importance this concept holds, because by not allowing your biceps to recover fully from an intense training session, you run the risk of overtraining.
But remember the 3 principles mentioned above and you’ll be well on your way to increase your bicep mass. After warming up your biceps with a couple of light to moderate sets, jump right in and train hard, fast, and with intensity. The main reasons people end up cheating is, because they are either using too much weight or using an alternating arm movement. It’s also important to pay attention to the full stretch at the bottom this movement and purse for a count of 2 for maximum results. This one will really work and bring out your brachialis muscles, helping to add overall mass to your arms.

Of course, the gains in strength and size will be that much greater when you finish your workout with a high-protein drink. Also remember that your triceps add the most mass to any arm regardless to how big your biceps are, they make up to ? of overall arm mass, more on tricep training to come. People have been believe that they must keep an eye on their cholesterol levels, if your levels are low than you can assume that you are automatically out of the woods and will avoid cardiovascular disease, but they may be…Wrong!
So if high cholesterol levels aren’t entirely to blame what is, well there is some very interesting research that clearly shows that the real culprit is something called…’Inflammation’. But there is some good news, by adding CRP screening to lipid screening for those at risk of cardiovascular disease, inflammatory problems can be identify sooner, so you can take aggressive steps to control them. At the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, a team examined the cases of 3,745 coronary disease patients to compare the effect of two cholesterol-lowering drugs…Atorvastatin (Lipitor), and Pravastatin (Pravachol). He adds that we must now begin to think of CRP as an accelerator of disease activity, not just a marker associated with high risk. American Heart Association (AHA) recommends that general practitioners should consider testing CRP levels for those patients who are at intermediate risk for cardiovascular disease, which is defined as having a 10 to 20% risk for a heart attack in the next 10 years based on current health status and history. Risk factors that can place you in this category include cholesterol numbers, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Nissen points out that reducing intra-abdominal fat can help reduce CRP levels by up to 40 to 50%. If however, your CRP remains elevated, even after your lifestyle adjustments, then your doctor will recommend medications that will help to control the situation.
The chances are that current research will spark greater interest in developing more new medications. I would suggest that you try all the natural options before considering taking problem-prone statins. For example, the calf muscles can still help a 15-stone overweight person to walk, even up-stairs, although they have never done a ounce of training.
Your triceps can help you do 100s to 1000s of push-ups, when your back would give up after a few chin-ups. It’s a sad fact, but two-thirds of all adults and nearly one-third of all children are overweight or obese, putting them in the firing range and at risk for a whole array of health risks. This is one of the biggest problems that many bodybuilders have to face, because most often they just don’t know they have an insulin resistance problem and are therefore, swimming against the tide. Well if you were able to suppress insulin resistance then many people would be able to burn off body fat, and at the same time prevent obesity-related health problems. Insulin normally gets released into the bloodstream in response to elevated glucose (blood sugar) levels after you eat. You then begin to develop uncontrollable food cravings, increased emotional eating, because your muscles are demanding glucose. There’s only one other place that insulin is allowed to off load its cargo and that’s the…fat cells!
Not only does this lay down fat around your waist, but even more dangerous, it lays ‘Visceral’ fat around the internal organs, you can look slim and trim on the outside, but fat on the inside. It’s a process that as devastating consequences, it sneaks up over the course of many years, gradually eroding your health.
Carbohydrates or sugars, quickly flood the bloodstream, in response to this raised level the body desperately pumps out insulin to lower these levels. The pancreas switches into overdrive mould, pumping out yet more insulin in a progressive attempt to force glucose into muscle cells, but the bloodstream becomes saturated with excess glucose. At the same time, he needs to keep his body fat levels as low as possible, because dieting will only rob him of his precious, hard built, muscle. If you don’t do anything to control your insulin resistance you will end up with what is known as ‘Metabolic syndrome’, also called Syndrome X.
For women a waist circumference of 29 inches or more, and for men, 34 or more inches are warning signs. Although, there’s no quick fix, no easy pill to pop, the following recommendations will help reduce the effects of insulin resistance. Incorporate plant food based, low-fat diet, plentiful in unrefined complex carbohydrates into your diet. Cinnamon helps the insulin deliver it payload to the cells and is great sprinkled on morning breakfast. Even the so called ‘sugar free’ ones too are full of sugars, causing blood sugar levels to rise and fall rapidly. Some studies carried out with people performing cardio exercise as revealed some surprising results.
I have seen this many times before, where the lower leg muscles simply don’t stack up to the rest of the legs in size and proportion.
These soft tissues where never meant to operate under these conditions and eventually may fail!
You fail to control your lift and in that millisecond, before your spotter can help, you have incurred an injury. I believe this as something to do with the idea that, because you start off with a low weight, then it’s OK to dive straight in. It’s important never to catch your muscles out with jerky or, stop and go movements, try the keep your movement as smooth as possible. This puts a lot of stress on your shoulder muscles, apart from the joint; it affects the Deltoid muscles and the tendons that run from the centre of the Clavicle to the head of the small bicep muscle.
This is, because unlike the bar that restricts side lateral motion, the dumbbells don’t. Put simply, your heaviest weight would be the weight that makes you work to failure on your 6th rep. It’s through practicing and remaining active that will allow you to increase your strength, endurance, and flexibility levels. In turn helping you safeguard against muscle lose too…you will notice a massive difference in your workouts. Scientists long have known that when any given group of people faithfully follows the same aerobic workout routine, some increase their cardio respiratory fitness substantially; while an unfortunate few seem to get no benefits at all. Therefore, to do enough different exercises to hit the bicep from as many angles as possible they end up overtraining. If you are really training your biceps to the max, than 24 or even 48 hours recovery time just isn’t enough healing time. It’s so important to do your bicep movements with both arms simultaneously, because this cuts out any possible cheating movements. Start to curl the weight up to your chin, again remember to squeeze your hands hard at the top of this movement, and then lower as slowly as you can resisting the weight on the way down. They found that it didn’t matter which medication you chose the real factor was lowering the LDL (“bad”) cholesterol numbers below 70 in high-risk patients, and lowering CRP to below 2 mg per litre of blood. Then they conducted Ultrasounds examinations of their arteries and confirmed that lower cholesterol levels did indeed lead to a slower progression of arterial blockage. At present, statins (the same drugs prescribed to lower cholesterol) are the only drugs known to reduce CRP. And just think of the strain that’s placed on their big toe and its connection to the calf. Its main role is to harvest that glucose from the bloodstream and push it into the cells of the body, where it gets converted into energy during activity. Keeping down the amount of saturated, solid at room temperature, fats and refine carb’s to a minimum. The findings concluded that Physical activity helped muscle cells use blood glucose for energy helping to reduce the glucose levels in their bloodstream. Ephedra was banned, but the then overturned, but most companies have resisted put ephedra back into any of their weight loss products, because of fear of lawsuits.
And Canadian researchers found that bitter orange supplements increased the thermo effect of food, meaning it takes more energy to digest a meal.
I had explained to him that the fascia winds down the leg, in an attempt to stabilize the body when falling from balance due to unconscious posture and incorrect breathing, and squeezes the muscles down, binding them and limiting their growth. Competition is a good thing, but NOT inside the gym, it can lead to someone getting injured… Ego should always be left at the gym door before entering! So instead, try lowering the bar to the centre of the Clavicle where it joins the Sternum, you won’t be able to lift as much weight, but boy-oh-boy will it work your Pecs. This is a more natural movement, giving your Pec muscles more stretch, helping to breakdown more fibres, leading to more muscle growth and less injuries. But what, beyond the fundamental unfairness of life, makes one person’s body receptive to exercise and another’s resistant? Significantly, the tests also indicated that “the decrease in CRP levels was independently and significantly correlated with rate of progression”. Fortunately, if you follow the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle to help enhance cardiovascular wellness can help reduce CRP levels.
And eating small portions several times a day stops you feeling so hungry, because you create less sugar spikes. You should always warm-up your Pecs, because this helps to flood the area with blood and pre-stress the soft tissue such as the tendons and ligaments. When lowering the bar down, make the movement positive and slow, pursing at the bottom, just touching your chest, NOT bouncing off, and then accelerate the bar back to the top, try not to lock out your arms, this will keep the stress on the Pecs, helping to penetrate deeper into the muscle fibres. Also, when using the dumbbells, the weaker-side has to work harder and can’t rely on the stronger muscle to compensate, helping to increase muscle growth and strength.
If you are serious about increasing strength and size, then you must introduce exercises that stress the biceps from every angle.  Using a combination of straight bars, EZ bars, dumbbells, keeping the palms facing up and side-wards, will ensure maximum growth. Where fascia squeezes the tissue is a lack of space because those twisting, winding forces create compression. Also, in order to get the range of movement we have in our shoulder, nature had to give-up some stability, which leaves our shoulder join open to damage. Imagine all the tendons, muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, skin cells and fat cells that live where you are applying pressure. If every one of those cells was a person in a room, and that room was getting smaller, imagine how those people would feel. At first there would be panic, and then genuine fear as the realization came that eventually the life would literally be squeezed from us.Just thinking about it brings a knot to my stomach, and that is actually what cells in our body are experiencing when we collapse into our internal space from unconscious posture and breathing. Everything in nature is a mirror of itself so perhaps that is the root reason that we actually suffer from issues of anxiety.

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