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Helps to compress the matrix band against the tooth structure to create a tighter seal, preventing gingival overhang.
Provides slight separation between the teeth, compensating for the thickness of the matrix band, and thus helping to create a tight contact between the finished restoration and the adjacent tooth (otherwise, when matrix band is removed, a space equaling the thickness of the matrix band would exist between the restored proximal surface and the adjacent tooth). Prior to placing the matrix band, place a wedge in the gingival embrasure to check the relationship between the occlusal surface of the wedge and the gingival cavosurface margin. To place the wedge, stretch the rubber dam tightly to allow it to seat more gingivally and keep it from getting caught by the wedge. If the wedge fits tightly against only a portion of the gingival proximal surface, fit a slightly larger wedge and use a knife to contour the side of the wedge facing the proximal surface, so that it fits snugly around the entire gingival proximal surface. If the wedge fits tightly against the tooth but it’s occlusal surface is too high above the gingival cavosurface margin, a knife can again be used the trim the occlusal surface of the wedge so that it extends just above the gingival cavosurface margin.
The flat matrix band must be burnished, or shaped, to achieve a contour facilitating its proper adaptation to the tooth structure. To prepare the retainer to receive the band, turn the long knob to move the locking vise all the way down to the head of the retainer.
The occlusal edge of the matrix band must be placed in the retainer with the occlusal edge facing the retainer.

In certain situations, it may be difficult to achieve the proper fit in the gingival area, such as when a gingivally located carious lesion necessitates gingival overextension of the cavosurface margin.
To tighten the matrix band around the tooth, turn the long knob; this will pull the matrix band up along with the sliding body, thus decreasing the diameter of the matrix band and tightening it around the tooth. To check that the explorer is tightly adapted to the gingival surface, use an explorer and try as hard as possible to place the tip between the matrix band and the gingival cavosurface margin; you should not be able to do so. Standard shipping cost ($9.95) is already taken care of - You have an order started with this vendor in your cart, so you will not be charged additional standard shipping for this product.
The primary function of the matrix is to restore anatomic proximal contours and contact areas. In order for a wedge to be effective during amalgam placement, it should fit tightly against the tooth and its occlusal surface should extend above the gingival cavosurface margin, creating a tight seal.
For example, this contouring of the wedge is often required when restoring the mesial surface of the maxillary first premolar, due to the mesial concavity that exists in its cervical portion. Begin by folding a paper towel several times and placing it on the benchtop; this provides a more cushioned surface for burnishing.
Then turn the short knob to loosen the retaining screw (the retaining screw should disengage from the sliding body).

With the rules in mind, place the two ends of the band in the slot of the locking vise (occlusal edge of the band facing the retainer) and position the band in the correct slot of the head, such that the rules above will be satisfied.
In such situations, while the band may fit correctly on the affected side, proper fit around the unaffected proximal surface (eg., in a DO prep, the mesial tooth surface may by impeded by the interdental papilla.
Tighten the matrix as much as possible around the tooth; this allows for proper amalgam condensation and contour development. Hold the matrix band in place on the paper towel and use a burnisher or the blunt end of an instrument, such as an examination mirror, to rub against matrix band back and forth. Turn the small knob clockwise, lowering the screw into the vise and thus locking the matrix band within the retainer. To facilitate proper fitting of the matrix, it may be necessary to trim the matrix band at the unaffected proximal surface.

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