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Those actions have resulted in global growth in advanced economies that likely won’t eclipse 2 percent this year, inflation levels that remain well below targets and a burgeoning global debt problem that remains unresolved, withstood only through the lowest interest rates the world has seen in 5,000 years. I had had recent phone and email conversations with senior economists at the New York Fed and Atlanta Fed regarding their GDP forecasts. The Atlanta Fed calls its model GDPNow and the New York Fed calls its model the FRBNY Staff Nowcast (simply referred to as “Nowcast” below). The Fed offices are not in competition with each other, although quarter-to-quarter “bragging rights” may be in order. This strategy forces you to step out of your comfort zone… but if you’re willing to make the leap, you have a real shot at scoring extraordinary profits.
In this past weekend’s commentary, I discussed the failure of the market to hold its breakout above 2100 last week. The failure of the markets this week to break, and hold, above 2100 keeps portfolio allocations at current levels.
Indianapolis -- There isn't going to be much change on the Packers' roster this off-season, especially on offense.

The Federal Reserve is looking nowhere near raising interest rates this week, but, in putting off another rate hike, Chairwoman Janet Yellen and company risk setting the U.S.
Speaking at the Inside ETFs Europe conference in Amsterdam this week, several analysts argued that the Fed should have initiated a tightening cycle years ago instead of letting outside events — such as jitters over China, the commodity crash and stock-market volatility — determine the path of rates.
Many a-list celebs have tones of fame but their fortunes are small potatoes compared to these folks, the billionaires.
The story of millionaire Simon Cowell, who dropped out of school at 15, worked for Sony BMG and EMI Music.
Our roundtable guests talk about their roles as agents and being acknowledged by their clients. The world knows Valeria Lukyanova as the girl who turned herself into a real-life Barbie doll. He underlined that these battalions are part of a much bigger shift in NATO’s defence and deterrence posture, including a larger #NATO Response Force, a new Spearhead Force and 8 new small headquarters in the eastern part of the Alliance.
Remember the Phoenix memo where they were alerted to guys taking flight lessons and the administrators of the FBI told them to leave it alone, to go away?

Importantly, the markets must hold support at 2080, the short-term moving average, or 2040 which is the recent bottoms of what currently appears to be a potential topping process. As shown below, the downtrend resistance, on a weekly basis, also coincides with 2040 reinforcing the importance of that support level. But , there is a reasonable chance Green Bay loses its all-time receiving leader, Donald Driver. NO MATERIAL HERE CONSTITUTES "INVESTMENT ADVICE" NOR IS IT A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL ANY FINANCIAL INSTRUMENT, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO STOCKS, COMMODITIES, OPTIONS, BONDS, OR FUTURES.
ACTIONS YOU UNDERTAKE AS A CONSEQUENCE OF ANY ANALYSIS, OPINION OR ADVERTISEMENT ON THIS SITE ARE YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY. I’m getting tired of hearing how these guys were on the radar screen after they pull an attack,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

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