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A critical predictor of success I have seen in Agile transitions is how people define reality. Blue Pill: Remain in his current reality and wake up the next morning believing whatever he wishes. One of the biggest problems I have seen is that the sponsor of the Agile transition is often the author of the problems. If you are a coach, it’s your job to know where the boundaries are and help clients cross them when they are willing. Next time you are working with someone, think about their reality and how they see the situation.

Unfortunately too many people see Agile as the goal so that they can blog about it or tell everyone at conferences. Just like the recommendation from one of my favourite management books – Good to Great. In this case, it might be possible to find some local wins with morale, teamwork and productivity. More than half of the executives (CEO, CTO, VP Sales, VP Engineering, CFO) discounted the data.
Some are major like investment in repaying technical debt and investing in improving productivity.

Sadly, what frequently happens is that  the Agile champions and advocates who want to create a better company leave to find a place with a future. It leads to a learning organization that is on the road to joy in work and high performance.

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