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I emailed the nice folks at Labrada hoping I could get my hands on a free sample of their newest pre-workout supplement SuperCharge!
The lovely people at CytoSport responded to an email I sent them asking if I could try a few of their pre-workout supplements before I bought them.
Jack3d is a pre-workout supplement designed to fuel your workouts with energy, focus and great muscle pumps. From meal plans to workout programs that get progressively more challenging, Vince lays out everything in an easy-to-read manner.

Your 6 Pack QuestNo Nonsense 6 Pack Quest provides a workout and dieting program designed to burn the fat off your stomach and reveal those 6 pack abs. They emailed me back saying that they have samples on their page for a minimal cost, but since they don’t have a sample pack of SuperCharge, they will ship me one.
A week later I was shipped trial packets of CytoSport Fast Twitch, CytoMax, Monster Pump and Muscle Milk. I created this website to share how I gained over 30 lbs by weight lifting, eating and using the right nutritional supplements.

About a week later I received one free sample of SuperCharge and one free sample of Power Carb. Here you will find honest supplement reviews, weight-gaining tips, workout routines, free PDFs and the best hardgainer workout programs on the internet.

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