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Take an available formula, shave it’s servings down, and then paste a pink label on top. Of the releases so far the only one that has really shown any sort of class was Cleanse, and even though it unique it still managed to take all of it’s contents from the 2012 version of Battle Fuel. The product being put in the spotlight today is Burn, and if you were hoping for something different, maybe a surprise, possibly a formula not seen in any MP supplement. You may not want to read any further.The Fitmiss weight loss product Burn is the brands flagship fat burner. It doesn’t have as many inconsistencies as Balance, nor is it as identical as CLA Core and Tone.

Instead of using suma extract, Fitmiss replaced it with the recently popularized raspberry ketones.
So either the exchanged ketones has dropped a little under 200mg from the formula or each pill has had it’s dose marginally shrunk.

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