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So, what you would have done in 6 months time, you can probably do in 4 months but there is actually no magical formula. Most of us want things quickly and even when it is something like gaining muscles, we look forward to quick ways to gain muscle. So, ensure you are having a diet rich in eggs, beef, fish, poultry, lean meat, legumes, kale, spinach and other fresh vegetables which will contribute to your muscle build quickly.  It will give you much needed energy to keep going and gain muscles.

These offer much needed proteins to our body which are the building blocks of building muscles.Creatine is available in powdered form and can be consumed everyday. You can stand by keeping your feet wide apart to the length of your shoulders.You can bend your knees till your butt smoothly touches the floor area. To grow muscles quickly, it is recommended to try shorter but intense ones which are more effective. Just follow the above rules and gaining muscles quickly will be an easy task for you.

Well, actually this is tough but you can certainly speed up the process of gaining muscles.

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