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Muscle Maker Grill’s signatures recipes have pleased thousands of healthy eaters taste buds for over 15 years. Again, Thanks for the review and if you ever want to try us again we would love to have you in. You also point out that the calorie count was located on the menu, this is true but also just for your info it is a requirement of all of fast food restaurants via the NYC Govt. Bringing in a bottle of coke I am pretty sure would be totally fine as they sell soda products there and I myself have enjoyed one when I stop in for a quick bite. The thought hit me as I waited for my name to be called, because the room is mostly red and black, with lots of that industrial embossed metal you see in truckbeds. As I was reaching for the peanut butter, I noticed a small tub of dog food that my partner was defrosting. As you said in the opening sentence you do like your gastronomic delights, using lots of butter, oils, salts so maybe there was a preexisting bias against healthier foods cooked without the fattening additives. I love salt, butter and all the things that make food taste out of this world delicious and this place made me very skeptical to try the food.
You pretty much had your mind made up and already had an opinion before you even tried the food.
He handed me a paper bag—I had said I would be eating there, but maybe they sensed I wanted to leave.

We would like to invite you back to try the vegetarian Arizona dish, it is made with brown rice and portobello mushrooms using our signature sauce. I have suggested the restaurants to many friends and customers of mine to have them pretty much laugh in my face at the sound of the name.
I ordered it and a side of rice and beans, because those were among the handful of non-animal options.
People were lined up to the door; one diner had his frequent-user card out, ready to be stamped. The food was among the blandest I have ever eaten, and that’s after adding copious salt and pepper. The atmosphere is so comfy that even when I finished my meal I sat there and enjoyed the experience. At the register were franchise brochures and shelves of energy bars; near the door was a man making smoothies. The wrap was stuffed with pizza vegetables—peppers, onions, mushrooms (making it all very wet), tomatoes—and low-fat cheese product. I work on the Upper East Side and the few times I have to go downtown for work; lunch is at Muscle Maker Grill. The whole point is that this is a healthy alternative to the not so healthy fast food or even just other restaurants in general.

It will last for years to help you save money in the long run.About DesignWe will craft a unique design to cater to your needs.
The brown rice and beans looked attractive but there was no flavor; the scallions scattered on top had evidently given up trying.
When ever i am in the mood for healthy, non oil saturated and fried foods..i always choose MMG!! Even if you don’t have any ideas, we will still develop artwork that you will find perfect to suit your needs.
I love eating here the few times I can because I feel guilt free knowing the amount of calories I put in my body and to top it off the food is great. And I have two dogs, and I know for a fact that MMG is not and should not even be compared to their food. So go on and enjoy your fatty fried oil saturated foods withyour sodas…as i will go answer my door now becuase my MMG food is just being delievered!!

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