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A precision engineered matrix, COMBAT POWDER® is the ultimate timed-release protein super-food!
WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE – Highest available yield of protein, gram for gram, of any wheyprotein source, WPI absorbs quickly into the muscle tissues, and has immune-boosting properties to protect the body system during periods of intense training. PARTIALLY HYDROLYZED WHEY PROTEIN – Hydrolyzed whey is protein that’s been broken down into fast- absorbing peptides.
MICELLAR CASEIN – very slow-digesting, micellar casein has the capability of slowly infusing amino acids over several hours, protecting muscle tissue from breakdown over time. WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE – closer to the whole food sources than other whey proteins, concentrate contains real food subfractions such as alpha-lactoglobulins and lactoferrins, with specific immune-boosting and muscle-building properties.

EGG ALBUMEN – highly bio-available and well-tolerated by most individuals, eggalbumen has a high BCAA content and arginine. Digestive enzymes break down food along the digestive tract so that nutrients can be absorbed into the bloodstream.
The fastest absorbing of all forms of whey, hydrolyzed whey hits the bloodstream first, providing a rapid infusion of muscle-building amino acids. Egg albumen is a powerful contributor to hormone production and the muscle-building process. COMBAT contains 60mg of a Digestive Enzyme Blend to aid in the digestion and absorption of the key muscle-building proteins contained herein.

The added Digestive Enzyme Blend ensures maximum utilization of COMBAT’s muscle-building protein component.

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